10 Major Companies That Are Hiring Big Time

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 4:10am by Site Administrator

By Eliza Morgan

Working for a large company has its benefits. Typically, it may offer employees perks such as cheaper health benefits (with good health insurance<), an established retirement program, effective on-the-job training and additional educational opportunities (on the company’s dime). But, with the economy still in recovery mode, most people are skipping the details because, well, they just want a job. Large companies, which naturally employ larger workforces, require the most new employees when they choose to expand, and therefore make the biggest splash when they announce they’re hiring. Here are 10 that are currently reviewing resumes, doing their part to reduce that unsightly national unemployment rate.

  1. Amazon: The evolution of Amazon started with its expansion from an online bookstore to a full-fledged online retailer. Now the largest of its kind in the U.S., it has garnered praise for its creation of the Kindle and has subsequently built anticipation for its new Android tablet. To keep up with its diversification and overall demand, it announced late last year that it would build a distribution center in South Carolina, creating more than 2,500 new jobs. Additional jobs will be added to already existing operations in South Carolina, North Dakota and Arizona.
  2. Boeing: Projected to add 4,000 to 5,000 jobs this year, Boeing has benefited from growth driven by exports following President Obama’s bilateral trade agreements late last year with countries such as India and China. Production in its Seattle base and Charleston, SC, where the company is building a new factory for its new 787 Dreamliner, is increasing to meet the new demands of the industry. The global aviation leader and military contractor is seeking qualified engineers and technical engineers to design and assemble aircrafts, and interns who’ll develop into full-time employees.
  3. Ford: The American motor giant is on an upswing after the automotive crisis. In the first quarter of 2011, Ford reported its largest first-quarter profit in 13 years. The previous year, it passed Toyota as the country’s second-biggest seller. With its commitment to manufacture smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles and mission to recapture the title as the country’s No. 1 seller, the company will be continually adding jobs to boost its production. Entering 2011, it stated that it plans to add 7,000 positions over the next couple of years, including 4,000 hourly jobs and 750 salaried jobs this year. Currently, Ford employs more than 164,000 people.
  4. General Dynamics: A U.S. defense conglomerate with segments in aerospace, marine systems, combat systems, and information systems and technology, General Dynamics has a bounty of high-tech job offerings for qualified job seekers. Having already hired 100 new positions in the last few months, it’s looking to hire an additional 400 over the next five years. A bulk of those jobs will assist with the construction of Littoral Combat Ships, building and testing their electronic systems. Beyond that, further growth within the company is expected, as it has a track record of rapid expansion.
  5. Google: In 2010, Google added more than 4,500 jobs, mostly in engineering and sales, as it expanded into the mobile, display advertising and cloud realms — only in 2007 did the company experience larger growth. That’s expected to continue in 2011, which is predicted to be the internet giant’s biggest hiring year ever. It got off to a good start, adding 1,900 new jobs in the first quarter while giving all of its already existing employees a 10 percent raise, a reward for their work and an enticement for job seekers to choose the company. A variety of positions are open, ranging from the business side to the tech side — it’s constructing a team charged with building a web-based operating system — so a number of candidates will be considered.
  6. Intel: After struggling through the recession and the resulting global decrease in technology spending, Intel rebounded in 2010 with increased profits and expansion into new sectors. In early 2011, the semiconductor chip maker announced that it would add 4,000 jobs mostly for "permanent, highly skilled employees," according to CEO Paul Otellini. New factories are being built in Oregon and Arizona as its attempts to diversify its technology — specifically, it’s planning to construct its own mobile operating system. The company is targeting young engineers and software developers with only modest experience.
  7. Microsoft: Now that Apple has surpassed it as the world’s most valuable technology company, Microsoft will need to work harder to recapture its former place atop the rankings. People with experience coding in C, C++, C Sharp and using xhtml, javascript, xml and asp.net are most wanted by the company, which is planning to add 2,400 software engineer and research jobs by the end of the year. Additional jobs in operations and management, marketing and human resources are available, and more help will be needed as Cloud Computing continues to emerge.
  8. NCO Group: Known as the world’s largest collections agency, NCO Group handles outsourcing, accounts receivable and customer service for its clients, the latter of which will provide 400 new jobs in its Rockford, Illinois Customer Management Contact Center, the largest of the more than 100 NCO offices nationwide. Positions will be available for customer care associates along with those interested in team management, training and varying specialist roles.
  9. Siemens: Europe’s largest engineering conglomerate is well-established in the U.S., boasting more than 60,000 employees domestically and counting. Just recently, it announced that it’s looking to add 3,000 more jobs over the next few months, and recent college grads stand to benefit from the opportunities. Those who are still in college can secure their futures by participating in the company’s internship programs, which mold potential employees who’ll later occupy leadership positions. Of the 170 interns who participated in this summer’s program, for example, 75 will be offered full-time positions.
  10. YRC Worldwide: One of the world’s largest transportation service providers, YRC Worldwide is accommodating the increasing demand of its customers by adding approximately 1,100 new jobs this year, with many of them going toward the expansion of its sales force. The company is responsible for shipping commercial, industrial and retail goods for its customers, who operate all over the world.

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