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As a human resources professional, you know that you’ve got to continually research job market statistics, the demographics of recent college graduates and new online technologies designed to help job seekers and HR departments find their perfect match. To help you make sense of all the paperwork, new studies and overwhelming number of job sites, we’ve put together the HR professional’s holy grail of resources. Packed full of resourceful guides, posts and more, you’ll find tips on everything from recruiting and interviewing to developing your own career.

Development Duties

Help guide your employees and clients along the right career path using these resources and tips. This list also includes articles about training and general HR development.

  1. Management Development: Training for Managers and Supervisors: This guide provides helpful tips for new employees in the HR department or for small business owners who want a crash course in training their own employees.
  2. Six Tips for Developing Your Employees: From pairing employees with a mentor to encouraging professional development, these tips will help you challenge your employees to perform better.
  3. Tips to Help Ensure Employee Success: The U.S. Department of Justice Worklife Program offers readers great tips on how to develop their employees’ careers.
  4. 7 Things to Do on an Employee’s First Day: HR World’s list of seven things to do on an employees first day includes tips like "get other employees involved" and "get feedback." You’ll make the new recruit feel welcome and engaged.
  5. The Work Environment and Employee Productivity: Learn which factors influence employee productivity and then use them to motivate your workers to perform their duties more efficiently.
  6. Work/Life Balance: Finding Time to Succeed at Both: Let your employees know that they need to spend time developing their personal lives as well as their professional goals. Read this article for tips on how to approach the issue together.
  7. Tips for Setting Employee goals: This article demonstrates how to come up with effective strategies for getting your employees to open up and share their professional goals within your company.
  8. Teams: A Formula for Success: Read this article for advice on implementing team-building and training exercises into your workplace.
  9. Coaching for Improved Performance: This article focuses on the ways in which David Kolb’s Learning Cycle can help HR professionals become better coaches and mentors for their employees.
  10. 5 Steps to Effective Training: Tips include providing new employees with overviews of the training session and giving short quizzes after each lesson.

Managing a Human Resources Department

The following articles have everything you need to know about payroll, sexual harassment laws, unions and other issues that affect HR management.

  1. Legal Guides and Links: publishes this list of valuable legal guides and links so that you’re never out of touch with employee rights.
  2. The Top 10 Small Business Payroll Solutions: If you don’t have the budget to employ a team of HR experts, check out this article for smart tips on managing payroll.
  3. Discrimination and Harassment: Official discrimination and harassment laws and documents are outlined here.
  4. Holiday Cheer or Holiday Nightmare?: This article focuses on the dos and dont’s of planning a holiday office party, but HR professionals can use it as a guide for planning any social events for the company.
  5. Unions: provides resources for HR departments that employ union-protected workers.
  6. Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Learn how to define and deal with sexual harassment issues in your office by reading this informative article.
  7. Conflict in the Workplace: publishes this article full of analyses and resolutions for dealing with conflict issues at work.
  8. Managing an Independent Contractor: If your company prefers to outsource certain jobs, read this article for tips on understanding why managing freelancers and contractors is different than regular, full-time employees.
  9. 6 Tips for Managing Workplace Relationships: If you notice a flirtation emerging in your office, learn how to deal with the issue appropriately and discreetly.
  10. I Thought PTO Was Supposed to Be Easy!: This article has ideas for making Paid Time Off policies more trackable for you and more appealing for your employees.


How can you be sure that you’re tapping into the right recruiting resources? Read these articles for tips on recruiting qualified candidates who will develop into strong, reliable and loyal employees.

