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These days, it seems that almost everyone has a blog, so it’s often hard to separate what’s really worth reading from what isn’t. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you and narrowed it down to 100 highly informative sites. Take a look at what they have to say and see how they can help you grow your business.

Raising Capital

  1. Go BIG Blog— Written by Go BIG founder Wil Schroter, the Go BIG Blog focuses on giving advice and strategies to help startup businesses gain an edge. The GO BIG Network is also a great place for small businesses to find funding by putting them in contact with a network of venture capital and angel investors.
  2. How to Change the World— This blog by Guy Kawaski gives advice on how to give great presentations, speeches and pitches to attract investors to your business, as well as providing a variety of other helpful tips and advice to entrepreneurs.
  3. Entrepreneurship Blog— Here, Untangle product marketing manager Andrew Fife gives advice on raising capital and improving your business.
  4. Access to Capital— Access to Capital provides good articles on raising capital to start a new business as well as finding investors to sustain an existing business.
  5. All Business Raising Capital Blog— All Business has a variety of business related blogs, all of which can be very useful to the entrepreneur. They have a wide selection of very informative articles on raising capital and improving your business.
  6. Instigator Blog— Benjamin Yoskovitz blogs on helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses with a number of good articles on how to make proposals and give presentations to get investors.
  7. Plan Magic Blog— Plan Magic Blog gives advice on creating great business and investment plans.
  8. WayTooEarly— Howard Lee Morgan gives his personal account of investing in businesses in the very early stages.
  9. BootStrapMe — Shawn Hessinger gives advice on how to get your business started, some resources to check out, as well as a variety of helpful tips.

Managing Debt and Risks

  1. I Will Teach You to Be Rich— Ramit Sethi gives advice on finance and entrepreneurship.
  2. Business Debt Relief— This blog has the goal of educating business owners on how to get out of debt and managing any future debts.
  3. Debt Consolidation Lowdown— Frequent host of the Carnival of Debt Management, this blog provides links to numerous blogs on reducing and managing debts, as well as original articles on debt consolidation and elimination.
  4. Small Business Finance Blog— Arnold Cortez discusses financial solutions for small businesses through a variety of methods.
  5. My Money Forest— My Money Forest gives advice on investments as well as relevant news on the business world.
  6. Escape from Cubicle Nation— Pamela Slim provides insight in how to make your passion into a successful business.
  7. Operational Risk Management— This blog covers the legal, investment, systems, and personnel risks associated with running a business.
  8. Risk Center— Risk Center is home to numerous articles covering the entire spectrum of risk management as well as a collection of finance tutorials.
  9. BizzBangBuzz— Written by strategic business lawyer Anthony Cerminaro, this blog focuses on the law aspects of starting a business and how best to take advantage of business opportunities.
  10. Business Opportunities Weblog— Dane Carlson provides a list of links to business opportunities and investments for those seeking to start or expand their own business.

Managing Staff

  1. Management Issues— If you’re looking for advice on management and workplace issues, this blog will prove to be a great resource. It provides a good selection of articles to get you on the right track.
  2. Common Sense Guy— Bud Bilanich gives some pragmatic solutions to everyday workplace issues, many focusing on making your staff more effective.
  3. Management Blog— Tom Foster discusses how to manage more effectively and to meet your personal and business goals.
  4. Management Craft— Managing employees can sometimes be difficult, but Lisa Haneberg can help. She provides advice on dealing with difficult employees as well as being an effective leader.
  5. Agile Management Blog— David Anderson of Microsoft gives his thoughts on management issues. Those in technology related businesses will find them especially insightful.
  6. Communication Nation— This blog by David Gray focuses on improving communication and productivity in the workplace.
  7. Manager Tools— Manager Tools is home to a weekly podcast focused on helping business owners become better managers and leaders by providing easily implemented tips and tools.
  8. Slacker Manager— Don’t let the name of this blog mislead you, it in no way encourages slacking. It does, however, provide advice on how to make your workplace life easier and less stressful.
  9. Center for Workplace Excellence— Want to improve your performance as well as that of your employees? This blog gives some helpful advice on motivation and attitude. The center offers classes on a variety of subjects as well.
  10. Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog— Focusing on innovation and streamlining the workplace, Curious Cat offers articles on how to make your workplace happier and improve your customer experience.
  11. Evolving Excellence— This is an insightful blog with an emphasis on lean management and manufacturing. It will give you some ideas on how to reduce waste in all areas of your business.
  12. Bnoopy— Joe Krauss provides insight on how to find great employees. He also has valuable content on tech-based businesses based on his own extensive experience.

