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Balancing work and home is hard enough when those are two separate places, but some women manage to tame the chaos of their hectic family schedules long enough to get work done without ever leaving the home. These moms doing double duty can use some resources to help them make the most of their time at work, with their families and for themselves. Here are a 100 resources and links that we’ve found to help moms working at home make the most of everything they do.


Here are some articles that can help WAHM get some ideas on how to manage their time and build their businesses.

  1. Job Opening? Work-at-Home Moms Fill Bill: This article from USA today will help give you some background as to why working while staying at home with the kids has become such a popular option for moms.
  2. Tips for Dealing with an Unsupportive Spouse: Starting your own business from home isn’t always the easiest thing, and can often be met with opposition from those closest to you for a variety of reasons. This article discusses how you can deal with a spouse that doesn’t share your enthusiasm about your home business.
  3. Childproof Your Home Office: To avoid messy spills or dangerous situations with your children in your workspace, check out this article which gives working moms ideas on how to keep their home offices safe and functional.
  4. Keeping Your Kids Busy While You Work at Home: It can be hard enough to concentrate on work in an office, but throwing a couple of attention seeking kids into the mix can make it near impossible. Here you’ll find advice on how to make time for work while keeping your kids happy and entertained.
  5. WAHM and Loving It: Tips for the Work-at-Home Mom: This article from gives WAHMs some tips on how to make their business integrate smoothly into their day-to-day lives.
  6. Balancing Home and Work: The Challenge of the Home-Based Business: Keeping up with the demands of housework and children while tending to a business isn’t an easy task. This article discusses the battle between the two and how you can achieve a sense of balance in your home.
  7. Brainstorming a Business Idea: Want to start a home based business but can’t think of an idea to get off the ground? This article will give you some pointers on how to come up with an idea that’s practical and profitable.
  8. Remember to Take Care of Yourself: You can’t care for a family or a business if you become so run down that you get sick. This article discusses the importance of taking time to make sure you’re healthy.
  9. Mom-preneurs: Moms Create Work Options that Work: If you’re a mom working at home and caring for a family you’re not alone. Here you can read about other moms who’ve built successful businesses without sacrificing their dedication to their families.
  10. How Much Do You Need to Make as a WAHM?: This article discusses the financial realities of choosing to leave the workplace and opt for a home based job instead. It will help you factor in many costs associated with childcare and family needs to make sure you’ll be able to stay on your feet while staying at home.
  11. Tax and Accounting Solutions for WAHMs: Managing your personal finances is complicated but can be made more so with the addition of a home based business. This article gives links to loads of resources women working from home can check out to help them get their finances under control.
  12. Combating Work at Home Loneliness: When your kids are off at school, working at home can be a lonely experience. This article discusses how moms working from home can avoid feeling isolated by getting involved.
  13. Avoiding the Work-at-Home Weight Gain: Easy access to your kitchen may cause you to put on a few pounds when you start working at home. This article gives times on how to combat the weight gain and keep you healthy while you stay at home.


Blogging is not only a great way for WAHMs to make money, but also to read about the experiences of others and get ideas. Here are a few written by or for WAHMs.

  1. Home Office Women: This blog, written by WAHM Doris Chua, is a place where moms can meet to talk business, get advice, and hear about Doris’ successes and challenges at managing her business.
  2. Mamalama: For the hippie chick moms out there who are working at home, this blog lets readers share in the day-day-day experiences of Deb and her daughters.
  3. Crayon Writer: This home-based copywriter tells about her experiences working, gives advice on products and services to use and discusses issues related to freelance writing.
  4. It’s a Work at Home Life: This working mom chronicles the ups and downs of her hectic life raising a young child, caring for pets, and managing to fit in work as well.
  5. Pinay WAHM: This Tampa, Florida based mother blogs about the trials and joys of parenthood, blogging, and news and events.
  6. Work from Home Momma: This blog is full of great information for WAHMs. You’ll find posts on taxes, email strategies, managing work and personal time and much more.
  7. Work at Home in Progress: Get tips and suggestions on a wide variety of subjects with this blog. From ways to go frugal to finding telecommuting jobs, this blog is full of helpful ideas for any working mother.
  8. WAHMs Motivated Forever: If you’re having trouble staying motivated to get things done when you feel like you’ve just got too much on your plate try giving this blog a read. It’s full of motivational tips on how to get up and going in business and as a parent.
  9. Two Moms in a Blog: Here, working moms can find product reviews, advice on online business, and parenting tips written by two busy WAHMs trying to balance it all.
  10. Christian Work at Home Moms: If you’re looking for work at home advice with a religious twist, then check out this blog by Jill Hart. Moms will find book suggestions, tips on parenting, teleseminars and more.
  11. A WAHM’s Blog: Share in the trials, tribulations and small joys of blogger Kristy as she struggles to make ends meet with her work at home endeavors. It can be a great read for other WAHMs who are in the same boat!
  12. WAHM Blog: This blog is a great place to read about the success of other entrepreneur mothers, find WAH opportunities, and even learn how to market your own website or blog.
  13. Queen of Kaos: This blog is dedicated to helping WAHMs improve their productivity, get organized and get more done in less time. It is also home to a weekly podcast done by Jan Ferrante.


