Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs Edition #1

Sunday, July 8, 2007 at 11:30pm by Site Administrator

Welcome to the first Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs. Because of the high volume of entries, the first edition is running approximately one week earlier than originally announced. Critieria for inclusion: relevant to bootstrapping, entrepreneuring, startup/ small businesses. Criteria for exclusion:

  1. Non-articles (list of internal links instead of an article).
  2. Articles that exist purely to promote an affiliate link.
  3. Articles not relevant to bootstrapping or entrepreneuring.
  4. Scraped snippets of someone else’s article. Seriously? Why waste everyone’s time?
  5. Multiple entries – it depends on how relevant the articles are.

To be fair to everyone, entries are being selected in order of submission. So if you don’t see your entry submitted by July 6th, it will likely appear in edition 2 next weekend. Here are the entries for the first edition. Please support this carnival by linking back to this post.

  1. Tens of Different Ways to Make Money from Home Through the Internet by Vahid Chaychi of Weboma. Vahid’s article gives an introduction on a few ways to get started working online from home with little or no capital.

  2. Similarities – B2B by CA of Atlantic Canada’s Small Business Blog. CA details how building and running a new business is much like bringing up a baby.
  3. Creating a Culture of Entrepreneurship by Wilson Ng of Reflections of a BizDrivenLife. Wilson puts forth the idea that if we are schooled in a mindset and culture of entrepreneurship from an early age, that we have a better chance of success in life.
  4. Buddy Networking: A Clever Way to Expand Your Network by Michelle Cramer of GreatFX Small Business Tips Buzz. Michelle suggests that buddying up with other entrepreneurs is an ideal way to expand your network of potential clients. Find a complementary business, and the both of you can benefit at little added cost.
  5. What the Shawshank Redemption Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship by Rob of Business Pundit. What a great title. Rob offers two entrepreneurial lessons gleaned from the situations in the movie Shawshank Redemption.
  6. A Credit Card For a Small or New Business Can be a Powerful Monetary Tool by Aaron Wakling of Credit Card Articles. While bootstrappers typically start ventures with little or no capital, they often do turn to a credit card, which can make the difference between staying in business or going out.
  7. Building a Sustainable Infrastructure by Erek Ostrowski of Verve Coaching. Having a sustainable infrastructure of systems and procedures means consistency for a business, which can save on time and operating costs.
  8. Buying a Business: Asset Sale vs Stock Sale by Dax Desai of DaxDesai. Entrepreneurs don’t always start a brand new business. Sometimes they take over an existing business. Should they buy stock or assets? Dax explains the difference.
  9. Why You Would be Very Wise to Start a Business While You Still Have Your Day Job by Stacey Derbinshire of Starting a Small Home Business. This one wins the award for longest title, but it has wise advice for would-be entrepreneurs still in the paid-salary stage. In other words, don’t wait until after you are retired.
  10. Is Guy Kawasaki’s Backhand Better Than His Serve? by Ben Yoskovitz of Instigator Blog. Ben, who recently launched Standout Jobs, compares tennis, entrepreneurship and Guy Kawasaki’s recent launch of his Truemors web 2.0 site. Moral: follow-up matters in entrepreneurship and business.
  11. 5 Ways to Boot Strap, Prototype, Market Test, Focus Group, and Product Feature Your Way to Success, or Utter Failure by Ashton Udall of Product Global. Oh wait. This entry has the longest title! Ashton encourages would-be entrepreneurs and inventors not to get discouraged just because they have little capital. Ashton also analyzes Guy Kawasaki’s Truemors launch, then offers 5 ways an entrepreneur can bootstrap their way to success.
  12. What Big Oil Can Stand to Learn From Google by Chris Harris of Inventure Global. Chris offers a fascinating look at something called the Ultimatum Game, then shows how Google gets away with rising AdWords ad prices while Big Oil companies get hauled in front of Congress. The article is a lesson in pricing.
  13. More Scams That Sabotage The Simple Life by Sheppard Salter of Salter Blog. Sheppard points out online scams that target both individuals and small business owners.
  14. How to Estimate Market Size for a New Product Startup – the Dyson Example by Capforge of Capforge. Do you know what your product’s market size really will be? Capforge explains how to estimate market size, which is especially important if you’re running a bootstrapping startup. In other words, not everyone is going to buy a hand dryer blowing air at 400 mph no matter how cool it is.
  15. An Interview with Real-Life Student Entrepreneurs by ispf of Grad Money Matters. A couple of computer science grad students offer some insight into their entrepreneurial process for setting up a web-based shared-expense tracking service.
  16. How to Setup a (Monetizing) Blog From Scratch by Johan Idstam of Relay Blogger. Normally I wouldn’t include articles with affiliate links, but this one has a lot of valuable advice for those of you planning to be an online, work-from-home entrepreneur.
  17. Cutting Through the Hype and Lies About Internet Marketing by Terry Dean of Integrity Business Blog. If you spend any time trying to earn a living online, eventually you’ll probably consider buying the information products of one Internet marketing company or another. Just make sure you know which claims are real and which are hype.
  18. 3 Questions To Make Your Business Enjoyable And Durable by Cade Krueger of Write to Right. You’re working on your startup business, with a vision of how big it’ll get. Do you really know where you’re going and what it’ll take to get there? Cade offers three questions you should ask yourself and answer.
  19. Bootstrapper Confessions: From the Beginning by Chris Conley of Startup or Bust. Chris has a goal of starting several startup businesses online and writing about the process. Here are his confessions of what he’s gone through so far.
  20. Making Time for the Important by Steve Pavlina of StevePavlina. If you don’t know Steve, you cannot have spent all that much time on the Internet. He’s the author of the immensely popular personal development site. Steve is also a very successful software entrepreneur. In this article, he offers some very important productivity advice that is relevant to anyone, but especially to bootstrapping entrepreneurs – namely, pay yourself first, and how to go about ensuring that.

That ends this first edition of the Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs. Any articles submitted that meet the criteria but not listed here will appear in the next edition, which will be posted next weekend. Thanks for all the submissions. Please use the submission form for future editions, and limit yourself to one entry per edition.

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