Venture Capitalists

  1. Venture Blog— Written by David Hornik at August Capital, this blog has articles on issues related to venture capitalism and technology.
  2. Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital— Bill Gurley provides good reading for entrepreneurs interested in cutting edge ideas and information on what’s new in the venture capital community.
  3. Geekfishing— Written by employees of Ignition Partners, Geekfishing provides articles and insight on the geekier aspects of investing.
  4. Due Diligence— Tim Oren writes about technology and business trends in a way that is relevant to entrepreneurs.
  5. A VC— Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist, writes about issues related to venture capitalism and technology as well as a number of his other interests.
  6. Charles Hudson— Charles provides insight into the world of technology and business. This blog is an interesting read for those who love gadgets.
  7. WiseWords— Sean Wise provides advice on entrepreneurship and venture capital, with a new project focusing on helping new businesses get started.
  8. VC Confidential— Written by Matt McCall, VC Confidential discusses venture capitalism as it relates to technology.
  9. Feld Thoughts— Ben Feld’s blog on issues related to entrepreneurship, technology, angel investors and venture capitalism.
  10. Venture Chronicles— Jeff Nolan gives his thoughts on technology, management and investment in this regularly updated blog.
  11. Will Price— Perspectives on the venture capitalism industry and technology written by Will Price of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.
  12. Early Stage VC— Peter Rip gives advice on startups, business technology and investment.
  13. Genuine VC— David Beisel provides advice on how to pitch your ideas to venture capitalists as well as numerous other issues important to entrepreneurs.


  1. Steve Pavlina— Steve Pavlina provides his personal insight in how to manage your time, be more productive and improve personal development to help you be more successful.
  2. The Lazy Way to Success— Based on the book of the same name, this blog gives tips on how to do less and accomplish more.
  3. Black Belt Productivity— If you want to get organized and get more accomplished in a day, learn how to do it with this blog.
  4. Productivity 501— Written by Mark Shead, this site gives regularly updated tips and tricks to help increase your personal productivity.
  5. Dumb Little Man— Jay White provides numerous tips and articles designed to help you accomplish more and make your workplace more productive.
  6. Chief Happiness Officer— Alexander Kjerulf writes about how to make work happier, more inspiring, energizing and even fun with the goal of helping you accomplish more and feel better about it.
  7. The Engaging Brand—Business coach Anna Farmery gives ideas on how to motivate employees, improve leadership, and get more done in a day.
  8. Ian’s Messy Desk— Ian McKenzie gives his thoughts on how to increase productivity and avoid procrastination.

Small Business

  1. Small Business Trends— Anita Campbell looks at the latest trends affecting small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  2. Just for Small Business— This blog from Denise O’Berry is full of thought-provoking tips for small business owners, often on unexpected topics.
  3. The Entrepreneurial Mind— Jeff Cornwall, Director of the Belmont University Center for Entrepreneurship, looks at trends in small business and entrepreneurship and their impact on individual small business owners.
  4. The Freestyle Entrepreneur— This site focuses on providing business information that is relevant to the small business owner with the goal of helping them become more profitable and productive.
  5. Small Business Brief— Home to a small business newsletter, this website also provides links to numerous business and entrepreneurial articles all over the web.
  6. Business Works— Dedicated to helping small businesses get started, this blog gives advice on the day-to-day issues associated with business ownership as well as news related to the business world at large.
  7. Fresh Inc— A blog for the magazine of the same name, Fresh Inc is chock full of informative articles on business and entrepreneurship.
  8. Church of the Customer— A valuable read for the small business owner who wants to maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction.
  9. Be Excellent— This blog provides advice on how to make your small business successful and keep it that way.
  10. Small Business CEO— Small Business CEO gives information on making your small business grow and how to turn your passion into a profit.

