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As your small business grows you will undoubtedly find that one of your biggest challenges is finding smart talented people to comprise your staff. Even if you’re lucky enough to land great employees, however, there are a whole host of other human resources challenges that startups and small companies must overcome. In this article we highlight what we believe to be the top 100 HR bloggers, listed in alphabetical order by category. These industry insiders will provide you with the information and expertise you need to take on the legal, interpersonal, management and other challenges associated with human resources. Corporate

The following bloggers are familiar with the HR industry as it pertains to the corporate world.

  1. Beyond HR: On this blog, a professional HR talent researcher shares his secrets.
  2. HR Blog: Read articles about hiring trends and employee management on this popular blog.
  3. Breakout Performance: Breakout Performance is a blog that shares its author’s innovative approach to analyzing human management and balancing social and business strategies in the workplace.
  4. Corporate Rockstar: Read about the goings on in the corporate office of Rodger Roeser, the president of his own company who deals with everything from employee troubles to client successes.
  5. Dr. John Sullivan & Associates: This corporate advisor publishes articles about everything related to HR: college recruiting, employee screening and assessment tests, training, and new hire orientation.
  6. Evil HR Lady: This humorous blog is all about one woman’s experiences as the "Evil HR Lady" in a corporate office.
  7. …from the trenches: This blogger chronicles the ongoing battle between companies to recruit the best professionals in their industry.
  8. Hire Calling: The CEO of the recruiting Web site shares news and analysis on recruitment trends.
  9. HR and Strategies: This grad student combines human resources philosophies with hard news.
  10. HR Daily Advisor: This is a fantastic resource for any HR professional. Find entries about HR policy and ethics, as well as payroll and religious issues.
  11. HR Metrics: HR Metrics is an organization that helps companies maximize their HR potential. Learn new tricks and tips on their informative blog.
  12. HR Web Cafe: This is an excellent blog devoted to all things HR. Here, you can read articles about benefits, office politics, employment trends, and more.
  13. Jim Stroud is the go-to recruiting guru on the Web. Check out his blog for the latest news and trends in human resources.
  14. Blog: Read about the latest in recruiting technology and job boards to get ahead of your competition in the recruitment race.
  15. PayScale Blog: Catch up on the latest HR news and trends, from profit sharing to technology advances.

For HR Eyes Only

These blogs provide content that HR professionals will appreciate. You’ll find basic how-to guides, HR news sites and other fundamentals.

  1. baselinr: Catch up on employment news that’s important for HR professionals.
  2. Breaking Human Resource News: This blog tracks the latest news from product and supply companies who work with HR companies, as well as recruitment and staffing agencies.
  3. Charlotte Recruiting: This blog is based in Charlotte, NC, but it offers excellent advice on interviewing, recruiting, and other HR issues that anyone can use.
  4. Green and White: Check out Green and White to find articles on leadership, management, and more.
  5. HR-Ambience: This tribute to all things HR credits human resource professionals as the peace keepers in the workplace.
  6. HR Coal: A Renewable Resource: Get the most important HR news here.
  7. HR Dictionary: This blog cleverly organizes posts by picking a word from the dictionary and defining it as it relates to human resources.
  8. HR Dude’s Forum: This fun blog explores "the fascinating and exotic world of Human Resources Management, Recruiting and Training."
  9. HR Expert Help: Get tips on all aspects of your human resources job. Don’t miss the jokes category to get a laugh!
  10. HR Horizons: Learn about training programs, the interview process, and other pertinent HR topics.
  11. HR Resource for HR Professionals: This site is an excellent blog geared towards HR professionals. Find answers to your toughest work questions, and learn how to advance your own career.
  12. HR Thoughts: This blog channels the thoughts of one HR professional. Read about daily duties, lessons learned, and more.
  13. HR View: This blog has lots of basic information about the human resources industry.
  14. Human Reources at Learn all the basics of pursuing a career in HR.

For Job Seekers and Employees

If you’re a job seeker or employee wanting the inside scoop on HR professionals, check out these informative blogs.

