100 Niche Job Boards for Web Workers

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 6:26pm by Site Administrator

Looking for a job today is a frustrating, lonely process, even if you’ve got in-demand skills like Web design or networking capabilities. To make your job search a little less complicated, we’ve compiled this list of the top 100 niche job boards that will direct you to the best Web jobs out there. Online forums, staffing services, and government boards are just some of the resources that follow. Online Specific Boards

Your dream job could be just a click away! These websites are devoted to helping programmers, networkers, designers, system administrators, and other Web workers land the perfect job.

  1. 37signals: Employers such as The New York Times and American Express post Web jobs on this site.
  2. Google Directory: Google is now dipping into the job search industry. You can browse through job listings, job fairs, staffing services, or even brush up on your interview skills by reading tips from their team of experts.
  3. FreshWebJobs.com: Find full time, part time, or freelance work in Web design, development, or analysis.
  4. Read/Write Web Jobs: Search for Web jobs all over the world.
  5. Jobpile: Jobpile searches several other job boards for you, and then lists all the announcements that match your search.
  6. Authentic Jobs: Find full time or freelance job openings all over the country when you use this site.
  7. Krop.com: Krop’s simple layout makes finding a job easy, whether you’re looking in London, New York, or LA.
  8. MeFi Jobs: This online community allows members to share tips about new Web job openings, so you always get the inside scoop!
  9. Slashdot Jobs: New Web jobs are posted almost daily. Search by category or location to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  10. CSS Beauty: This job board is a partner of CSS Monster, which "was created to help bring Web Developers/Designers and employers together." This easy-to-navigate site features great jobs in North America and Europe.
  11. Coroflot: Coroflot posts tons of new jobs each day. Check back often or sign up to receive job alerts that will notify you when the type of job you’re looking for pops up.
  12. MinistryCamp Job Board: This job board is designed to help Web workers find job opportunities with churches and othe Christian organizations.
  13. Python Job Board: Detailed posts give information about each job description, the company, and contact directions.
  14. CrunchBoard: Excellent engineering, networking, and other Web job opportunities are posted daily on this site.
  15. GeekUp: Find jobs in "the UK’s Northwest" on this job board.
  16. Dice: Known as the "career hub for tech insiders," Dice lets you search for jobs based on location, skill, and keywords.
  17. ComputerJobs.com: Search hundreds of tech jobs all over the United States. This site also features an IT Resource page, where you can find links to special training programs, relocation info, and more.
  18. DevBistro: Search through directories that post tons of Web jobs daily.

Brick and Mortar Firms

These firms feature job boards posted on their Web sites but also have actual locations outside of cyberspace.

  1. EDI Specialists: This company is based in Massachusetts, but its online job board posts jobs all over the country.
  2. Web Analytics Association: This professional organization, headquarted in D.C., is a valuable source for job seekers.
  3. Winebego Inc.: Winebego, Inc. is located in New York City and has a large department dedicated to finding jobs and maintaining contacts in the technology industry.
  4. Reaction Search International: RSI has locations all over the world. Use their superior services to coordinate an efficient and effective job search.
  5. Bristol Associates, Inc. A large firm specializing in many different areas, Bristol Associates features many high profile jobs in the Web industry.
  6. Kelly Services: This global staffing agency has multiple offices on each continent.
  7. Design Group: Based in Canada, this firm’s website is a great resource for job seekers everywhere. Find engineering and design jobs in permanent or contract positions.
  8. Allyis: This company specializes in finding technology personnel and projects. Based in Washington State, they’re a great resource for anyone in the Northwest.
  9. AdJob.com Located in Ohio, this firm promises to find your specialty and match you with a great job.
  10. Systems Personnel Group, Inc. Multiple offices are located in Western New York, including Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Use this company to take advantage of their contacts with IT and other computer type businesses.
  11. GCS Recruitment: If you’re looking for an IT job in Europe, contact one of the GCS Recruitment offices to ensure a professional search.
  12. TekJobs.com Computer Recruiters: This California firm posts a wealth of Web jobs on its website, including employment opportunities for data and system administrators, software engineers, technical analysts, developers, and security specialists.
  13. Going Ware, Inc. If you’re looking for a job in Santa Cruz, CA, this is a great site to visit. Its computer industry index features employers and job opportunities in the following fields: programming, technical support, Web design, network administration, and more.
  14. SearchFirm.com: This website has its headquarters in New York City, but it connects searchers with jobs and firms all over the world.
  15. The Riley Guide: This Maryland-based search firm provides job seekers with a salary guide and a "how to" tutorial on job searching, as well as a comprehensive job board.

