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Securing venture capital is often an integral part of the success or failure of any startup business, even for those who initially began as bootstrappers. While it’s no substitute for professional advice, the Internet can be a great place to research venture capital. These are 100 of the best resources.

Top Ten

While any top ten is based on personal opinion, there is no denying that these blogs have superior content.

  1. VentureBlog VentureBlog is a multi-author blog with contributors including Andrew Anker, EVP for Corporate Development with Six Apart, David Hornik of August Capital, Kevin Laws of PacRim Venture Partners, and Naval Ravikant of DotEdu Ventures. It discusses day to day issues that affect venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.
  2. Feld Thoughts Feld Thoughts is written by Brad Feld, managing director at Mobius Venture Capital. Feld writes about his own investments as well as technology, blogging, and entrepreneurship. Don’t miss his articles on term sheets, which are a great resource for entrepreneurs looking for funding.
  3. Beyond VC Beyond VC is written by Ed Sim, a partner with early stage technology VC firm Dawntreader Ventures. His blog covers venture capital and technology with particular emphasis on emerging software companies. Sim provides great advice for entrepreneurs on how they can better work with VCs to build successful companies.
  4. The J-Curve The J-Curve focuses on venture capitalism as it relates to technology.
  5. Southeast VC Jason Caplain gives his perspective on venture investing in the southeastern United States. Many of the articles focus on software, e-commerce, and digital media. This blog also provides a number of tips for entrepreneurs.
  6. Venture Chronicles Venture Chronices is Jeff Nolan’s blog. He provides links and original articles relating to the technology industry at large with an emphasis on software applications and infrastructure.
  7. VCball VC Ball is an early stage growth equity VC’s blog. He has a number of great in-depth articles for venture capitalists. Topics focus on choosing investments wisely, tax strategies, and marketing.
  8. Northwest VC Northwest VC is written by Steve Hall, a partner with Vulcan Capital. He discusses his thoughts on embedded networking and data intelligence as well as general issues relating to technology and venture investing.
  9. Infectious Greed Written by former hedge fund manager and now finance professor Paul Kedrosky, this blog covers a wide variety of issues from venture capital, stocks, and technology to gadgets and blogging.
  10. A VC Written by Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, this blog provides insight into the fields of emerging internet and media companies interspersed with Wilson’s thoughts on music and technology.

Foreign VCs

While venture capitalism has traditionally been dominated by American investors, non-US venture investment is growing, as is evidenced by these blogs.

  1. China Venture News China Venture News provides a stream of China-related business news directed at VCs.
  2. Venture Intelligence India Venture Intelligence India, written by Arun Natarajan, gives up-to-date information about the Indian tech industry as well as posts from businesses that are looking for VC funding.
  3. Fred Destin: A VC in Europe A VC in Europe gives the perspective of a European investor in the technology sector.
  4. Technofile Europe Technofile Europe provides information on European technology deals, entrepreneurship, and new technologies from a British perspective.
  5. Golb: Is This Israel? Is This Israel? is written by Ed Mlavsky, a major player in building the Israeli hi-tech market through venture investments. His blog focuses on these hi-tech issues as well as on investing in alternate sources of energy.
  6. VC in Jerusalem Jacob Ner-David writes about his experience as a VC investor in Israel.
  7. It’s All About Luck Danish investor Morten Lund gives his personal and somewhat informal take on his venture capital investments all over the world.
  8. Seriously Clueless Seriously Clueless is home to Indian-born Anand Sridharan who is now a principal in Singapore. He gives some valuable insight into the emerging venture capital markets in India and Southeast Asia.
  9. Venture Woods Venture Woods is a site that provides news and resources to the Indian venture community. Entrepreneurs, investors, and bankers can discuss issues that affect the market and professional community.
  10. The Post Money Value The Post Money Value is a Canadian VC’s thoughts on competition, investing and business planning.
  11. French entrepreneur and VC Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz blogs about marketing, gadgets, and the internet with a European viewpoint.
  12. Sortipreneur Turkish internet entrepreneur and investor Cem Sertoglu shares his experience and views on the tech investment industry in Turkey and abroad.
  13. Babbling VC Babbling VC is the blog of German based investor and entrepreneur Paul Jozefak. He provides insight on the European VC industry and technology related ventures.
  14. Shantanu Bhagwat Shantanu Bhagwat blogs about venture capitalism in the global market.
  15. From the Inside, Looking In Shin Fukushige, a venture capitalist living and working in Tokyo, writes about investing in IT software and hardware as well as general tech news.

