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DIY offers a great way to take on personal projects and make things your own. Although often DIY focuses primarily on home improvement, the DIY ethic expands out to arts, technology, and so much more. Check out these categories and more in our list of DIY sites that’s sure to get you inspired to get up and make something yourself.

Home Improvement

In these sites, you’ll find fun and useful projects to take on at home.

  1. DoItYourself: Check out this site’s featured projects for detailed DIY instructions.
  2. Mike Holigan’s How-To Library: On this site, you’ll find loads of information for home building and remodeling.
  3. DIY Homes: Learn about home improvement, repair and more from this site.
  4. Acme How to: Learn how to do just about anything in your home, from plumbing to pest control.
  5. HammerZone: Learn the art of handymanlyness on HammerZone.
  6. DIY Fix It: On this site, you’ll get access to loads of guides and answers to your DIY questions.
  7. HGTV: This site offers a great source for home improvement inspiration.
  8. Home Improvement: Learn how to buy materials, save money, and more with this site.
  9. Home Tips: Check out DIY projects for health and safety, plumbing, and so much more on Home Tips.
  10. Home Doctor: Find DIY tips and projects on this home improvement site.
  11. Hometime: Get step-by-step guides and more on this site.
  12. Ask the Builder: On this site, you’ll get tips from home improvement guru Tim Carter.
  13. HomeImprove: Find tips and ideas for home repair, remodeling, and more on this site.
  14. Easy2DIY: Check out this site for animated tutorials that walk you through each project.
  15. Bob Vila: Get DIY help from the master himself.
  16. Curbly: Find cool design ideas in this DIY design community.
  17. DIYnot: This DIY site is complete with a wiki, forum, and books.
  18. Ikea Hacker: Ikea Hacker offers great ideas for getting more out of your Ikea furniture.
  19. DIYonline: This site makes it easy to create your own design online.
  20. DIY Ideas: Get inspiration for your home and garden with this site.

Arts & Crafts

Whether you want to learn how to make your own macro lens, or just find a knitting pattern, these sites will have what you’re looking for.

  1. DIY Photography: Learn how to achieve looks and create your own studio gear with this site.
  2. Love You Deer: Check out DIY clothing, arts, and crafts on this site.
  3. Max is Now: Max is Now offers a great source for arts and DIY.
  4. DIY Design It Yourself: Use this site to design your own books, Tshirts, and more.
  5. Photojojo: Check out Photojojo to find fun photography hacks and DIY projects.
  6. We Make Money Not Art: Check out DIY art projects and much more on this site.
  7. Craftster: Find out what other crafters are up to in these forums.
  8. Craftform: Showcase your work and check out what others have done on Craftform.
  9. I-Craft: On this site, you can find your favorite crafts and save them in your craft box.
  10. wiseNeedle: Get yarn reviews, advice, and more for knitters here.
  11. Crafter’s Community: Find seasonal crafts, resources, and lots more on this site.
  12. Get Crafty: Get Crafty features forums, how-tos, guides, and more cool crafty stuff.
  13. Make Stuff: The crafts and projects on Make Stuff range from seasonal projects to gardening.
  14. Craftown: Visit this crafters resource center for loads of projects and illustrated lessons.
  15. Knitty: Check out Knitty for "little purls of wisdom."
  16. Craftzine: Figure out what to do with leftover Easter Peeps, plastic bags, and more.
  17. Chic Knits: This site offers knitting patterns for clothes that don’t look anything like your Grandma’s wardrobe.
  18. My Craft Book: Find easy and fun crafts on this site.


Find everything you want to know about hacking gadgets, electronics, and more from these sites.

  1. Makezine: Learn how to make your own fun electronic and tech toys with this site.
  2. Freedom to Tinker: Check out this site to learn how to modify and repair tech devices.
  3. Hack This Site!: Test your hacking skills on the challenges presented in this site.
  4. Popular Mechanics: This online magazine offers information on everything from green living to buying a car.
  5. I-Hacked: Find new and exciting ways to make technology work for you with I-Hacked.
  6. Gadget Hacks: Check out this site to get connected with all sorts of sites that offer hacking projects.
  7. Layada: Visit this site to find all sorts of fun tech hacks.
  8. Console Hacks: This site lists some of the best published hacks for consoles.
  9. Hacked Gadgets: Visit Hacked Gadgets to learn how to get more out of your gadgets.
  10. Inventgeek: This site celebrates reinvention, offering loads of fun and useful DIY projects.
  11. DIY:Happy: Hack gadgets, software and more with DIY:happy’s guides.
  12. Wired How-To Wiki: On this collaborative site, you’ll find tech projects, hacks, tricks, and tips.
  13. Hack a Day: This site features a new hack every day.
  14. MakeUseOf: Check out web apps, tools, and more on this DIY site.
  15. DIY Live: Learn how to create and do things with technology using DIY Live.
  16. Hack N Mod: Take on these awesome hacks, mods, and projects.
  17. Zedomax: Find super-cool DIYs, hacks, and more on Zedomax.


