Productivity and Entrepreneurship Roundup – Thur Jun 14/07

Thursday, June 14, 2007 at 11:15pm by Site Administrator

The First American Entrepreneur?
Mark Skousen of The Daily Reckoning has a great retrospective of Benjamin Franklin and his positive influence in helping make the US a country of wealth and wealth-mindedness. Note that Skousen has “updated Franklin’s Autobiography for modern times.”

Personally, I think of Franklin as a consummate entrepreneur and inventor – a role model to be emulated. I’ve read his Autobiography and a number of other biographies about him, at the same time that I was studying my two other favorite inventors, Thomas Edison and Leonardo da Vinci. Franklin, in addition to being an entrepreneur, was also a diplomat and put in a public effort to educate people.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit
Richard Stratton, a British entrepreneur, graduated from business school last year, but became bed-bound recently when he dislocated a hip. But he didn’t let that stop him, and taught himself web design. He ended up creating a website that helps promote other sites at a low cost, while rotating their positioning. While it’s a fairly new site and has only attracted 57 companies/ advertisers, it’s sort of similar in concept to sites like Million Dollar. In other words, it has potential to do well. [via PR Leap]

Oprah: Most Powerful Celebrity
While I was watching the news tonight, one clip declared talk show Oprah as the most powerful American celebrity. She earned about US$260M last year. The next closest earner was Tiger Woods, who made less than half that amount. Oprah for President! Why not? She’s probably more qualified and popular than some of the other candidates, and very entrepreneurial besides.

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