Getting Business While Bootstrapping

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 5:00pm by Site Administrator

Every business undergoes some and ebb and flow in revenue. It’s just that smaller businesses feel the ebb more. Everyday Entrepreneurs offers some advice on how to get business when bootstrapping. Here’s a summary of the points:

  1. Subscribe and post to mailing lists.
  2. Write articles.
  3. Speak at conferences.
  4. Write a blog.
  5. Call up the bigger fish. (Work with other businesses in your industry.)
  6. Call up existing clients.
  7. Get your website listed.
  8. Drop flyers in your office complex.
  9. Put up hoardings in possible. (The term is British and Indian in usage, and refers to a billboard-like sign but is allowed to be established outside an office building.)
  10. Do work gratis.

You will have to consider the flyers and hoardings cautiously, depending on your local bylaws. Some of the advice is more applicable to consulting businesses, as the original article points out, but it’s still all good advice. To this list, I’d like to add a few suggestions, geared to online promotion of your business.

  1. Distribute your articles wide.
    Write articles and submit them to reputable online article directories such as ezinearticles. Make these submissions significantly different than anything you have on your own website or weblog. The idea here is that other websites will republish the article, usually with links to your website(s) intact. That, at the very least, may draw some traffic to your site, and possibly some business inquiries.

  2. Enter blog carnivals.
    This is a great way to get some recognition for your best weblog articles. Just make sure you are not hard-selling your business in the articles you submit, as they’ll probably be rejected.

  3. Participate in forums.
    Choose online forums relevant to your industry/ business and participate. Offer commentary and advice in existing forum threads, and write articles in new discussion threads. If you offer intelligent/ relevant/ helpful discussion, that will draw eyes to your site. (Most forums allow your forum member name to be linked to a site of your choice, once you’ve posted a certain number of discussions.)

  4. Comment, comment, comment.
    Visit relevant websites and weblogs and participate in a manner similar to forums. If someone is knocking your industry, business or product, don’t get defensive. Be diplomatic.

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