WAHMs don’t have to go it alone. Here are some places where moms can get to know each other, get advice, and work together.

  1. Black Work at Home Moms: This networking community is a great place for African-American WAHMs to get to know each other, and find information on everything from parenting to selling products.
  2. This online magazine doesn’t just have articles moms can read, but is also home to a messageboard for meeting and talking with others, classifieds as well as loads of job listings and opportunities.
  3. WAHM’s Network: This site is a a great place for moms to list their businesses as well as find great articles on starting out, getting organized, networking and just having fun.
  4. MomsNetwork: Meet other moms in the same situation as you with this networking and informative site. You can look through the directory, advertise your business, and find links and free stuff to keep you entertained in those down minutes.
  5. WAHM Network: This network for moms provides links to business opportunities, articles, an online marketplace and more.
  6. Christian WAHM Network: Here, Christian moms and business owners can come together to find resources, share ideas, promote and encourage one another. The site has a directory where you can list your name and business making it easier to network with like minded moms.
  7. Moms Business Network: Dedicated to "moms who mean business" this site provides WAHM’s with a business directory, classified ads, articles and resources and a blog to help make managing work and home a little easier.
  8. Work at Home Parents Network: Designed to help both moms and dads who want to work from home while caring for their children, this site has links to helpful articles, directories, scam alerts, and fun craft ideas to try with your kids.
  9. Home Based Working Moms Network: This site is home to a professional association and online community just for moms that work at home. Visitors to the site can network with other moms, read the blog, and learn the basics of owning or working at a home business.
  10. Work at Home Network: Not just for moms, this site provides resources to anyone looking to pursue a work at home opportunity. The site contains links to a variety of business opportunities as well as discussion boards and a few that are just for fun.
  11. Southern Moms Online: If you’re a mother living in the Southern US then you’ll find a great community of moms (and moms to be) on this site. There are resources for work at home moms as well as just for moms in general to give you help and guidance on family, marriage, and business all in one place.
  12. Freelance Mom: This site is a support network for women already working or looking to work from home. Users will find a supportive online community as well as loads of advice and resources on keeping a business up and running.

Business Resources for Women

Building a work at home business can be tough but the net is full of great tools. Here are a few business resources geared towards women for working moms to check out.

  1. From the publishers of Entrepreneur comes this female oriented business site. Visitors will find articles on blogging, inventing, growing your business, managing work and family and more.
  2. Woman Owned: This business networking site is dedicated to helping women who own their own businesses get the resources and support they need to be successful.
  3. eWomen Network: This site is a place where women can get help promoting their businesses and getting connected with other women in business. Sign up for the newcomers introduction to the site or listen to the weekly radio show.
  4. Ladies Who Launch: Working women can join this online network and get access to helpful business resources as well as meeting with other women in business.
  5. Women’s Biz: Get inspiration from other female business owners, career and legal advice, and even spiritual support on this site dedicated to discussing women in business.
  6. Working Mother: This online magazine can give working moms tips and advice on balancing their careers and family lives as well and making time for themselves. There are also articles on business and a message board so moms can connect.
  7. Association for Enterprise Opportunity: The AEO provides entrepreneurs with training and technical assistance, micro-loans, access to market services and training, and economic literacy and asset development services, helping working moms get their businesses off the ground.
  8. ATHENA International: This program aims to create women who are leaders in their communities and in their businesses. Women who own small businesses can get paired up with a local mentor to help them build business skills and the confidence to succeed.
  9. American Business Women’s Association: This association’s mission is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and backgrounds and to provide them with opportunities and resources in education and leadership that will help them be successful.
  10. Digital Women: Here, moms looking to start a business or just get some advice can find resources ranging from small business grants to home-based business ideas.
  11. Inc. Life: This division of the online magazine is primarily dedicated to helping the home based entrepreneur and gives tips and advice on balancing the demands of work and home.
  12. United States Women’s Chamber of Commerce: Moms working at home can get involved with local and national business program and committees through the Women’s CoC. The program was developed to help boost the opportunities of women in business.
  13. Women-21: This federally sponsored site is a great place for women to gain information and access to resources that can help their home businesses be successful and profitable.


