Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs #2

Monday, July 16, 2007 at 11:30pm by Site Administrator

[UPDATED Wed Jul 18/07: Despite what this post used to say, there will not be two editions per week. All editions will be posted on Wednesdays starting Jul 25th.]

Welcome to the second Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs (CoBE #2). Critieria for inclusion: relevant to bootstrapping, entrepreneuring, startup/ small businesses. Criteria for exclusion:

  1. Non-articles (list of internal links instead of an article).
  2. Articles that exist purely to promote an affiliate link.
  3. Articles not relevant to bootstrapping or entrepreneuring.
  4. Scraped snippets of someone else’s article. Seriously? Why waste everyone’s time?
  5. Multiple entries for the same edition – it depends on how relevant the articles are.
  6. Persistently not supporting the carnival to link back won’t mean exclusion, but priority will be given to new entrants or those who have been supportive.

To be fair to everyone, entries are being selected approximately in order of submission. So if you don’t see your entry submitted by July 6th, it will likely appear in edition 2 next weekend. Here are the entries for the first edition. Please support this carnival by linking back to this post.

  1. Plan Your Trip Now For Your Business! by Shawn Edwards of Destiny Online. Are you in a business that requires a lot of travelling? Shawn suggests keeping in mind three basic things for business travel.

  2. Business life lesson – Don’t let anyone steal your dream by CA of Atlantic Canada’s Small Business Blog. Feeling a little doubtful about your entrepreneurial dreams? CA relates a couple of personal stories that may inspire you to keep your dream.
  3. Working Through Distractions by Chromegrrrl/ Wendy of HostOmni. For those of you following creative endeavors, such as freelance writing from home, there are probably many distractions in your day. Wendy lists some of her strategies for deflecting distractions.
  4. 3 Reasons to Quit Your Job in order to Advance Your Career by Marc of Marc and Angel. Marc offers three strong reasons why you may want to quit your job.
  5. Interview With Andy Ajello: Environmental Entrepreneur by Alexandra Levit of Water Cooler Wisdom. Opportunities lie in many markets, including the environment. Alexandra interviews Andy Ajello, and discusses what inspired him to find a way to reduce the illegal dumping of electronics.
  6. How to Manage a Sales Call by Jack Yoest of MTDC. Not everyone enjoys selling, but in some businesses you just cannot get around it. Jack tells us how to handle a sales call.
  7. Business, Interrupted by Silicon Valley Blogger of The Digerati Life. If you’re at a crossroads in your business venture, maybe it’s time to sit back and take a look at what you’re doing. That’s what the Silicon Valley Blogger does in this article, offering some rationale for doing so.
  8. No Cost Starting a Business – Startup Example by CapForge of CapForge. Bootstrappers know that you don’t always need to have capital to start a business. CapForge provides a concrete example.
  9. How to Maximize Your Day Job While Creating a 4 Hour Work Week by John Wesley of Pick the Brain. Tim Ferriss’ new book “The 4-Hour Work Week” is of course inspiring a lot of people. If you’re thinking about finding your own 4-hour week, read John’s five suggestions about how to apply the book’s advice.
  10. 7 rules about startup code by Vitor Domingos. Vitor offers some wise and amusing advice to software entrepreneurs who are in the pre-startup stage. I.e., only have an idea.

That ends this second edition of the Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs. Any articles submitted that meet the criteria but not listed here will appear in the next edition

Please use the submission form for future editions, and limit yourself to one entry per week. If both your entries for any Saturday through Friday period are selected, one will appear in the “weekend” edition (Sun or Mon) and the other will appear in the mid-week edition (Wed or Thur).

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