General Interest

  1.— Carson McComas provides links and reviews for great applications and other resources that help entrepreneurs work smarter, not harder.
  2. The Occupational Adventure— Curt Rosengren at Passion Catalyst International gives his advice on how to turn your ideas and passions into viable business ventures.
  3.—Businesspundit discusses a wide variety of issues related to entrepreneurship and corporate strategy.
  4. Ready Fire Aim— Bill D’Alessandro gives his insight into personal entrepreneurship, web design, technology, and even banking.
  5. Making Ripples— Making Ripples is written by an ex-corporate employee who ventured into the self-employed arena. It provides his personal experiences as well as some advice for others wishing to start their own business.
  6. All Business Blog Center— All Business is home to a number of blogs on business issues including finance, human resources, marketing and management. It’s a great place to find entrepreneurial information and advice.
  7. Entrepreneurs Journey— Yaro Starak, an Australian entrepreneur, gives reviews of business seminars and materials as well as original articles on business ownership.
  8. Paul Allen— Paul Allen writes about his experience as an internet entrepreneur and gives some valuable advice for those wishing to follow in his footsteps.
  9. Canadian Entrepreneur— Rick Spence, former editor and publisher of Profit Magazine, gives tips and strategies to help your business grow.
  10. Trizoko— Trizoko is a daily business journal that uses studies and research to give advice on creating a successful business.


  1. Duct Tape Marketing— John Jantsch delivers small business marketing tips in weekly, easy to read short articles.
  2. Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing Blog— Ron McDaniel gives advice on how to create lasting buzz for your business through an effective web presence and networking.
  3. George Torok— Bestselling author George Torok offers marketing insights, tips, and strategies on branding, networking and personal marketing for business owners.
  4. Decker Marketing— Sam Decker provides insight on how to market your business using the web.
  5. Seth Godin— Seth Godin provides great advice on how to effectively market your business and keep customers happy.
  6. Ben Rowe’s Blog— This blog provides Ben’s thoughts on the state of marketing and how to use it to your advantage.
  7. Marketing for Success— Charlie Cook gives advice on the best ways to market your business both on the web and in traditional media.
  8. Paul Geisheker’s Marketing Blog— Marketing consultant Paul Geisheker provides helpful marketing tools and resources to help business owners become more effective.
  9. Micro Persuasion— Steve Rubel blogs about the effect of technology on media and marketing.

Young Entrepreneurs

  1. Young Entrepreneur Journey— Best selling author Michael Simmons explores the idea of "extreme entrepreneurship".
  2. Mind Petals— Home to the Young Entrepreneur’s Network, Mind Petals has a community atmosphere that provides informative, inspiring, and motivating content to young businesspeople.
  3. Young— Evan Carmichael gives information and advice to entrepreneurs on marketing, strategy, management and a variety of other topics.
  4. Blogtrepreneur— Written by a high school student, Blogtrepreneur provides information and advice on how young entrepreneurs can get started with their first business.
  5. Retired at 21— This blog provides resources for young entrepreneurs to learn from experienced web-based business owners.
  6. SportsLizard Entrepreneur Blog— Adam McFarland provides his personal experience of quitting his job and following his entrepreneurial dream.
  7. Flush the Toilet— Flush the Toilet gives advice to young entrepreneurs about attitude and making a successful business.


