Wi-Fi With No Roaming Charges?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 7:00pm by Site Administrator

So, you’re a nomadic entrepreneur travelling on business somewhere in the world and you need access to the Internet via Wi-Fi for your laptop. But you’re not big on the roaming charges. Well Boingo Wireless has 100,000 Wi-Fi hot spots around the world and for a monthly fee, you can access any of them. No roaming charges, no per-minute fees.

The plans vary based on whether you want access only in North America (unlimited, US$21.95/mth), globally ($39/m), or on a pay as you go basis ($7.95/day). There’s also Boingo Mobile, for your cell phones and PDAs. At the rate of $7.95/m, you get unlimited access in over 60 countries including the US. If you have Wi-Fi VoIP capability on your phone, then you can make calls anywhere there’s a Boingo hotspot.

Now I’m wondering, if a service like this catches on, what happens to municipal Wi-Fi?

An alternate solution, if you just want to make inexpensive VoIP calls, is Skype’s recently announced Skype To Go offering. You do have to be a Skype Pro customer, which means installing Skype on your computer, signing up for an account, and paying for a Pro plan. That gets you a free Skype To Go number. Essentially, you can call people around the world from any phone, at the typical country to country rates for SkypeOut.

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