Software Investors

Almost all VCs are interested in software investment, but these blogs are particularly focused on the topic.

  1. Software Only Jeff Clavier blogs about the web, social media, and of course, software.
  2. From Istanbul to Sand Hill Road This blog focuses on the high-tech industries of Silicon Valley from a Turkish perspective.
  3. Life With Alacrity Life With Alacrity focuses on the social software, security and internet tool sectors of investment with an emphasis on technology-based ratings systems.
  4. Mark Pincus Blog Mark Pincus shares his feelings on investing in the software and social networking fields.
  5. Burnham’s Beat Bill Burnham gives his thoughts on venture capitalism in software technology and the financial workings of it all.
  6. Our Man in Nirvana Our Man in Nirvana is where British born venture capitalist Robin Bordoli shares his thoughts and opinions on investing in the Silicon Valley.
  7. SF Venture SF Venture is home to Keith Benjamin. Keith provides his opinions on venture capital investments in the software and internet markets.
  8. Will Price Will Price discusses his opinions on technology and the VC industry. He also dishes out advice for startups.
  9. Cracking the Code Cracking the Code gives a California-based VC’s thoughts on the internet, enterprise software and technology issues.
  10. Go Big or Go Home Go Big or Go Home is the site of an Illinois investor who blogs about a wide variety of tech related issues.
  11. OC VC OC VC is home to Okapi Venture Capital’s Marc Averitt. He discusses investing in the life science and information technology industries as well as the industry in general in the Orange County Area.
  12. Ventureblogalist Ventureblogalist comes from Rob Finn, associate at Edison Venture Fund. It gives his perspective on IT technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Internet Entrepreneurs

The boom may be over, but internet venture investments are still going strong. Read these blogs for insight on the world of internet entrepreneurs.

  1. Blogtrepreneur Adnan at Blogtrepreneur discusses entrepreneurial opportunities that abound online.
  2. VC Adventure VC Adventure gives Seth Levine’s perspective on the VC world and offers great advice for startup entrepreneurs. It focuses on blogging technologies, as Levine is an investor in Technorati, Feedburner and Newsgator.
  3. VCMike’s Blog is written by Mike Hirshland of Polaris Venture Partners in Boston. An initial investor in WordPress, Mike’s blog focuses primarily on internet and digital media investments.
  4. Redeye VC Redeye VC is written by Josh Kopelman, founder of In it, Josh discusses experiences and advice in the VC field.
  5. Nothing to Say Nothing to Say is the blog of Chris Fralic at First Round Capital. A former employee of both and eBay, Chris writes primarily about technology and internet startups.
  6. Tim Oren’s Due Diligence Due Diligence is about this Pacifica Fund employee’s experience living and working in Silicon Valley. It contains numerous posts on the Internet and blogging.
  7. The Perceptions and Reverie of a VC Investor and Entrepreneur This blog focuses on social networking and internet based investments.
  8. Jesse Rasch Jesse Rasch, founder of InQuent web hosting services, provides some great in-depth articles in his blog about startup investing and internet-based business.
  9. Saul Klein, advisor to internet phone company Skype, gives his thoughts on launching internet businesses.
  10. McInBlog McInBlog is Ryan McIntyre’s blog on venture capitalism issues. McIntyre also writes musings on gadgets, technology, blogging and the Internet.
  11. The Equity Kicker The Equity Kicker is written by Nick Brisbane and covers a wide variety of issues related to venture capital. It focuses on social network and consumer internet markets.

VC Firms

These blogs are written by individual venture firms.