Job Boards Found on Blogs

Bloggers can earn extra cash by posting legitimate jobs on their site. Keep an eye on these blogs to get updates on new job announcements.

  1. Recruiting.com: This site posts articles and sponsors forums about all things related to the job search. Find Web-specific jobs on their job board.
  2. Australian Microsoft Recruitment Web Log: Even if you’re not looking to relocate to Australia, this blog gives readers insight into the recruitment process at Microsoft.
  3. Web Based Recruitment: Several online recruitment blogs are available to job seekers, or you can start your own to post your resume, reveal job openings, or connect with potential employers.
  4. Info World Blogs: This blog features IT and computer news and gossip, but it also has a section devoted to career information.
  5. Tech Crunch: This blog has forums and articles about the computer and technology worlds, but you should visit to check up on their job postings.
  6. Blog Job Board: Read about job boards and search employment opportunities in the Web industry.
  7. Job Board Link: This site hosts links to other job boards, making it an easy reference for job searching.
  8. Online Recruitment – The Bigger Picture: Otherwise known as "Tim’s Blog," this Web site discusses all aspects of online recruitment. Look for links to potential employers or recruitment agencies for personalized help with your search.
  9. Problogger: This blog features one of the most effective job boards on the Web. Browse through listings, which are updated nearly everyday.

Staffing Services and Recruiting Firms

Enlisting a little extra help from the experts is a smart move. Check out this list to see if any of the following staffing services have what you’re looking for.

  1. Web Analytics Demystified: This firm offers staffing support for the brightest Web workers, whether you’re just breaking into the industry or are a veteran looking for a change.
  2. Aquent:This staffing firm has a huge directory of jobs, including those in the Web industry.
  3. CyberCoders: This firm provides great support for Web workers looking for employment.
  4. CyberScientific: CyberScientific is affiliated with CyberCoders. Check out their site for even more postings and resources.
  5. Computer Management, Inc. The recruiters at Computer Management, Inc. "specialize in recruiting for database administration, network administrator and Web development placement."
  6. Spherion: This company boasts years of experience, making them one of the top go-to agencies for job searchers.
  7. Link Staffing Services: Find a job, improve your resume, and more, all on this helpful website.
  8. Executives on the Web: This "award winning global executive job board" supports job seekers all over the world. Check out their special IT department, which posts tons of technology jobs.
  9. Net-Job: Find Web and Internet jobs in the U.K. when you search the posts on this site.
  10. Datascope: This is another recruiting agency based in the United Kingdom. They find jobs in game programming and management, as well as in the internet and new media industries.
  11. Jobabode.com: Jobabode.com directs you to all kinds of Internet and IT jobs.
  12. Sampoorna Computer People: Search the job board to find some of the best IT jobs in India.
  13. Tech-Centric: Computer and other tech jobs are posted nearly every day on this website. Save appealing jobs in your own folder, post your resume, and register for automatic job alerts.
  14. Resumegator.com: This online recruiting agency connects job seekers with IT and computer jobs, as well as lets you take personality tests to find out what IT niche is the best fit for you.
  15. AllEmploymentAgencies.com: Specify your location and browse through the directory to find a multitude of employment agencies in your area.

Government Resources

Whether you’re looking for a job with the government or just want a little help from an agency you trust, these resources provide valuable information for job seekers.

  1. U.S. Dept. of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics: Learn what you can expect by pursuing a job in the Web industry. This site discusses working conditions, salary information, and the overall job outlook based on the current economy.
  2. GovJobs.com: Search for jobs with the government while you take advantage of relocation information, disability programs, and more.
  3. Military Connection: Research what it would be like to be a Web programmer for the United States military. Browse job opportunities with the navy, army, air force, coast guard, or marines.
  4. Government Job Search: This website posts lots of jobs in the IT field. Search by category or by state.
  5. Government Job Listings: This site will connect you to government jobs all over the country.
  6. Jobs in Government: Read this article to learn what to expect when you work for the government.
  7. The Book of U.S. Government Jobs: Read this book to find job listings and descriptions of Web industry job opportunities with the government.
  8. FedWorld.gov: This site is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Find out where to search for jobs with the government, no matter where you are.
  9. "Best Places to Work in the Federal Government – 2007:" Read this article from U.S. News and World Report to discover where you might want to consider looking for a Web job.
  10. DisabilityInfo.gov: Learn about your rights as an employee with a disability.
  11. StudentJobs.gov: If you’re still in or just out of college, consider working as an intern for one of these high profile government agencies.
  12. Careers in Government: This site is an excellent resource for those who wish to puruse a career with the United States government.
  13. GovernmentJobs.com: Browse government jobs at the state and local level.
  14. GovernmentBids.com: Figure out how you, as a freelancer, can bid on government projects.

