CRM for Freelancers: 26 Tips a One-Man-shop Can Use to Make More Money

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 6:06pm by Site Administrator

As a freelancer, you’re probably used to managing several projects at once. You’ve gotten the hang of prioritizing, scheduling, and making deadlines. While the overall outcome of your work is vital to your business, maintaining strong relationships with your clients is just as important. To help you out, we’ve put together a crash course in arming yourself with the practical tools you’ll need to stay connected.



  1. Freshbooks: Manage your invoices quickly and efficiently with Freshbooks, an online program that helps you notify your clients of new payments and project updates.
  2. Highrise: With Highrise, you’ll avoid scrolling through massive e-mail lists to find records of all your communication history. Keep track of your client chats with this handy tool.
  3. is a comprehensive toolkit for client relationship management, but it costs much less than traditional CRM packages.
  4. Backpack: Keep track of to-do lists, deadlines, and contact information with Backpack. Activate the alerts option to notify of important dates or appointments.
  5. Essential PIM: This inclusive program offers a free version, so don’t worry about shelling out extra cash just to stay organized
  6. Core FTP: This free download allows you and your clients to take advantage of file sharing, editing, and transfer capabilities.
  7. Sign up for a free account, and start updating clients on each project’s progress.
  8. Box: Allow your clients to access files so you won’t have to keep from faxing and e-mailing all day long.
  9. Jewelboxing: Burn your assignments onto CDs and DVDs with the help of Jewelboxing and send them to your clients. Trust us, they’ll be impressed.
  10. 8apps: 8apps takes online social networking to the next level. Make your clients feel loved by checking in on them frequently, updating them with project information and collaborating on assignments with 8apps’ easy-to-use features.
  11. Goplan: Use Goplan to chat with clients and vendors, share your calendar and to-do list, and more.
  12. eFax: Continue to connect with your clients in a paper-free format. eFax allows you to "fax by e-mail."
  13. Relenta CRM: Forget about all those pricey CRM software tools. Relenta CRM simplifies client management software so that you can afford to connect with your clients.



  1. Free CRM: Gain access to software programs that assist you with managing databases, contact lists, and more.
  2. Up Close and Personal: This resource will guide you through the basics of client relationship management with its training, video tour, reference guide, and support section.
  3. BoldChat: BoldChat offers a fantastic way to keep in touch with customers. More advanced than a generic instant messaging system, Boldchat also offers a live support solution for your customers.
  4. SalesPro CRM: Signing on as a single user will grant you affordable access to SalesPro, one of the best CRM hosting services out there.
  5. The CRM Toolkit 3.1: Follow this link to a free download of The CRM Toolkit 3.1.
  6. Stay Connected SOC: Send out cards to your clients for all kinds of occasions.
  7. Zoho Meeting: Set up Web conferencing solutions with Zoho.
  8. Xing: Search for new customers with Xing, an innovative approach to making online connections.
  9. MindMeister: Let your customers feel like they’re contributing to the creative process with the help of MindMeister. Add as many users as you want and start brainstorming. The basic subscription is totally free.
  10. Biz-Plan: Your customers will appreciate your organization when you use Biz-Plan. Create a separate business plan for each project, or develop an ongoing strategy for your overall freelance career.
  11. Comodo: Give your clients peace of mind with Comodo. This secure e-mail service will assure them that all their creative and financial information is safe from hackers.
  12. Spongecell Calendar: Spongecell features an attractive way to share your calendar with clients and contacts. Invite your business associates to leave comments, RSVP, and more!
  13. Moo: Use Moo to custom-designed postcards, business cards, and other print items for your clients.

Client relationship management can be tough to maintain if you’re juggling several different projects by yourself. Use these tools and resources to help you create solid connections with each of your clients.

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