  1. Longworth Venture Partners Longworth Venture Partners, a Boston-based firm, blogs about emerging software, internet and media investments and issues.
  2. Alsop Louie Partners Alsop Louie Partners is written by business partners Stewart Alsop and Gilman Louie. It gives their perspective on marketing, technology, and helping business owners get started on pursuing their passions.
  3. Union Square Ventures Union Square Ventures is an early-stage venture investment group. Their blog focuses on IT and financial services, healthcare, and telecom.
  4. Above the Crowd Above the Crowd, written by Benchmark Capital’s Bill Gurley, provides great insight on high-technology business and strategy. While it’s no longer updated regularly, it can still provide a great resource for those interested in the field.
  5. The NVA Blog The NVA Blog is a technology focused blog by Newman Venture Advisors. It provides links to relevant articles as well as some original content. Much of it focuses on NVA-specific endeavors, but the blog also covers business strategy and venture capital news.
  6. Geekfishing Geekfishing is the home of the Ignition Partners blog. It deals almost exclusively with investing in the technology and telecom sectors.

VC News and Information

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to stay up to date on technology and emerging industries without reading the news. These blogs should help you stay on top of the latest happenings.

  1. VentureBeat VentureBeat is a great source for all news relevant to the VC world.
  2. Deal Flow Deal Flow is Business Week’s venture capital blog, produced by Sarah Lacy and Justin Hibbard. Written by professional journalists, this blog is carefully researched and can be a great way to keep informed about current issues and events.
  3. T.J.’s Weblog This blog provides a constant feed of news and information that is useful to the venture capitalist interested in internet-based technologies.
  4. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained is the blog of Jeremy Levine. It deals primarily with news affecting the venture capital world, especially in the technology sector.
  5. A Little Ludwig Goes a Long Way Written by Ignition Partners principal John Ludwig, this blog provides links to software topics and internet-based tools. It can be a great way to keep up with what’s hot and useful on the web.
  6. Deep Green Crystal Deep Green Crystal’s blog contains a number of technology guides on everything from blogging to VoIP and financial news.
  7. John Cook’s Venture Blog This blog is part of the website. It provides insightful commentary about venture investing and emerging technology.
  8. Venture Voice Venture Voice is a blog that offers a series of podcasts aimed at VCs and entrepreneurs.
  9. VentureBlogs VentureBlogs provides a stream of articles from American Venture Magazine.
  10. VC Ratings VC Ratings is a blog dedicated to providing profiles and ratings of venture capital investments and companies.

For Entrepreneurs

You can’t have venture capitalism without entrepreneurs. These blogs give advice on the give and take between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

  1. How to Change the World Guy Kawasaki gives practical advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out or looking to expand.
  2. Nivi Blog This blog focuses on the world of technology investments. It also provides “venture hacks” to help entrepreneurs better understand how the industry can work to their advantage.
  3. VC Confidential VC Confidential, written by Matt McCall, seeks to encourage conversation between entrepreneurs and their investors in order to facilitate understanding of internal principles and processes.
  4. Allen’s Blog Written by an entrepreneur lawyer turned venture capitalist, this blog focuses on investments in the fields of technology and software. Allen has a great series of articles called The Ten Commandments of Entrepreneurs.
  5. Who Has Time for This? Who Has Time for This? is David Cowan’s blog and provides great articles on information security and entrepreneurship advice.
  6. Florida Venture Blog Florida Venture Blog gives straight talk for entrepreneurs interested in securing venture capital. This blog has articles focusing specifically on the southeast market.
  7. This is Going to be BIG This is a blog that seeks to help entrepreneurs find supporters. There are posts on a variety of topics from personal interests to web technology and investment.
  8. Now What? Now What? is a blog for those interested in expansion stage venture capitalism. Written by Scott Maxwell, it attempts to answer the question of what to do after you’ve taken the first steps in establishing a business and getting a few customers.
  9. The VC in Me The VC in Me is a blog that seeks to engage venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in conversation about current affairs, investing, and the media sector.
  10. Ask the VC Ask the VC is a great resource for entrepreneurs who want to get some advice on VC funding straight from the source.

Early-Stage Investors

Often, the best place to be is on the ground floor. These bloggers specialize in early stage investing and are willing to share their knowledge.

