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Staying on top of your business while keeping your finances organized can be tough. Instead of agonizing over your personal investments and second guessing your every business move, turn to these Christian bloggers to guide you through the good and bad. Their sites give sound business advice but are inspired by Christian values and priorities. Personal Finance

These blogs will help you understand how to organize your own personal finances, whether it’s getting out of debt, setting up college funds, or saving for retirement.

  1. This site gives advice on everything from credit card tips, building personal wealth to banking tips. Also be sure to check out the "Money in the Bible" category to help you see your priorities more clearly.
  2. Gather by Little: Use simple Bible tips to help you increase your personal wealth, "little by little."
  3. Why Religion is an Important Part of Personal Finance: Read articles about how to save money by cutting costs in unlikely places.
  4. How to Make a Million Dollars: This Christian blog will inspire you to take a proactive role in your quest to be a millionaire.
  5. Christian Finance Blog: Browse categories like taxes, retirement, emergency fund, and more. This blog gives great financial advice that is "relevant to today’s Christian." Don’t forget to check out the verse of the day!
  6. Free Money Finance: Find tons of helpful resources on this blog inlcuding saving for your kids’ college tuition, holiday spending trends, and Biblical investing.
  7. Katy McKenna Raymond writes about her personal Christian experiences often touching on money and finance.
  8. Financial Baby Steps: A fun blog tracks each step of a person’s financial journey from birth until adulthood.
  9. Five Cent Nickel: Read finance tips about insurance, debt, family and home expenses, and helping the environment.
  10. The Simple Dollar: This blog shows you how to save money and accumulate wealth the healthy way.
  11. Good Sense Ministry: Learn about the financial and spiritual benefits of stewardship.
  12. Crown Financial Ministries: This site gives valuable information on organizing and understanding your money.
  13. This website includes articles and stories about finding God in everyday life, including money matters.
  14. PF Blog: Browsing through the articles in this blog will give you a better understanding of personal finance in general.
  15. Christopher Green’s personal finance blog is full of excellent tips for saving money.


Investing your hard-earned savings can be a little risky. Let these bloggers guide you through the process.

  1. Christian Money Talk: John Gay is a well-known financial planner. Read his professional tips here.
  2. Christian Financial Advice with James L. Paris: Get great investing tips and learn about managing your personal wealth and finances from James L. Paris’ blog.
  3. Find links to the Christian Financial Radio Network and other great resources.
  4. The Timothy Plan: The goal of The Timothy Plan company is to provide Christian investors with "a biblical choice when it comes to investing." Read this blog to find out more about how you can ensure that your money is used in a moral way.

Legal & Ethical Information

Understand the legal and ethical side of business and finance with the help of the following bloggers.

  1. Christian Law Association: Find all kinds of legal information and resources on this site.
  2. Browse through titles like "Christian Ethics in Business—Asset or Liability?" to learn about and analyze the current stage of business ethics.

Business & Entrepreneurial

Whether you’re your own boss or just want to brush up on news of the business world, these sites will keep you in the know.

  1. Church Communications Pro: This site is an excellent resource for those interested in developing marketing strategies for their church.
  2. Pro Money Blog: A popular business and finance blog, Pro Money Blog sometimes touches on Christian and religious topics.
  3. Christian Money: This blog is brought to you by the "Absolute Guys," who specialize in debt consolidation and money management. Read their blog for excellent tips on entrepreneurial and other business matters as well.
  4. The Christian Science Monitor: This widely respected publication has a great Web site too. Check back often for articles about business and finance.
  5. Selling Among Wolves: This blog gives advice on how to make it in the tough business world without compromising your faith.
  6. Christian Products Resource Directory: Find other Christian businesses by searching through the directory, check out other Christian Web sites geared towards business and more.
  7. Christian Business and Information Directory: Look for other Christian businesses around the world to scope out your competition or to network with possible clients and partners.
  8. Christian Business Daily: Read about news in the economy, get tips on HR management, and learn great new marketing strategies for your company, all from a Christian perspective.
  9. This site isn’t exactly a blog, but we felt that we just had to connect you to the official Web page for the Christian Entrepreneur Organization. Link up with other Christian entrepreneurs to network, support each other, and learn about programs and membership that will strengthen you and your business.
  10. Godblogcon: This blog urges Christians to engage in new media techniques to help their business grow. Find information about their valuable conferences across the country.
  11. International Christian Entrepreneurs Association: This site has tons of resources for the Christian entrepreneur.
  12. Church Marketing Sucks: This irreverant take on church marketing actually strives to share the story of Jesus Christ by challenging churches and the Christian faith to better market themselves.
  13. The Christian Billboard: This blog promises to show you "how to double your Christian business or ministry with one hour of work."

Donating and Ministry

Donating a percentage of your income to Christian charities is a smart way to give back to the world. Help support those who are less fortunate and find yourself building a stronger relationship with God.

  1. Money Missions: Read about missionary life and what you can do to financially support your favorite cause.
  2. Persecution Blog: This blog addresses Christian persecutions around the globe, and find out how you can help support individuals or even whole communities.
  3. Alpha and Omega Ministries: Read about the Christian Apologetics, watch their live Web cast, and check out Bible verses and passages.
  4. The Blogging Ministry: Learn about how you can run a profitable, effective blog for ministry.
  5. Here you can find information about the various ministries that Gospelcom sponsors. Donate to a ministry that speaks to you.
  6. Tech Mission: Tech Mission is the blog for, an inter-demoninational organization that provides information about all kinds of ministries.


These Christian blogs provide resources and articles dedicated to personal finance and creating balance between work, family, and spirituality.

  1. Focus on the Family Blog: The Focus on the Family group now has their very own blog. Check it out for articles on managing your family’s finances and keeping your priorities in the right place.
  2. Beliefnet: One of the most popular Christian sites on the Web, Beliefnet is a powerful resource for deepening your faith.
  3. Religion News Blog: Catch up on all the news, business and otherwise, in the religious world.
  4. Find inspirational stories about staying out of debt, supporting your family and more on this Christian blog.
  5. The Christian Mind: Keith Plummer analyzes what it’s like inside the mind of today’s Christian.
  6. Network with other Christians on this community-powered blog.
  7. This excellent resource provides information on theology, news, and activism opportunities across the world.
  8. Life With Christ: Browse through tons of forums to link up with other Web-savvy Christians. Talk about business woes, financial planning, or your family and spiritual life.
  9. Internet Evangelism Day: Understand the power of the Internet by checking out IED. Their mission is to spread the word of God and connect Christians all over the world, all from their impressive Web site.

With the help of these blogs you can learn about your own personal investments, how to start and run a sucessful business all while learning how to fit God and spirituality into the greater scheme of things.

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