Carnival Roundup and New Announcements

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at 11:00pm by Site Administrator

Bootstrapper is in three carnivals so far this week. As well, there are some new carnivals that may be of interest to you. First, the roundup:

  1. Carnival of Debt Relief #10 at Debt Consolidation Lowdown. My post 21  Ways to Promote Your Startup Business was acepted amongst eight other posts focus onl issues of debt relief. If you want to enter the next edition of this carnival, use their submission form.

  2. Carnival of Debt Reduction #95 at Picture of Wealth. My post Bootstrapping Your Business Cash Flow was accepted amongst nine other entries, also related to debt. You can enter the next edition with their submission form.
  3. Carnival of Money, Growth and Happiness #10 at Credit Card Lowdown. This is a My post Worthwhile Free Applications for Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs made it in amongst fifteen others dealing with healthy money mindset and other related topics. Use the submission form to enter the next edition.

New Blog Carnivals

If you’ve learned the value of participating in carnivals, you may be interested in four new ones that I’ve set up, all of which will be opened up to other hosts.

  1. Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs.

    • Status: The first edition of CoBE has already been posted here at Bootstrapper.
    • Categories: The carnival accepts articles of interest to entrepreneurs, especially if they contain bootstrapping tips.
    • Hosting: This carnival is weekly and will be opened to other hosts if interest demands it, but will otherwise appear at Bootstrapper.
    • Frequency: Weekly.
  2. Carnival of Internet Pros.
    • Status: Watch for announcements of CoIP over at the Carnival of Internet Pros forum on Performancing.
    • Categories: The carnival accepts articles that have anything to do with improving skills and earnings for working professionally online, whether as a blogger, consultant, or something else.
    • Hosting: This carnival will rotate through a number of previously selected hosts, including Bootstrapper, but will be opened to any host if interest demands.
    • Frequency: Bi-weekly or weekly.
  3. Carnival of Small Business and Startups.
    • Status: Watch for an announcement of the first edition of CoSBaS at LogoDesignWorks Small Business Tips blog.
    • Categories: This carnival accepts articles that focus on the early stage issues of a small business, entrepreneuring, or startups. There’s even a business travel category, to make up for a lack in the carnival listings.
    • Hosting: The primary host will be LDW but the carnival will also appear occasionally here at Bootstrapper and possibly other blogs.
    • Frequency: Weekly.
  4. Carnival of Work Productivity.
    • Status: Watch for an announcement of of the first edition aof CoWP at Internet UltraGeek.
    • Categories: This carnival accepts articles that focus on anything to do with improving offline or online work productivity, including reviews of software, techniques, etc. To be very specific, if you write articles similar to that seen at Lifehack, Lifehacker, LifeClever and others but specifically related to achieving an efficient work day, with or without technology, then feel free to submit them to CoWP. Max two submissions per edition only, please.
    • Hosting: Hosting will start at UltraGeek, will appear here at Bootstrapper at times, and will be open to other hosts.
    • Frequency: Bi-weekly, possibly weekly.

At present, only the first new carnival has a published edition.

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