  1. EarlyStage VC Early Stage VC by Peter Rip of Crosslink Capital focuses on venture investments in the preliminary stages of business development.
  2. Seeing Both Sides Seeing Both Sides shares the perspective of an entrepreneur turned early-stage venture capitalist.
  3. Oxyfish Oxyfish gives Tom Sheild’s thoughts on early-stage venture capitalism and entrepreneurship in the tech industry.
  4. WayTooEarly WayTooEarly chronicles the process of working with venture companies in the very early stages of development.
  5. Permanent Record Permanent Record is the blog of First Round Capital partner Rob Hayes. Posts focus on early-stage venture capitalism and online business.
  6. Outright VC This blog focuses on early and mid-stage companies in the information technology, automation, power, wireless and RFID industries. Author Todd Jaquez-Fissori also gives advice to those who are looking for VC funding.
  7. Venture Capital Cafe Authored by Eze Vidra, Venture Capital Cafe provides news and articles about early-stage companies with a special focus on Israel-originated innovations.
  8. Texas Startup Blog Texas Startup focuses on topics surrounding entrepreneurship, startups, and venture capitalism in Texas.

VC and Beyond

These blogs offer a unique perspective on the VC industry, providing emphasis on investment and other interests that extend beyond most run-of-the-mill VC Blogs.

  1. Sense and Cents George Zachary discusses venture capitalism and its relationship to human nature, consumerism, and business identity.
  2. Venture Cyclist Written by venture capitalist and biking enthusiast Richard Dale, this blog has posts about both of Richard’s interests.
  3. Venture Explorer Venture Explorer follows venture capitalist Vineet Buch. Posts contain his thoughts on investments and the tech industry as well as his world travels and adventures.
  4. Sacred Cow Dung Christian Mayaud works to expose the myths surrounding venture capitalism, business strategy, and management philosophy with a distinct focus on technology and blogging.
  5. Punctuative! Punctuative! by Louisville-based investor Matt Winn, offers thoughts on the changing venture capital markets.
  6. Ego Ventures This blog by BaseCamp Investment co-founder Andrew Luter is filled with thoughts on business, technology and everything else.
  7. CleanTech Investing CleanTech Investing is written by Boston-based investor Rob Day. It focuses on issues surrounding investment in cleantech industries such as alternative energy, energy storage and efficiency, and water purification technologies.
  8. Ho John Lee Ho John Lee talks about tech investment from a distinctly market-based viewpoint.
  9. Venture Again Venture Again, by Justin Label, focuses on the cleantech investment sector of venture capitalism.
  10. BijanBlog BijanBlog is written by a Spark Capital partner. Aside from personal posts, the blog contains information about investing in emerging media, entertainment and technology sectors.

Female VCs

In a male dominated industry, these women provide a refreshingly feminine perspective.

  1. Class V Class V is written by an early-stage IT and green tech startup investor. Topics cover a wide range, from startups to world travel.
  2. Susan Wu Susan Wu discusses her experience as a VC, focusing on early stage consumer technology and infrastructure software.
  3. Adventurista Adventurista, written by Sarah Tavel, gives some insight on what being a female in the field of venture capitalism is all about.
  4. is published by Christine Herron, venture advisor at First Round Capital. She provides helpful articles for women who are looking to get into the field of venture capitalism as well as information on the nonprofit and technology sectors.
  5. Let the Sparks Fly Let the Sparks Fly is the blog of venture capital firm Brightspark. Brightspark focuses on helping entrepreneurs with infrastructure, enterprise, and communication software in the early stages of their growth and development.
  6. Israeli VC on Sand Hill Road Tali Aben was the first woman partner in an Israeli VC. Her blog focuses on software investing, but it also provides special insight for women on balancing careers and family obligations.
  7. Inside Chatter Internet entrepreneur and investment banker Donna Bogatin blogs about emerging web technologies.
  8. Venture Law Lines Lawyer and VC Suzanne Dingwall gives her thoughts on law, entrepreneurship, startups and investments.

This list only scratches the surface of the VC blogs out there, but it should provide you with ample reading material. With so much to choose from, there is bound to be something that can provide you with the insight and information you need to make the most of your startup.

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