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Thursday, July 26, 2007 at 9:30pm by Site Administrator

The other day, someone on the team produced the 100 Daily Must-Reads for Entrepreneurs blog list. Several commenters asked for an OPML list so that they could subscribe to these blogs. I did not write the article, and for reasons I won’t get into, I don’t have the OPML for you. I think I have something that’s one step better: a monster mashup of the feeds for all of these blogs.

You can subscribe to a single feed this way. I’ve also created a few variations, including one that you can filter for a search term before subscribing to.

What I’ve done is used Yahoo! Pipes, which is a beta version web-based feed mashup tool, to mashup the feeds of all 100 blogs in the list. If want to know to know how I did this, tomorrow I’ll have a screencast video on building these Yahoo Pipes to use as a free business research tool. If you haven’t used Yahoo Pipes before, check out my Pipes screencast tutorials at Tubetorial.

If you just want the mashup feed, choose a Pipe from the bullet list below, click the link I’ve provided, and run the Pipe. When the results are displayed, you’ll see a “Subscribe” link. If you click on the link, you’ll see a menu of RSS feed reader choices. If you don’t see your reader, just right-click the first choice, “Get as RSS”, and select “Copy link location” from the web browser context menu. Then pop the copied RSS feed URL into your favorite feed reader.

  1. All-items mashup.
    Yahoo Pipes is still in beta and has quirks. This version provides all feed items from all the feeds, but it did not function at the time of this writing. So I have not linked to it. It’s mentioned only for posterity.

  2. Truncated mashup version: Yahoo Pipe.
    Just click on this link and enter the number of feed items you want in the mashup (<= 200). If you just want the 200-item mashup, here’s the feed url. Right-click and save that URL, and pop into your feed reader.

    Depending on multiple factors (server problems), you may have to run the Pipe a couple of times before you see any results. Try reducing the number of items, or wait until a less busy time.

  3. Searchable version: Yahoo Pipe.
    This Pipe lets you specify a search term and the number of results. It’ll scan all feed items in all the 100 blogs listed, produce a matching result set, then truncate the results to the number of items you specify.  (It checks both item title and description for the search term.)

    After you run it for the desired parameters, you can subscribe to the generated RSS feed URL. Just keep in mind that, for example, “cashflow” is different than “cash flow”. (Don’t use the quotes in the search term.)

Keep in mind that Yahoo Pipes is still in beta, has server hiccups, inconsistent behaviors, and sometimes changes modules. Normally, if you subscribe to a feed generated by a Pipe, you shouldn’t have any trouble. But should a feed you’ve subscribed to stop functioning, try “updating” the feed in your feed reader. If that doesn’t work, rerun the corresponding Pipe and copy its dynamically-generated RSS feed URL again to your feed reader.

One thing to note is that Yahoo Pipes dynamically generates RSS feeds for mashups. If a Pipe uses user input, then a different feed URL is generated for each possible combination of parameters. Run a Pipe with the input you want, then copy the generated feed URL. If you run a different query, note that a different feed URL is likely to be generated. So you may end up with multiple feeds to subscribe to, depending on the research you’re doing. (For instance, “cash flow” and “cashflow” are not the same parameter.)

You can also clone an existing Pipe and tweak to your heart’s content. In Friday’s article, I’ll provide a video tutorial showing you how to build the mashup pipes indicated above.

yahoo pipes - 100 blogs -searchable pipe -screen snap

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  1. Great idea, but why do I only get to see snippets even for RSS that give the full article?

    Comment by Alex — July 31, 2007 @ 10:30 pm

  2. Hi Alex. Do you mean from Pipes or a feed reader? I know that Pipes displays only a snippet. I didn’t check in a feed reader but it’s possible that the snippet mode gets transferred to feed readers via the Pipes RSS feed. I’ll have a look and put in a help request to Yahoo.

    Comment by Raj Dash — July 31, 2007 @ 10:49 pm

  3. Hi Alex,

    I just had a look at a new mashup feed I created for the Top 100 VC bloggers list, and there’s tons of feed items that are full-text. I don’t know why some are partial text, without doing a lot of research. If you can give me a specific blog as an example, it’ll help me track the problem down.


    Comment by Raj Dash — July 31, 2007 @ 11:05 pm

  4. Hey Raj,
    It was in Google Reader. Not a big deal–just curious if this was on purpose. Overall, I love the service you’ve provided.

    Comment by Alex — August 1, 2007 @ 12:29 am

  5. Alex,

    Hmmm. I used Feed Demon (desktop reader) and there are full-text items. If you happen to remember/ find a specify feed, let me know and I’ll look into it. Thanks.

    Comment by Raj Dash — August 1, 2007 @ 3:04 am

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