  1. Bio Job Blog: The Bio Job Blog is a terrific resource for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the bioscience or biotech industries. You’ll love its "ask the recruiter" section, great training tips, and more.
  2. Blog for Jobs: This site serves as a directory for blogs written by job seekers and offers a way for people to become their own recruiting managers.
  3. Bold Career: This blog is full of inspiring advice for those interested in starting a new career. Learn resume tips, HR secrets, and more.
  4. But Less About Me: This lighthearted blog provides lots of great advice and tools for job seekers who want to improve their skill set.
  5. Career Cowboy: Learn how to manage your career and job search with these inside tips.
  6. Blog: Learn how to negotiate your salary, woo the hiring manager, and master the overall job searching process.
  7. Cube Management: Recruiting Bytes: This blog, sponsored by parent company Cube Management, offers several clever tips for learning how to make the most of your interview.
  8. Read articles about personal branding and other smart secrets HR managers are looking for.
  9. Eccentric Employment: Hiring managers use this lowkey blog as a job board to post interesting job opportunities.
  10. Frontline Source Group: This blog, run by a staffing agency, posts new jobs often.
  11. Good to Know: This blog is a must-read for any job seeker. Learn interview tips and search jobs posted on this blog, as well as the other sites it offers links to.
  12. Guerilla HR: Understand your HR directors better after reading this blog about "capitalizing on a better relationship with Human Resources, Personnel Management [and] Human Capital Management."
  13. Hiring Exchange: This blog is powered by the Hot Gigs company. Get into the minds of hiring managers and vendors to equip yourself with the confidence and tools you’ll need to master the job search.
  14. Job Hunter’s Journal: On Job Hunter’s Journal, a professional recruiter guides job seekers through the frustrating process of finding a career.
  15. Find jobs on this blog while learning about new trends in the wireless job industry.

HR for Entrepreneurs

Read these blogs for a better understanding of what it’s like to work in HR at the small-business level.

  1. Chief Happiness Officer: This blog is a must-read for any HR director or manager, but it is especially valuable for entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to better organize their offices. Reading this blog will teach you how to "love your job, love Your life, and kick butt at work."
  2. Consultant’s Desk: If you want to get expert advice without spending a fortune, check out this blog by Yvonne Larose. LaRose is a professional consultant who shares information and advice on career and employee management, among other things.
  3. Diversity Advantage: On this blog, you’ll find articles that will help you understand how bringing diversity into your workplace will better your business.
  4. Dr. Mercer’s Human Resources Management and Leadership Expert Blog: Learn the basics in employee management and promoting a team-oriented office.
  5. For Employers and Recruiters: Learn how to attract the best job candidates to your HR department by learning recruiting techniques and business branding strategies.
  6. This site stakes its righful claim as "the daily resource for entrepreneurs." Here, you’ll find informative artcles about HR policy and general business news.
  7. Generations At Work: If you’re just starting out, your office space may be a little tight, even without tension among your employees. This blog will help you bridge the generation gap among Baby Boomers, Generation X’ers and Gen Y newbies.
  8. Good Recruits: Now that you’ve got your new business off the ground, you’re going to need great employees to help you run it. This blog will help you figure out where to find the best candidates, and how to evaluate them in interviews.
  9. Hiring Revolution: The recruitment landscape has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Learn how to custom design your company’s recruitment and HR department to take advantage of new networking opportunities and software trends.
  10. HR Basics: Learn how to write and implement new policies, as well as develop effective recruitment campaigns.
  11. HR Forum: Post your questions in the forum or browse through other visitors’ comments and suggestions to improve your employee management skills.
  12. HR Point: Learn how to gauge your employee’s potential and satisfaction with the tools available on this blog.
  13. HR Software and Solutions: Does your office need an upgrade? Read reviews about the newest software designed for HR professionals.
  14. Human Resources 101: Get tips on managing your company’s employees, from dress code to payroll and more.
  15. Human Resources Advice for the Real World: HR consultant Irene Koehler brings up basic topics like hiring and managing interns as well as sexual harrassment issues.


These blogs shed light on the various types of HR trends, situations, and environments. From software updates to foreign recruiting techniques, you’ll find it all here.