General Job Boards

These job boards post employment opportunities in many different industries, but their attention to Web-specific jobs is so extensive, we felt that we had to include them somewhere on our list!

  1. JobHuntersBible.com: Browse through a multitude of jobs, and get valuable tips on interviewing and resume writing.
  2. Creative Hotlist: This comprehensive job search site allows you to browse job postings by location and industry.
  3. Career.com: According to the homepage, Career.com is "the world’s first recruitment site." Apply for hundreds of Web-related jobs each day.
  4. Job Databases: This resource provides you with all the tools you need during your job search: job boards, links to employment agencies, and other tips to help you land your dream job.
  5. Job Central: Post your resume and wait for employers to contact you, or you can search jobs by U.S. state, metro area, or company name.
  6. Yahoo Hot Jobs: This popular site is bursting with technology job postings, resume tips, and other useful information.
  7. Monster.com: Organize your job search tools by setting up an account in which you can file away your favorite jobs and custom designed resumes.
  8. America’s Job Bank: This site is a great resource for finding websites, staffing agencies, and employers based on location.
  9. USA Jobs: Search IT and computer jobs on this website while reading articles about the different aspects of the hiring process.
  10. WSJ Career Journal: This "executive career site" is full of tools, tips, and job boards that will help you find the job you’ve been wanting. Take advantage of the salary search and career columnists pages.
  11. Craigslist: This famed site is great for finding jobs and housing all over the world.
  12. New York Times Job search: Search the extensive directory on the New York Times directory to find IT and other Web-related jobs.
  13. Jobs.Internet.com: Find tons of tech jobs that "you won’t find anywhere else."
  14. Business.com Job Directory: Click through the directory at Business.com to find internet jobs.
  15. Internet Job Store.com: This site is designed to help you easily and quickly search for jobs in the Web industry.
  16. TrueCareers.com: Post your resume, search for jobs by state, or catch up on industry news, all at TrueCareers.com.
  17. CareerSite.com: Find the jobs you want when you use this Web site for searching.
  18. Internet Career Connection: This site allows visitors to search for jobs and seek general career advice from experts.
  19. Top USA Jobs: "Where Top USA Talent Finds Top USA Jobs."
  20. WebReference.com: The job search directory is listed in alphabetical order, allowing you to search different job boards quickly.

Just for Freelancers

If you’d rather be your own boss, check out these job boards which cater exclusively to the freelance crowd.

  1. All Freelance: Find everything you need to know to be a successful freelancer. Browse jobs, read articles about tax law, and more.
  2. Go Freelance: Learn about freelancing marketing strategy and post your resume online.
  3. Elance: Elance is a great site for finding Web-related freelance jobs.
  4. Workaholics4Hire.com: Search jobs and read articles on evaluating your freelancing abilities.
  5. FreelanceSwitch: This networking community supports freelancers by posting writing, design, and programming jobs.
  6. "How to Win Contracts:" Read this article to improve your branding, marketing, and pitching skills.
  7. Guru.com: This Web site is great for freelancers looking to land top gigs.
  8. CSS Juice: This site provides links to other job boards, allowing you to compare and contrast easily.
  9. FreelanceJobSearch.com: Search by state to find loads of Web-related jobs.

This list will put you in contact with all the right resources during your job search. Link up with staffing services, check out recruitment blogs, or browse job postings on any one of these great sites.

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  1. You forgot Performancing.com and GigaOm.com (I think).

    Comment by jonson roth — March 8, 2008 @ 2:57 am

  2. Very good list and summary. Missing CareerBuilder.com. I am now with HigherOut {www.HigherOut.com], new local recruiting firm here in Austin. Worth mentioning more local firms such us ours.

    Comment by Dan Medlin — March 8, 2008 @ 1:23 pm

  3. This is an excellent resource.
    Another great resource would be my favorite book called Getting from Career to College.

    Comment by Chrissy — March 9, 2008 @ 12:46 am

  4. Thank for this information! With the big-name career job sites hosting tens of millions of resumes, job seekers need to find new ways to stand out and get noticed. Going to niche sites like those in this list and others that I have noted in my own job search blog for executives and senior managers (http://advice.cio.com/blogs/cio_job_search_a_real_life_chronicle) are a great way to connect with hiring firms.

    Keep up the good work!!

    Mark Cummuta

    Comment by Mark Cummuta — March 9, 2008 @ 6:53 am

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