Managing work and taking care of the kids can be challenging, so get some advice on childcare from these sites.

  1. Parenting is Risky Business: Finding Your Entrepreneurial Spirit: Here you’ll find help on maintaining your patience and energy with children while building a work at home enterprise.
  2. Parent Dish: This blog is filled with parenting advice, humorous and touching stories about parenthood, as well as information on the safety and usefulness of many products.
  3. Geeky Mom: This blogging mom posts about education, parenting, and technology and everything in between. Readers will find lots of commentary and responses to current news stories.
  4. Mom is Nutz: This mom writes about her kids, her experience raising and home schooling them, and the trials of day-to-day life.
  5. Notes from the Trenches: Busy moms can relate to the hectic schedule of this mom who raises and home schools seven children. Posts range from suggestions on what to make for dinner to discussions of her personal experiences.
  6. Because I Said So: This parenting blog is kept busy with her three kids, but still manages to have time to write a humorous blog that many an exhausted but happy parent can relate to.
  7. Snippets of Life: Australian blogger Karen Cheng writes about her experiences as a working mother balancing life and the joys and frustrations of trying to add more children to the mix.
  8. Family Education: Whether you’re on your first child or your fifth you can find resources on every stage of their lives at this site. You’ll find resources on marriage, children, recipes, and family entertainment.
  9. Positive Parenting: Parenting can be a trying experience for even the most patient of parents. This site is dedicated to providing parents with resources and information to make parenting more fun and rewarding.
  10. Find a little bit of everything on this parenting site. Read great articles on helping children cope with fears, creating fun crafts for every occasion, or find a collection of baby names and discussion boards for parents.
  11. This site is home to parenting magazines American Baby, Parents and Family Circle. Find suggestions on squeezing romance into your life, and tips for parents to be or of teenagers.
  12. Ultimate Parent: Here moms can find tons of parenting advice to raise happy, well-behaved children. Articles on guilt free pampering, preventing burnout, and free parenting courses online will help moms keep their sanity while balancing work and family.
  13. Parent Hacks: Need a few tips or helpful pointers on parenting? This site is full of advice from the authors and other parents on a wide variety of topics.

Work at Home Resources and Ideas

There are many ways that women can work at home and bring in extra income for their families. Here are some resources and links to get you started or to help you build your work at home business.

  1. eMoms at Home: Here, work at home moms (and dads) can find tons of tips and information on running an Internet-based home business. Get tips on blogging, organizing your home office, how to handle snow days and more.
  2. Home With Heather: Blogger, mother, and home business owner Heather gives advice on marketing, working with Web 2.0 and tips for newbies on her blog.
  3. Working at Home Mom: For moms interested in starting work at home businesses online or just needed some ideas to jumpstart your imagination, check out this blog which is full of information on internet WAH opportunities.
  4. Home Business Blogger: This blog is dedicated to providing information on running and building a home business, especially those that are online. Readers will find articles, links and advice to help them make the most of their home business.
  5. Success from the Nest: Home-based entrepreneurs can read articles and enjoy relevant comics with this illustrated blog by Tony Clark. While not a mother, he can still offer great tips on building home businesses.
  6. The WAHM This blog is dedicated to discussing the issues that affect today’s busy working moms and their families. Readers will find everything from tips on using sites like Squidoo to suggestions on a variety of work at home businesses.
  7. Internet Based Moms: For those looking to or already running an online business, this site can give you advice and insight on how you can build your online business to be more successful with free newsletters, ebooks, articles and more.
  8. WAHM’s Resources: If you’re in need of some helpful resources to get you up and running this site can give you some. You’ll find links to business opportunities, ideas, sources of funding, and even useful software.
  9. Mommy’s Helper Online: Looking for an idea for a work at home business? This site contains links to hundreds of possible businesses you can work at from your home.
  10. WAHM 2 WAHM: This site provides resources to moms who want to start working at home but aren’t sure where to start. Members of the site will get access to a searchable database of business opportunities to help them find legitimate and profitable work.
  11. My Mommy Biz: Here you’ll find a large number of resources just for moms working at home. There’s a message board, articles and tips, ebooks, and links to business ideas and openings.
  12. At Home This site is dedicated to helping work at home moms find new business ideas and openings or learn to make money selling products on eBay.
  13. Mompreneurs Online: Mompreneurs is a site creating to helping mom-owned businesses succeed. Visitors to the site will find a marketplace, mentors, books, resources, and loads of other great things to help working moms be productive and happy in their pursuits.

