16 Ways A Web Entrepreneur Can Improve His or Her Sex Life

Monday, August 6, 2007 at 2:41pm by Site Administrator

Now that you’ve successfully started your own business, it’s time to let the money roll in and watch the hotties line up at your door. Easy, right? Unfortunately, as time-consuming as it is to maintain your Web-based business, landing your dream date is just a teensy bit harder. It might sound ridiculous, but unlocking the keys to a man or woman’s heart requires effort, skill, and most importantly, lots of face time.

The dating world isn’t too much different from the business world, but there are a few variances that you should remain aware of. We’ve put together a list of basic but often overlooked ways for you to spice up your dating life and rechannel that ambitious energy into the bedroom.

  1. Step away from the computer. We know, we know. Without your computer, you’d have no business, no money, and no life, right? Wrong! You would still have a life, because the world manages to go on without the aid of a computer. Even though online dating sites can connect you to other lonely hearts, our goal is to help you improve your sex life, which can’t be done unless you get out of the house and meet some actual people.

    You don’t have to pull the plug on your trusty techno friend, but try to gradually give yourself some space away from the virtual world. Set aside a certain amount of time each day that you would normally spend on the computer, and instead, read a book, go for a walk, or catch up with an old friend. Spending time away from the computer will help you ease into a new social circle of friends and potential mates. Check out the New York Times Bestsellers List for book ideas or find a Starbucks location near you.

  2. Brush up on your pop culture and current events. Before you venture out into the unfiltered world of Real Human Beings, you might want to review what’s going on in the world. What are people talking about on the news? Familiarizing yourself with the latest in Hollywood gossip or White House policy will give you something to talk about when you find yourself stumped for conversation. Check out the E! Web site or CNN.com for a quick way to get your info.

    Your life might center around your work — after all, you’re the one who started it from nothing — but no one else shares the same investment. Others will quickly tire of you if the only thing you have to offer to the conversation are stories about what’s been updated on your Web site or the newest Pay Pal features you’ve been dying to try.

  3. Do something social. Having great charisma in the chatroom doesn’t count. It’s not your fault that being a web entrepreneur has made you antisocial while it made you millions, but you can do something about it now. After you’ve gotten away from the computer and amassed some good conversation starters, it’s time to open the door and step outside.

    Sign up for a class on something you’re interested in, go to a bar, or read a magazine at a coffee shop. You don’t have to venture too far out of your comfort zone. The class could help benefit your business, and the magazine you read might include articles about internet marketing. Visit the Community Colleges Listings Web page to find a class you’re interested in. As long as you’re surrounded by other people, you’re that much closer to snagging a hot date.

  4. Don’t ignore personal hygiene. What’s the best part about working from home? You can dress however you want! Comfy pajama pants and your college t-shirt may have been a cute pairing as you skipped down the hall when you were eighteen – but most of us are grown-ups now. The opposite sex generally responds to clean, tailored attire – not to mention fresh breath, deodorant, and brushed hair.

    Dress in something that makes you feel comfortable and confident, like a pressed shirt that brings out your eyes or a sexy little dress that shows off your legs but doesn’t embarrass your friends. See how the latest fashions will look on you at Style.comA light spritz of cologne or perfume will make the hottie in question lean in closer, but too much will turn them off completely. Find your scent at Sephora.com.

  5. Avoid stories that begin with "One time when I was on the internet…" Again, it’s not your fault that your job requires you to be well-versed in Web gossip and computer lingo; however, try to avoid excessively referencing the internet. It will make you sound like a loser with no sex life, and even though it might be true, it’s not a good way to impress a date.

    If you’re afraid you might unknowingly sneak some Web speak into the conversation, turn the talkfest back to your potential hookup. Let him or her direct the conversation, and listen to what they have to say. Having someone genuinely interested in what you’re saying is a huge turn on, so be sure to take notes!

  6. Keep it light. While you may be in the middle of a personal or business crisis, don’t turn your darling into your therapist. There’s a time and a place for weepy confessions, and it does not happen anywhere near date one (or two or three).

    Keep things light and cheerful, and try to focus on the present. Chat about the band that’s playing, what you love about the city, where you’d like to go on vacation, anything that puts you in a good mood but maintains a safe distance. Try visiting the Citysearch Web site to find out what’s going on in your town. If you’ve got a twinkle in your eye, chances are your date will follow your lead.

  7. Be original. It’s the same idea you have for your business plan. Think of it as selling yourself, instead of your product. Don’t worry, it’s not as sleazy as it sounds. Cheesy advertising gimmicks don’t work on your customers, so why use lame pick up lines on the hottie down the bar? Visit the Cosmopolitan magazine Web site for tips. They work for guys as well as girls.

