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Visa’s Business Credit Cards


Featuring various providers and several advanced benefits and features, Visa business credit cards are a viable choice for small business owners who are just starting out or looking to expand a thriving business. According to, Visa’s business credit cards offer the following benefits and features for enrolled cardholders:

  • Purchase at millions of in-store and online locations.
  • Receive card holder discounts from a variety of participating merchants. Earn discounts in the form of credits on future account statements with the Visa Savings Edge program.
  • Enjoy cardholder discounts from select retailers on business-related purchases, including products and services.
  • Cardholders have zero liability for unauthorized purchases in the event that a card is lost or stolen. Visa offers fraud protection and optional emergency cash disbursement and card replacement. Receive emergency cash or a new card within one day of reporting an incident.
  • Visa offers 24/7 phone support for all cardholder inquiries.
  • Opt for additional security with the purchase security and extended protection program, free of charge. Purchase security enables cardholders to file claims online for reimbursement, replacement or repair of stolen or damaged items purchased with a Visa business credit card. Extended protection doubles the original manufacturer’s warranty on products purchased with a Visa business credit card.
  • Receive 24/7 travel and emergency assistance, including help with medical issues, legal problems and transportation needs.
  • Pay your bills online by finding participating billers and schedule one-time or recurring bill payments with your Visa business credit card. Keep tabs on bill payments by tacking them to your monthly business credit card statement.
  • Visa Information Source Select is a program that provides detailed spending reports to cardholders for each calendar month. Participating financial institutions include: Capital One, First Tennessee Bank, Merrill Lynch, PNC Bank, SunTrust, TD Bank, UMB Financial, U.S. Bank and Wachovia Bank.
  • Visa business credit cards are offered by a wide range of providers throughout the U.S., including most major banking entities. Refer to for a full list of providers.

All Visa business credit cards provide the benefits listed above, while specific Visa business cards cater to different business owner needs. Find out which card is right for you depending on which special benefits you desire the most, such as travel discounts, merchandiser rewards or greater purchasing power.

  1. Capital One Spark Miles for Business
    • Intro APR: 0%
    • Ongoing APR: 13.9%
    • Annual Fee: $0
    • Credit Required: Excellent

    The Capital One Spark Miles card is a great choice for small business owners who travel often. Earn frequent flyer miles for every purchase made with your card. Card holders can earn two miles per dollar on every purchase, every day. Card holders may fly any airline with no restrictions and no blackout dates. This card is especially helpful for those traveling overseas since there are no foreign transaction fees. Request new cards for up to 25 employees at no additional cost while setting spending limits.

  2. Applied Bank Visa Business Card
    • Intro APR: 0%
    • Ongoing APR: 23.99%
    • Annual Fee: $9.95 per month maintenance fee and $125 account origination fee.
    • Credit Required: Fair to poor

    With a $750 maximum credit limit, the Applied Bank Visa business card is a good choice for those requiring the advantages of a credit card while trying to improve less-than-perfect credit. Although fees are sizable, this card offers the opportunity to improve credit while providing advertising opportunities, such as the option to print your business’s name on your credit card.

  3. AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card
    • Intro APR: 0%
    • Ongoing APR: 14.24%, variable
    • Annual Fee: 0%
    • Credit Required: Excellent

    AT&T has partnered with Visa to offer a card that caters to AT&T customers by offering a unique rewards program. Earn “ThankYou” points by purchasing products and services from participating merchants, including AT&T retailers. Redeem your points for air travel, merchandise and gift cards, and enjoy exclusive discounts on prescriptions for yourself and your employees.

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