Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs #3

Friday, July 27, 2007 at 11:30pm by Site Administrator

Welcome to the third Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs (CoBE #3). Critieria for inclusion: relevant to bootstrapping, entrepreneuring, startup/ small businesses. Criteria for exclusion:

  1. Non-articles (list of internal links instead of an article).
  2. Articles that exist purely to promote an affiliate link.
  3. Articles not relevant to bootstrapping or entrepreneuring.
  4. Articles not formatted for easy reading (i.e., overly long paragraphs.)
  5. Multiple entries for the same edition – it depends on how relevant the articles are, but in most cases, all entries will be deleted without being viewed.
  6. Persistently not supporting the carnival by not linking back won’t mean exclusion, but priority will be given to new entrants or those who have been supportive.

To be fair to everyone, entries are being selected approximately in order of submission. Please support this carnival by linking back to this post.

  1. Price vs Value – How Much Should Writers Charge? by Yvonne Russell of Grow Your Writing Business. Whether you’re a writer or an entrepreneur offering any other service, the question of how much to charge always comes up. Yvonne offers some suggestions for deciding, based on whether your service offers extra value.

  2. How to Make $45,000 a Month- Six Months After You Start by CapForge of CapForge. CapForge provides a solid example of the mindset necessary to bootstrap a startup business and reinvest profits to a self-sustaining, income-producing level.
  3. How would you get back from Mars? by CA of Atlantic Canada’s Small Business Blog. Don’t let the article title fool you. CA points out that “making money” and “creating value” do not have to be conflicting objectives of an organization.
  4. Best Business Schools for the Entrepreneur by Ted Reimers of College Grotto. Feel the need to take some tutelage before or during your entrepreneurial career? Ted lists ten business schools with entrepreneurial programs.
  5. How I Failed at Making Money Online by Ray Johnson of Link Rambler. Not everyone who tries makes money online. Ray points out the errors he made in his attempt at online entrepreneurship, then points out 4 ways to improve your odds of success.
  6. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Money Managers by Edith Yeung of Edith Yeung. Many new businesses go under within the first or second year of existence. Managing cash flow becomes a critical skill. Edith points out some effective habits of money management.
  7. How to Start an Online Store by Ant of The Beef Jerky Blog. Dropshipping can be a very profitable method of doing business. You make the sale and the product supplier ships the product. If you do it online, you have the advantage of reduced operating costs, once your ecommerce site is setup. Ant lists five steps for setting up an online business.
  8. The Solution to the Problem by Wilson Ng of Reflections of a BizDrivenLife. Problem-solving is an important part of running a business. While brainstorming to solve problems might be useful for new situations, reoccuring problems might already have a solution. Wilson points out that maybe a reoccurring problem has already been documented in your organization. And if not, maybe it should be.
  9. I Can’t Stand My Stand Up Desk! by FitBuff of Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog. Good health and good posture means a better overall attitude for you. If you’re not happy with your sitting posture, try something different: stand up. FitBuff explains how a standup desk can posture and productivity and burn calories.
  10. John Assaraf and Murray Smith Interview by Scott Allen of About Entrepreneurs. Scott interviewed John Assaraf (The Secret) and Murray Smith (Indian Motorcycles) about entrepreneurial passion, the success mindset, and more. There’s a 40 minute audio version of the interview and an 8-part transcription.
  11. Leadership – Managing Time For Maximum Profit by Sue Massey of Business Management Life. Sue provides reasons why managing your business time effectively helps to maximize your profit.
  12. Diversify Your Investments by Starting a Side Business by Brad Isaac of Achieve IT! Goal Setting Blog. Not everyone wants to or can be a full-time entrepreneur. Brad explains how you can bootstrapping a part-time/ side business on weekends and evenings.
  13. Building Visibility with Promotional Umbrellas by Matt Hanson of Matt’s Creative Advertising Blog. Promotional products can go beyond the traditional branded pens and mugs to other products. Items such as umbrellas not only keep potential customers dry but display your brand to many people. Matt points out that you don’t necessarily have to give the product away, if it offers a lot of value.
  14. Don’t Buy A Franchise with your Ego by Tom Stanley of Tom’s Franchise Information Blog. Many entrepreneurs, instead of starting a new business or buying an existing one, buy a franchise. Tom suggests that when you choose a franchise, don’t do it just because it sounds exciting or because you think your friends will like it. Ultimately, you want it to earn money, and you might be surprised at the types of franchise businesses that can do that for you.
  15. Learn Good Customer Service by Jason Rakowski of Learn Good Customer Service. Managing customer relations is crucial to maintaning repeat customers. Jason points out how to make it easier on yourself by using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

That ends this second edition of the Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs. Any articles submitted that meet the criteria but not listed here will appear in the next edition. I currently have a backlog of entries and minimum of time to go through everyone’s articles. There are still many of you submitting multiple articles in a given week so that I may now have a half dozen of your articles in the backlog. If that’s you, then please ease off on submitting more until you see a couple more of your articles appear. Or make sure that you are linking back to earlier editions of CoBE in which you appeared. [It takes a lot of time to go through articles and summarize in an interesting way. So if you have not linked back in support, you're being bumped for more of the newer bloggers entering the carnival.]

One suggestion I’ll leave you with. If you submit an article that’s all about you, think twice. Share “how” not “what”. Who cares how much success you have had unless you share how you got there? Tell us your entrepreneurial success story and how you got there.

Please use the submission form for future editions, and limit yourself to one entry per week.

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