  1. America’s HR Answer Man: Post all your work life questions on this blog, and the Answer Man will help you sort them out.
  2. BlogERP: Jim Holicheck’s HCM Software Blog: This specialized blog follows the author’s research on human capital management, from sales and marketing trends to technology and recruitment.
  3. Blogging Outside the Box: This blog features HR issues such as telecommuting, recruiting, and bridging the generation gap.
  4. BRANDEblogThis well-written blog analyzes recruiting issues in relation to advertising and marketing strategies.
  5. Cenek Report: This blog brands itself as an "uncommon commentary on the world of work." HR professionals will love the witty posts on news and trivia in the business world.
  6. Central and Eastern European Recruitment Blog: Read about the recruiting trends affecting Central and Eastern Europe, and how or if they’ll eventually become relevant in the U.S.
  7. Compensation Force: Author and professional compensation consultant Ann Bares offers up tips and news about employee management and compensation issues.
  8. Connecting HR Professionals in Ministry: This blog is designed especially for human resource professionals working with religious-affiliated organizations.
  9. Groundswell: While this blog isn’t exclusively limited to HR topics, its clever discussion on the changing landscape of social and business networking is worth a look. You’ll learn a lot about your newest generation of applicants and can read up on the latest software your office just might need.
  10. HR Blogger: Learn which new software products will help your day to day duties and which ones are simply a waste of your time and money.
  11. HR FUNDA: Read personal anecdotes, jokes, news, and other articles all relating to the human resources industry.
  12. HR Tests: This blog serves as a valuable resource for any hiring manager. Use the tests as they are or rework them to fit your company’s guidelines and expectations.
  13. Human Resources Executive Search: Read interesting articles like "Job Seekers Revenge" on this informative blog.
  14. Know HR Blog: These posts cover business world trivia, news, and more.
  15. Past Five: According to this blog, "your job may end at 5:00 P.M., but your career doesn’t." Get great tips on managing your career, finding a job, and more, all from an HR pro’s perspective.
  16. Perfect Labor Storm: Browse titles like "All About Workplace Stress" and "Understanding Business Values and Motivators" on Perfect Labor Storm.

Policy, Legal Information and Ethics

Make sure your company’s office politics, payroll, and general rules are in accordance with the government’s current labor laws. Check out these blogs to stay on top of legal and ethical rulings.

  1. Charles A. Krugel, Labor and Employment Law, HR Law: Charles A. Krugel is an attorney and HR counselor. Check out his blog for insight into labor law and news.
  2. EASI-HR Blog: This blog is an excellent resource for finding official ethical and legal documents related to HR.
  3. Employment Law blog: The Mullison Law Office helps HR professionals better understand employment law in the state of Colorado.
  4. The Employment Law Information Network is a great tool for checking on HR policy, downloading forms, and brushing up on your employees’ rights.
  5. George’s Employment Blawg: Stay current on important labor and employment laws with George’s Employment Blawg.
  6. Gruntled Employees: Learn the causes and consequences of gruntled American employees. Author Jay Shepherd is an employment lawyer whose mission is to champion the rights of U.S. employees in the workplace.
  7. Joe Recruiter — THE Legal Recruiter: Read irreverant posts about the legal recruiting industry.
  8. Legal Jobs and Recruitment: Find out how to legally recruit for UK government jobs. This is a great resource whether you’re a job seeker or an HR exec.
  9. Ross’ Arbitration Blog: According to the site, Ross Runkel’s Law Memo is the "first in employment law."
  10. The HR Lawyer’s Blog: Learn about your rights as an employee or stay on top of the latest employment rulings to make sure your office stays scandal-free.


This section is dedicated to the recruiting side of human resources.

  1. Amitai Givertz’s Recruitomatic Blog: This recruiting professional reveals some of her best tools for attracting talent.
  2. AmyBeth Hale: Research Goddess!: This fun to read blog is a great resource for connecting you with other HR sites and blogs across the Web.
  3. A Recruiter Diary: Author Joe Neitham shares "the ups and downs, lessons learnt, success stories," and more in his recruiting blog.
  4. Ask the Recruiter: Post your questions or just browse through other readers’ inquiries to learn more about the recruiting industry.
  5. Cheezhead: Cheezhead is an attractive, popular blog about recruitment trends, with special attention paid to issues unique to working on the Internet.
  6. Confessions of an Executive Restaurant Recruiter: Even if you’re not in the restaurant business, you’ll have a good time reading this blog, which is full of recruiting tales and tips that will leave you hungry for more.
  7. Confessions of a Recruiting Newbie: Follow the author’s journey through a career in HR recruiting.
  8. Cyber Sleuthing: Use this blog to learn the sneakiest tips for using the Web as your main recuritment tool.
  9. Director of Recruiting: Catch up on all the latest "news and views" you need to know as a recruiter.
  10. ERE Expo Blog: The ERE Expo is the principle convention held each year for recruiting professionals. Sign up to attend, check out their blog entries, or preview the event’s schedule.
  11. Expert Recruiter Resource: Don’t miss this blog. Use it to discover a wealth of advice and tips that will help boost your career.
  12. Hire Strategies: Learn about the power of e-recruitment, especially within the retail industry.
  13. IT Recruiting Diary: On this blog, you can read inspirational stories and valuable tips about recruiting.
  14. IT Toolbox Recruitment Blog: The IT Toolbox Recruitment Blog features short but thorough postings with expert advice on the newest recruitment ideas and trends.
  15. The Asia Pacific Headhunter: This blog discusses trends in recruiting, and is a great resource for professionals and job searchers alike.

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