    Instead of dropping a tired-out line, use the situation to make your move. Did a tipsy cougar try to come on to the guy you’ve been eyeing? Throw him an amused glance to share a secret joke. Did the bartender shortchange the perky blonde next to you? Stick up for her or offer to pay for her next drink. Getting creative is the best way to get noticed.

  8. Learn how to be the life of the party No, this tip doesn’t encourage you to dance on tables or take your clothes off. It does, however, challenge you to become the center of attention so that others will notice you.

    Be relaxed, tell a few good stories, and talk just softly enough that everyone has to lean in a little to catch every word. Click on this link to walk you through the dos and don’ts of telling a good story. Smile and have a good time, but keep it natural. No one wants to date a fake.

  9. Be confident. Starting your own business is unbelievably sexy…just don’t get into all the geeky details. If your beloved asks what you do for a living, casually mention that you run your own internet company.

    Believe it or not, the dotcom delirium is still romanticized in the non-computer savvy world. They will see dollar signs and might snuggle in a little closer. You might need to brush up on your internet history, though, so visit the Internet Society Web site for a quick review. If you play it cool, you’ll sound sweet and humble. No need to elaborate on all the html coding or your favorite computer model just yet.

  10. Touch and be touched. The best part about the early stages of dating are that even the slightest touch can ignite he most explosive fireworks. Once you make sure your palms aren’t sweaty, lightly cradle her elbow when you make a point in your story. If you have to excuse yourself to the restroom, place your fingers on the small of her back while you brush past her. Don’t be surprised if she can’t wait to get her paws on you.
  11. A little goes a long way. Who says an internet maven like you can’t be an old-fashioned gentleman? Simple gestures like holding the door open for your lady or scratching your man’s back seem insignificant to you, but giving extra attention to your date will make them feel special. Spoil them with a surprise like a bubble bath or a plate of their favorite dessert. Shop for candles and bubble bath to set the mood at Bath and Body Works or visit easydessertrecipes.com to get an idea for something sweet! It won’t be long before they’re willing to reciprocate the generous behavior.
  12. Listen and compromise. If you’ve started your own business, you’re probably used to things going your way. In the dating world, it’s not all about you. Communication is vital, but you’ll score more points listening to the object of your affection than you will talking their ear off. Click here for articles on appropriate dating communication.
  13. Know when to move on. You’ve tapped into your arsenal of best jokes and sexiest strokes but that gorgeous specimen is still not reciprocating, recognize the signs and move on. Don’t chalk it up at it as a loss yet. There’s another, hotter babe just around the corner who’s worthy of you and your fierce internet domination.
  14. Take it slow. Your love life will move more slowly than the business and internet worlds, so be patient. There’s no need to divulge all your scandalous secrets in the beginning of the relationship. A little mystery amounts to a huge aphrodisiac, so don’t rush anything. Allow your partner to feel comfortable, and just give him or her a taste of what’s next. A barely-there kiss on the corner of the lips let’s them know you’re interested but not clingy. They’ll be begging for more before you know it.
  15. Improve your stamina and get some exercise. Now that you’ve sealed the deal, you’d better be able to satisfy all your lover’s expectations. If the only exercise you’ve been getting lately has been that trip to the fridge from your computer, you’re in for some major trouble. Avoid this embarrassing shortcoming by engaging in a routine workout.

    You don’t have to sweat out an entire marathon, but take your dog for a walk around the block once a day or work out to a Pilates DVD a few times a week. Try out a membership to Gold’s Gym .Trust me, you’ll be VERY glad you’re in shape enough to last…a lifetime.

  16. Take the office out of the bedroom. Okay, we get it already. You’re lucky enough to work from home. But if you’re selling baby clothes out of your bedroom, you might want to stash the merchandise into the closet before bringing in a potential hookup. Nothing ruins the mood like a glimpse into the (unwanted) future. Oh, and make sure you use protection!

If you’re confident and ambitious enough to start your business, you’re bold enough to land yourself a hot date. Ease yourself back into the social world, get up the nerve to make a few original moves, and be prepared to make some room in your bed for the sexiest night of your life.

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  1. Great ideas Laura. I totally agree that getting out from behind the computer is huge. And I’ve got a tip for anyone who wants to get out AND at the same time meet other people who are starting businesses: Check out the events calendar at http://biznik.com (full disclosure: I’m the co-founder of Biznik). Biznik events are hosted by members, for members, and offer entrepreneurs a great opportunity to meet each other in a social setting. Which is also a great way to improve your sex life :-)

    Comment by Dan McComb — August 8, 2007 @ 9:35 pm

  2. Great foundation of advice for the avid computer user. Thanks for the article.

    Comment by Ryan — September 9, 2007 @ 12:46 am

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