  1. Ten Steps to Hiring Your First Employee: Whether you’ve just opened up your own business or are new to the HR world, check out this government-sponsored website, which has links to tax forms, worker’s comp insurance and more.
  2. Immigration and Employee Eligibility: If your business attracts illegal immigrants or naturalized citizens, take a look at this guide for official information about hiring foreign workers and getting the right proof of employment status documents.
  3. The HR World Recruitment Solutions Buyer’s Guide: Investing in a smart, efficient software program or e-cruitment technology service will undoubtedly help your business in the long run. Use this guide to help you determine which plan is best for your department.
  4. Executive Recruiting: Recruiting a qualified CEO is a completely different battle than searching for summer interns. Discover smart ways to develop executive recruiting strategies here.
  5. How to Find Great Part-Time Employees: Pitch an attractive part-time opportunity to targeted demographics by using the tips provided in this article.
  6. Master Networkers: This article shows how "acquiring clients — and employees — on a limited budget" isn’t impossible. Through networking programs and self-promotion events, small businesses can be successful at attracting top talent.
  7. The Key to Hiring Right: Read this article to find out how to "hire people with a passion for your mission."
  8. Avoid Disability Discrimination When Hiring New Employees: This article has information about the Americans with Disabilities Act, so be sure to check it out before you plan your next hiring and recruitment strategy.
  9. Top Ten Recruiting Tips: Ten Tips for Successful Employee Recruiting: Tips include be known as a great employer, look first at in-house candidates and use your website for recruiting.
  10. Tips for Minority Recruiting: The American Society of Newspaper Editors lists ten great tips for recruiting qualified minority candidates.

Using Online Technology

From utilizing job sites to taking advantage of Web-based tools, find out why online technology can help your career move forward.

  1. Attract New Customers and Employees: Be Findable Online: This article explains why it’s important for companies to maintain a strong presence in the online recruiting industry.
  2. Reasons to Recruit Online:’s Solutions page lists several advantages for using online job sites to find employees, including cost-effectiveness and longevity.
  3. Use Online Tools to Figure Pay Raises: This article links to online tools and sites designed to help you calculate pay raises.
  4. Top Job Sites: If you think Yahoo! Jobs is the only job board out there, take a look at this list of some of the best places to find quality candidates online.


More and more companies are turning to freelancers, contractors and even workers overseas to perform day-to-day tasks. What does that mean for the HR professional? Read below to find out.

  1. HR Outsourcing Basics: This article helps small businesses decided whether or not they should enlist the services of an HR firm, rather than employ HR professionals in-house.
  2. Should You OUtsource Your In-House Recruiting?: HR professionals should be aware of this outsourcing trend that eliminates in-house recruiting.
  3. Outsourcing 101: Finding Freelancing Talent: Get tips on finding quality freelancers by checking out this article.
  4. Outsourcing: How to Use Freelancers: This article tackles issues like figuring out when you should outsource, calculating speed, cost and quality and more.
  5. Talent Management and Outsourcing: Sides of the Same Coin?: Learn about the differences in evaluating in-house talent and outsourced workers with the help of this article.


Don’t waste the time of your department or the potential employee by asking illegal or uninformative interview questions. Check out this list of articles for help determining what you should and shouldn’t bring up during the session.

  1. How to Conduct an Effective Employee Interview: provides tips like "set the tone" and "prepare a script" to help you get the most out of job candidates during the person-to-person interview.
  2. Ask Right to Hire Right: Effective Interview Questions: Use effective interview questions to more adequately assess each job candidate during the interview.
  3. 38 Illegal, Sensitive, and Stupid Interview Questions…and How to Respond: This article from the Washington Post focuses on the interviewee, but HR pros can use the list as a guide of what questions not to ask.
  4. How to Interview and Hire Top People Each and Every Time: Even HR needs to brush up on their interview skills now and then. Use this article as a guide to help you ask the right questions.
  5. The New-Boy Network: This article asks "What do job interviews really tell us?" Find out whether the interview process is an adequate enough assessment of job candidates and if your hiring strategies need a makeover.
  6. How to Interview a Potential Employee: This article comes with a list of questions interviewers should avoid asking and ones which are worth asking the job candidate.
  7. How to Interview a Prospective Employee and Complete the I-9 Form: This article, from the University of Nebraska, has lots of helpful tips for employers new to the hiring game.
  8. Employee Interview Questions That Get Down to Business: The Washington Business Journal offers various ideas for asking questions that will really expose what kind of worker the candidate will turn out to be.
  9. How to Interview a Prospective Employee: This article from covers all the basic tips and questions you’ll need to know to conduct an informative interview.
  10. Employee Interview Questions: Before setting up the interview, make sure you’re prepared to answer this list of questions that the interviewee may have for you.

Retaining Great Employees

After piling large amounts of time and money into finding and training qualified employees, HR departments must continue to invest in their top candidates by providing extra benefits, opportunities and flexibility.

