Part V: Trusted Financial Resources for Parents, Teachers and Young People

Monday, October 22, 2012 at 10:42pm by Site Administrator

This is Part V of a larger educational resource, Money Management: A Guide to Teaching Finances to Children. 


Smart money management cannot be overemphasized, and it is your duty as a parent to pass this knowledge on to your children. Aside from avoiding debt and the penalty fees that arise from irresponsible choices, your child’s future security and ability to be financially capable in their private and business life, depends on a healthy understanding of how to handle money. There are a variety of external resources available to assist parents, teachers and young people.

Current Financial Affairs


  • Business and financial market news, stock futures, quotes and personal investment recommendations can all be found at Bloomberg’s popular website.
  • CNNMoney covers breaking financial news and offers in-depth analysis of current trends.
  • Current news coverage of world and domestic financial affairs, mutual fund watches, stock picks and  financial know-how quizzes are only some of the features found at Kiplinger’s renowned site.

Government Financial Programs


  • Parents can investigate their options for education planning at Treasury Direct.
  • offers financial information tailored to parents, youth, women, employers and teachers, among others.
  • TreasuryDirect Kids, aimed at elementary school students, provides interactive instruction on everything from saving and investing to how Wall Street and the Federal Reserve System work.

 Educational Television


  • At bizKids, kids speak to other kids about money and business in easy-to-understand language in a weekly television series.
  • PBS Newshour’s Paul Solman breaks down important economic and financial news with Making Sense.
  • Nightly Business Report (NBR) provides a daily recap of pertinent business, economic and financial news.

 Tools for Children and Teens


 Parents and Teachers


  • Teach kids the basics of money management at the Mint, developed specifically for parents and educators.
  • Parents can help children aged 6-12 learn about being responsible money management via games at Planet Orange.
  • Parents can take their kids to a virtual mall and teach them valuable lessons about discretionary spending with You Are Here.
  • Money Smart is a curriculum designed by the FDIC to instruct youth aged 12 through 20 to learn about basic money management.
  • Fool Proof Teacher provides free online, self-grading financial literacy programs.
  • Teachers can find free family finance curricula including lesson plans at Family Economics & Financial Education.


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