  1. reblutionary— Mike Cannon-Brookes talks about startups from a technology perspective and gives his personal experience.
  2. Startup Spark— Ben Yoskovitz provides business tips, discusses entrepreneurial passion, social entrepreneurship and dealing with business failure. This site also hosts the Carnival of Entrepreneurs.
  3. StartupNation— Startup Nation is an online community for startups, providing resources and support for new businesses.
  4.— On Startups is a great site for software entrepreneurs looking to start a new business or grow an existing one.
  5. Texas Startup Blog— Alexander Muse discusses startups from a technology angle with articles on venture capital and entrepreneurship.
  6. Startup Princess— Startup Princess offers a female entrepreneur’s perspective, providing mentoring, resources and education for women who want to start a business.
  7. BizLaunch Blog— BizLauch gives practical advice on launching a new business as well as advice on improving communication and productivity.
  8. Blog.Pmarca.Com— Written by Marc Andreessen, this blog provides invaluable information for starting a business including an extensive guide to startups.
  9. Start Up Blog— This blog discusses issues about starting up a business while focusing on marketing aspects.
  10. The Startup Ethos— The Startup Ethos is Usha Sekar’s blog about the human side behind startups and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit.
  11. The Great Startup Game— This blog has an often humorous perspective on how to make your business profitable.
  12. Time to Startup— Time to Startup is a blog providing insight into starting a business. It includes information on the paperwork necessary to become a corporation or an LLC.

With new blogs being created everyday, this is by no means an exhaustive list of every great entrepreneurial blog out there. Chances are that you have some favorites that didn’t make this list. While it may not be perfect, it is, however, a good place to start if you’re looking for some productive and sometimes entertaining reading material on business ventures.

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  15. great list… on more, new-ish blog.. discusses new innovations and trends… they even post their own (impressive) business ideas , and encourage readers to freely execute on them..

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  27. Thank you for including Small Business Trends on this list! I am honored to be in such fine company. It’s nice of you to take the time to create the list, too.


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    Comment by Alex Rudloff — July 29, 2007 @ 2:22 pm

  31. Alex, I didn’t notice that (someone else wrote this list), but don’t forget that just because you start off bootstrapping doesn’t mean you can’t eventually take some capital :)

    Comment by Raj Dash — July 29, 2007 @ 2:48 pm

  32. Thanks for adding my blog Small Business CEO to your great list of blogs. I know how much work it is to create such a valuable list (I have considered it as well but the effort is HUGE). Thanks again.

    Comment by Steve Rucinski — August 1, 2007 @ 2:41 pm

  33. Hi Steve, thanks for dropping by. These monster lists are being written by someone else, but having done many of these big lists myself, I know how much work they are. They look deceoptively easy, but can take 10-40 hours of work.

    If you are thinking of doing one, try a different slant than what others have done. Plan the list out, then start compiling. Don’t forget to use directory search to narrow down categories.

    Good luck.

    Comment by Raj Dash — August 1, 2007 @ 2:51 pm

  34. Great list, now we jstu need a list of great coding/engineering/architect links for tech entrepreneurs.

    Comment by carlity — August 4, 2007 @ 3:21 am

  35. What a great list of so many wonderful resources! I can’t help but notice that there is not a single site listed that is devoted to selling!

    While raising capital,managing and marketing are all critically important, nobody makes any profit until something is actually sold!

    Once our company is planned, funded, financed, managed and the marketing is finally underway, we had better know what to say when we get face-to-face with our prospective customer!

    Comment by Daniel Sitter, Idea Seller — August 5, 2007 @ 3:24 am

  36. Excellent List… I liked Raising Capital section the most…

    Comment by Abhimanyu Grover — August 6, 2007 @ 11:31 pm

  37. This is a great list! I’ll definitely be sharing it with my small business readers. And who knows, with a little hard work maybe The Shop Floor ( will make your list next time.

    Comment by Matt Alderton — August 8, 2007 @ 10:04 pm

  38. I know how much work they are. They look deceoptively easy, but can take 10-40 hours of work. If you are thinking of doing one, try a different slant than what others have done.

    Comment by Jeff Barson — August 19, 2007 @ 8:35 pm

  39. Wow! This is a very good list. Thank you so much for all the hard work — compiling something like this most of taken hours if not days of work.

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