  1. 25 Ways to Reward Employees (Without Spending a Dime): Find economical ways to spoil your employees here. From maintaining flexible work hours to sending them to parties and special events, you’ll boost everyone’s mood.
  2. Tips to Help Employees Cope With Disaster: In times of great stress or family emergency, employees look to the HR department for understanding and leniency. Use this article as a guide for what to do when a worker is faced with a disaster.
  3. Employee Wellness Programs: Consider starting an employee wellness program for your company to " increase productivity, boost morale and vitality, reduce stress, reduce absenteeism, and control preventable healthcare costs within an organization."
  4. Employee Loyalty: How Accurate is Your Perception?: Just because your top employees show up to the office each day on time and ready to work doesn’t mean they’re not planning on leaving you for one of your competitors. Check out this article for help deciphering your employees’ company loyalty.
  5. How to Attract and Retain Great Employees: Simple tips like "treat employees like human beings" and "keep [workers] interested in their jobs" actually go a long way when employees evaluate how happy they are in their jobs.
  6. Ten Ways to Attract and Retain Great Employees: Find out what today’s employees are really looking for in a career with the advice given in this article.
  7. 10 Reasons Why Organizations Are Not Able to Retain Employees: Management consultant and blogger Gautam Ghosh warns employers and HR pros against making one of these ten mistakes.
  8. How to Retain Employees: This article maintains that "a high turnover rate is costly in both direct and indirect costs." To retain your top employees, first understand their reasons for wanting to leave.
  9. Manager’s Role in Retention: This post argues that the manager’s role in motivating and retaining employees is vital. Learn how to reinvent your current rewards and review systems to integrate managers.
  10. Why Great Employees Quit: What You Can Do To Keep Them: Ph.D. Carl Robinson explores the many reasons why valuable employees quit their jobs and how human resources professionals can get them to stay.

Parting Ways

When you have to fire an employee or when one of your top workers decides to quit, read these articles for tips on managing the situation appropriately.

  1. Downsizing and Layoffs: If your business needs to lay off several employees, check out this resource to inform yourself about your rights and the rights of your employees.
  2. Firing Employees Who are Hurting Your Business: Don’t be afraid to let employees go if they’re doing more harm than good to your business. This article provides tips on smoothing over the firing process.
  3. Counteroffers: Effective Retention Tool, or Display of Desperation?: The HR Daily Advisor breaks down the pros and cons of submitting a counteroffer in the event a prized employee decides to quit.
  4. How to Fire an Employee: This article includes great tips that often go overlooked by managers when firing employees. Examples include letting the fired employee say goodbye to coworkers and allowing the worker to clean out his own space.
  5. Maternity and Paternity Leave: For ideas on "drawing up a maternity and paternity leave policy," read this article from
  6. Setting the Proper Tone for a Termination Meeting: Ideas like thanking the employee and letting the employee have a chance to respond are smart tips for dismissing workers with grace.
  7. When Should You Fire an Employee?: If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not an employee’s poor performance is worthy of a dismissal, read this article for help making your decision.
  8. How to Fire an Employee: Use this checklist to cover your bases before firing an employee.
  9. Situations Where You Have to Be Extra Careful When Firing Employees: How do you fire an employee that has previously made sexual harassment or discrimination complaints? What do you do when you want to break an employment contract? This article tackles all kinds of unsavory termination situations.
  10. What if Your Best Employee Quits Suddenly?: This article goes over the pros and cons of an exit survey and how you can protect yourself the next time through employee retention systems that include more communication and benefits.

HR Career Path

Your entire career is devoted to helping others feel comfortable in their jobs, but what about you? Read these articles for tips and advice on developing your own career.

  1. The Path Taken: Two HR Career Roads — Field and Corporate — Present Their Own Distinct Challenges and Rewards: Deciding which human resources career path to take can be difficult. Use this article as a way to help you determine which industry fits you best.
  2. Get Into HR With Three Steps to Success: advises those wanting to land a career in HR to work on defining your goals, build a team of resources and mentors and keep your options open.
  3. How Do I Break Into Other HR Areas Besides Recruiting?: If you’d love to work in HR but are tired of recruiting ads, check out the advice given here.
  4. How to Break Into HR (Legally, That Is): The Evil HR Lady recommends different ways in which professionals can cross over to positions in HR.
  5. How to Get Into HR: This article from Personnel Today gives tips on how to break into the human resources industry.

