Productivity and Entrepreneurship Roundup – Thur Aug 09, 2007

Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 9:30pm by Site Administrator

Here is some interesting reading material from around the blogosphere, relating to business, marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, productivity and success.

  1. Web applications vs desktop software.
    Whether you’re a cheapskate, just frugal, or a nomadic entrepreneur, check out Tzunami‘s article No More Hard Drive, which lists 100 mostly-free web browser-based applications useful to entrpreneurs of all sorts.

  2. Handling info overload.
    No matter how much research us budding entrepreneurs think we can handle, sometimes there’s just too much. Web Worker Daily offers 21 tips for dealing with information overload.

  3. How not to be productive.
    We’re a nation of TV watchers, and many of us have taken that habit online. But if you are an entrepreneur and thinking of success, the best thing you ever do might be to give up TV. Forever. Yahoo! Finance presents an article from that says giving up TV for life might actually result in an extra million dollars in earnings. Is that motivation enough for you to quit your habit of the boob tube?

  4. Free blog logo.
    If you’ve decided that your business website should have a blog, then you should also consider a blog logo, especially if you don’t have a business logo yet. Right now, Randa Clay Design is run a blog logo contest. Logo Design Works is offering 10 free blog logos per month for a limited time to specific types of blogs including small business, entrepreneurship, marketing, design, blogging, freelance, productivity and related topics. Check the rules of both to determine if you qualify.

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