Time Management

There are only so many hours in the day, so make the most of every one with these time management resources.

  1. 5 Minutes for Mom: Even the most dedicated mothers need some time for themselves for at least a few minutes a day. This blog has contests moms can win, tips for promoting your internet business and fun suggestions for projects.
  2. How to Avoid Wasting Time: This article from Internet Mumtrepreneurs can help moms to learn to make the most of every minute in their day. Get tips on planning, managing and organizing your day here.
  3. Secrets to Better Time Management: Everyone wishes they could make their waking hours more productive, especially working moms who never seem to have time to get everything done. This article discusses ways to make your tasks more efficient and to save you time.
  4. Time Management Junkie: Are you a mom who’s addicted to time management programs? This article is about how to break your addiction without ruining your work-life balance.
  5. Time Management Tips for WAHMs: This video gives overworked WAHMs some tips on making the most of their time in a humorous and short format.
  6. Work at Home Moms Get Organized Now: One killer of productivity is a messy office. This article will give readers some tips on organizing their office to make the most of work time each day.
  7. Get Organized: Creating a Paperless Office: This article will give moms tips on how they can reduce the amount of paper their office requires. It will take up less space and keep tiny hands from misplacing papers around the office.
  8. 8 Work at Home Time Management Strategies: With eight different strategies from Casual Keystrokes blog, there’s bound to be one that can help you balance your time more effectively.
  9. 10 Work at Home Productivity Tips: Here you’ll find tips on how to boost your productivity when working at home. From designing your space to setting up work hours these tips can help you make working at home less stressful.
  10. Scheduling Your Day for Maximum Work at Home Productivity: If you find yourself constantly multi-tasking or struggling to balance husbands, children and clients then take a look at this article. It gives helpful hints on how you can schedule your day to get the most from the hours you spend working.
  11. Measuring Productivity When You Work from Home: Unsure of what you’re really getting done each day? This article can help you measure your productivity while you’re working at home and see if it needs a little tweaking.
  12. 94 Ways to Keep Kids Busy for the Work at Home Parent: Keeping your kids occupied while you work on projects can be tough, by eMoms at Home have combined 94 suggestions for keeping them busy. Check this out next time you’re swamped.


Here are a variety of resources and links to help WAHMs.

  1. Work at Home Moms Talk Radio: Moms looking for a little inspiration can read about it on this site, but they can also listen to weekly podcasts. The show has interviews with other working moms, tips on staying healthy and positive and building a better business.
  2. Mom Inventors: Do you have great ideas for new products and services? This site can help you take your ideas from prototypes to the real deal with helpful advice on the inventing process.
  3. The WAHM Magazine: This online magazine can be a great place for WAHMs and WAHDs to find information on balancing work and home. Readers can subscribe to the bi-monthly publication to read articles designed to help them create a great work-at-home experience.
  4. Want to be a WAHM?: This site is dedicated to helping moms currently in the workforce or staying at home find work at home opportunities that will suit their needs and lifestyles.
  5. WAHM Addicts: Here you’ll find everything you wanted or needed to know about being a WAHM. Moms can get their fix of articles, resources and classifieds.
  6. WAHMShoppes eStores: Moms looking to start an ecommerce business from their homes can get hosting from this mom-centric site. For just a few dollars a month moms can start selling their wares on the net.
  7. WAHM Hosting: Another hosting site just for working moms, here moms can find a cheap hosting solution for their online businesses.
  8. The WAHM Shack: Moms in need of advertising and marketing for their products can find many free and low cost solutions on this site.
  9. Work at Home Mom Events: Keep track of what’s going on in the WAHM community with this site. Users will also be able to add their business to the directory and meet with other moms.
  10. WAHM Forums: Meet and talk with moms from all over the world in these forums about stress, work, life and more!
  11. Free WAHM Stuff: Need some cheap or free resources for your work at home office or business? Check out the resources on this site to see if there’s anything that will work for you.

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    Comment by Ashley Burr — February 13, 2008 @ 9:27 pm

  2. This is such a great compilation for anyone looking to refine or restart a business. And when the economy looks the way it does, now may be a perfect time for many women to due some career-soul searching. Thanks for this excellent list.

    Comment by Robin Matuk — February 13, 2008 @ 9:29 pm

  3. What a great list! I’m honored that you included my blog – Work From Home Momma.

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