Industry News and Support

HR pros need to stay on top of industry news and competitor’s offerings if they want to recruit the best candidates. Check below for articles and resources that will help you stay current.

  1. Internet and Web 2.0 Creates Unfamiliar Battleground for HR Professionals: Now that social networking sites like Facebook are also used for professional means, human resources professionals aren’t sure how to discipline employees for spending too much time online.
  2. Noncompetes Moving "Down-Market." Are They for Your Company Too?: This article chronicles the trend of noncompetes becoming more and more popular requirements for even blue collar and entry-level positions.
  3. Here Comes Paid Parental Leave: Feel guilty about not being able to afford paid parental leave for your small business employees? This article discusses the trend.
  4. How to Get Your CEO to Lean on You for Advice: Want tips for becoming the boss’s professional confidant? Read these great tips.
  5. Payroll Growth Slows Significantly: Check here for quick stats on payroll growth in U.S. employment.
  6. Firms Step in to Help Dover Employees’ Relocation Costs: As part of a benefits package, should your company start offering relocation costs to attract valuable employees?
  7. Human Resource Executive Online: This website updates news articles regularly so that you’re always informed about industry headlines.
  8. Browse newsworthy human resource articles at this site.
  9. Too Much Colleague Spam Inspires New Sorting Tools: Read about these tools and services which will help your office sort through e-mails more easily and remain productive all day.

For Inspiration and Humor

HR pros often feel under appreciated. Check out these articles and video clips for inspiration to keep on going.

  1. What People Want From Work: Employee Motivation and Positive Morale: Understand your employees’ situation better by reading this article. You’ll understand that money and an inclusive, mobile working environment are top factors.
  2. Gen Y Myths Debunked: Whether you’re a young member of Generation Y and feel discriminated against at work, or if you’re hesitant to hire the newest crop of young graduates because of negative stereotypes, read this article to find out why Gen Y has a lot more to offer than laziness and false expectations.
  3. 4 Things That Rile HR the Most: Get a laugh out of this list of HR professional’s top pet peeves.
  4. Why HR Gets No Respect: If you don’t think your HR department or position is getting the attention it deserves, read this article to find out why business execs undervalue their HR teams.
  5. What Do You Do All Day?: According to The Evil HR Lady, "one of the jobs of HR is to understand the business. This means we need to understand what people do all day." Click on the link for a well-deserved dose of humor.
  6. Casual Dress Humor: Send around these pretend memos from HR re: casual dress Friday to get a life from your coworkers.
  7. Top 10 Short Job Descriptions: Take a break from writing tedious job descriptions and check out this hilarious parody of the grueling HR task.
  8. Components of HR That I Sorta Kinda Like: The HR Wench admits that some parts of HR are actually rewarding and fun, like benefits administration, handling crises and generally kicking butt.

Miscellaneous Articles

From popular HR rants to exemplary recruitment campaigns, use this list of general resources to connect with other HR pros.

  1. Leadership Styles: The recruiting animal puts forth profiles of different types of leaders: the power-mad dictator, the expert know-it-all, the presidential coach and the professional. Learn how to spot them during your next interview session.
  2. Lie on the Job Like Ferris: Is It OK to Use Sick Days for Job Interviews?: The HR Capitalist wonders: "do you look the other way when people use sick days to kick back? Do your feelings depend on what the person is using the sick days for?" Check out this post about giving employees a little slack.
  3. "Assist" is the Operative Word: Tired of getting other employee’s chores dumped on your desk? Read this post to find out how to deal.
  4. How to Deal with Liars at Work: No one likes a liar. This post has tips on how to deal with one without causing a scene or seeming to accusatory.
  5. Top 10 Best Recruiting Websites: KnowHR lists its favorite recruiting websites, not for resources to help you find new talent, but for their great examples of how to attract great candidates.
  6. 10 Resolutions for a Healthy Workplace: Forward this post to your entire office for inspiration on how to promote a healthy, happy workplace.
  7. Conducting Employee Reviews: This detailed article from provides excellent tips and ideas for evaluating employees.
  8. Morale and Motivation Checklist: Keeping managers and lower-level employees motivated and happy can be a challenge. Look to this list for ways to improve company morale.

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