These sites present great ways to apply the DIY principle to everyday life.

  1. Lifehackery: Check out Lifehackery to turn everyday objects into useful things.
  2. DIY Planner: This community likes to take productivity into their own hands.
  3. Productivity 101: Increase your personal productivity using tips and tools from this site.
  4. Instigator Blog: Make more out of your ideas with the help of this blog.
  5. 43 Folders: This blog, created by Merlin Mann, focuses on organization, productivity, and getting things done.
  6. Life Optimizer: Become more successful and productive with this site.
  7. Lifehacker: The Lifehacker blog offers lots of technology and productivity hacks designed to make your life easier.
  8. Ririan Project: Check out this personal development blog to find out how you can apply DIY principles to your life.
  9. Dumb Little Man: Here you’ll find loads of tips for productivity, projects, frugality, and more.
  10. Aim for Awesome!: Find tips for awesome personal development on this site.
  11. FlyLady: Aimed at housewives, FlyLady aims to help you get control of your home.
  12. Business Hackers: Here you’ll find loads of information on how you can get work done quickly.
  13. LifeDev: Take a DIY approach to life development using this site.
  14. The Next 45 Years: Visit The Next 45 Years to learn about Lifehacking for the future.
  15. HackCollege: HackCollege features all of the hacks a college student might want to know about-from "college drinking games to study skills."
  16. Get Rich Slowly: JD at Get Rich Slowly has lots of great ideas and advice for DIY frugality.
  17. The Optimized Life: Use the tips you’ll find on this site to make your life the best it can be.
  18. Frugal Hacks: This site turns DIY into frugality.
  19. Zen Habits: Hack your life to zen with this site.
  20. LifeClever: This site is always helpful, whether they’re teaching you to organize your workspace or just find cheap gas.
  21. Mind Hacks: Get a look at what’s going on inside your mind, and take it to the next level with this site.
  22. Write to Done: Learn how to hack writing with this incredibly helpful blog.
  23. Wise Bread: Follow this site for great tips on DIY frugality.
  24. Biz Plan Hacks: Use the tips from this site to make life as a business owner easier.
  25. Christian Lifehacking: This blog features lifehack tips and tools focused on Christianity.
  26. Lifehack: Lifehack’s posts focus on organization, inspiration, and productivity.
  27. Study Hacks: This site offers lifehack advice for students.


Check out these sites to find anything and everything DIY.

  1. DIY Life: Check out DIY Life for projects ranging from tech to home improvement.
  2. wikiHow: Visit wikiHow to make use of the world’s largest collaborative how-to manual.
  3. Instructables: Find out how to do projects from your peers on Instructables.
  4. Hackszine: On Hackszine, you’ll find everything from Facebook to food.
  5. Hints-n-Tips: Check out this site to find practical information for just about every topic out there.
  6. SoYouWanna: Learn what you want to do on this advice site.
  7. ReadyMade: On ReadyMade, you’ll learn how to make items for your home and more.
  8. Daily DIY: Make and modify everyday items to create something great on this site.
  9. Do It 101: Check out this site to learn about gardening, technology, health, and more.
  10. ElephantStaircase: ElephantStaircase boasts a wiki as well as a number of different project pages.
  11. How To Do Things: Learn how to do things ranging from raising earthworms to how to buy sod.
  12. DIY Chatroom: Although this forum primarily focuses on home improvement, you’ll find great tips for computer repairs and upgrades as well as automotive repairs.
  13. The Do-It-Yourself Channel: Visit Propeller’s DIY channel to find instructional information from around the web.
  14. How2pointoh: Check out this blog for projects ranging from magnetic potholders to time lapsing.
  15. Wikia DIY Culture: Find arts, crafts, games, and lots more in this source.
  16. DIY Network: Find products, advice, and more for DIY projects through this network.
  17. HowStuffWorks: Although it’s not exclusively a how-to site, HowStuffWorks will give you the insight you need to complete your DIY projects.
  18. eHow: On this site, you’ll find out how to do nearly anything you can imagine.

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