Carnival of Business and Entrepreneurship #5

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 6:30pm by Site Administrator

Greetings! Welcome to the 5th edition of the Carnival of Business and Entrepreneurship. We have selected 53 posts for this edition. These posts are listed in the order they were received. Here you go:

Lorraine Cohen presents Creating A Theme Year posted at Powerfull Living. Consider a different approach to resolutions and goal-setting by creating a theme year. Learn how to use a theme to inspire and motivate you!

Ivan Rios presents Why Do We Argue? posted at

GP presents Navigating the New Year posted at Innside Montana-Your Home at the Range. Would we live our lives differently if we knew how much time we actually had here in this life? The four deadliest words in the English language are said to be would’ve, could’ve, should’ve and if.

Vishal Gupta presents The Unknown Entrepreneur! posted at A Business Professor’s Weblog. Forget Bill Gates and Michael Dell! Let’s celebrate The Unknown Entrepreneur- Those who work silently and behind-the-screen to make a radical impact on our lives through their entrepreneurial businesses.


Aaron Anderson presents Are These 3 Blogging Mistakes Costing You Readers? posted at Online Business Blog.

Brian Terry presents The Law of Necessity posted at Big Selling Website Design.

Charles Masterson presents Search Engine Myths Exposed! …Actually Myth-Busters Exposed. posted at Chuck Masterson.

Cindy King presents Prepare For International Markets posted at Get International Clients.

Terry Dean presents January Monthly Mentor Club News posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Fred Black presents Honesty posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

Brett presents Successful Blogging: 6 Steps To Create Your Blog Plan For 2008 posted at Monetize Your Blog. If blogging is your business, you need to approach it in a businesslike way. This article discusses how to construct a plan for your blog for 2008.

Marcus Hochstadt presents First Class Progress, Or The Power Of Deadlines posted at Marcus Hochstadt. Many of us have encountered times where we are working on a project every day and it seems, somehow, we do not proceed in the way we intended to. What’s the cause? Why is that so? In this article, Marcus Hochstadt provides two techniques that can catapult your accomplishments to new heights, once and for all.

Dave Origano presents How To Setup An Extra Stream Of Income Of $500+ In 1 Day Or Less posted at Online Marketing & Exponential Business Growth Blog.

Matthew Paulson presents New Tax Law Changes for Your 2008 Federal Income Taxes posted at American Consumer News.

David B. Bohl presents Are You Exploiting Your Strengths? posted at Slow Down Fast Today!. “Play to your strengths.” How many times have you heard that one? How many times have you heard it, and within one day had to do something you knew was not a strength of yours, because you felt you had no choice?

Emmanuel presents Business Lesson from the life of an Elephant | PACE with Emmanuel Oluwatosin posted at Emmanuel Oluwatosin: Inspiring Excellence, Realising Ambitions. The reason why we blame others or our situations for what happen to us is because we have not taken time out to reflect. Reflection when things even seem not to be working can open your eyes to what you need to do to achieve your result.

Bonnie Krueger presents How Do I Put Together A Business Loan Proposal? posted at Personal And Business Loans. You have to create a solid proposal to get a business loan or else you could be in trouble.

CA presents Right credentials, wrong personality? posted at Atlantic Canada’s Small Business Blog. Despite talent shortages businesses are working to weed out candidates with the right credentials, but the wrong personality. Why should a business hire you over the other individual? The answer lies in branding.

Louise Manning presents Effective management of capital assets posted at The Human Imprint.

Jason Voiovich presents How to make an abstract concept real: posted at State of the Brand from Ecra Creative Group :: by Jason Voiovich. Matt and Jessica Flannery created a simple system to make microlending work:

Jim Logan presents 7 tips to boost profits before you close the box posted at Jim Logan. Here’s seven tips to boost revenue after the sale.

Martin Russell presents The Danger Of Free posted at Word of Mouth Marketing, 101. Marketing with the word “FREE” is powerful, but you must be careful.

The Stock Teacher presents Tips For Cutting Down On Trading Fees posted at Stock Investment. Advice on how to cut down on your stock trading fees and improve your returns!

Carol Bentley presents Does your business pass the “Charlie the Plumber test. . . posted at Carol Bentley.

Joshua C. Karlin presents The Single Most Important Thing Your Business (or Charity) Needs posted at Joshua C. Karlin.

Hueina Su presents My Young Living Story and Exciting News posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul. Hueina says, “Ever since a health scare last summer, I’ve found the tools to help me regain my physical & emotional health. My husband and I are amazed at the turnaround I’ve made since last winter. Here’s my healing journey and the amazing business I’m building as a result”.

Raymond presents Musings About Careers And What Would Be My Dream Job posted at Money Blue Book. Musings amount careers and branching out into other fields.

Kenton Newby presents Benefits of Being in the Physical Information Product Business posted at Kenton Newby.

Richard Lee presents The One Thing You MUST Learn To Succeed In Any Business posted at Richard Lee.

Ryan Healy presents Basics of Business Growth posted at Ryan M. Healy. These three business growth principles have stood the test of time. But how do you put them into practice? Read this post to find out.

Charles H. Green presents Selling in Three-Part Harmony posted at Trust Matters. Selling is about understanding others and working in harmony with them, not in opposition to them.

Vahid Chaychi presents To Succeed As a Business Owner, You Have to Be Tough posted at Work at Home Business Solutions. If you have a business owner or you work for the others businesses, you have to learn how to be organized and disciplined. Otherwise you will not have any success.

Sarah Paine presents Create Relevant Articles To Earn Cash Online Now posted at Sarah Paine.

Tracy Coenen presents New site ranking tool takes on Google posted at Sequence Inc. Fraud Files by Tracy Coenen. A new blog ranking system is called IzeaRanks or RealRank, and they claim they’re going to have the “real” rankings: proving how much traffic sites get and therefore how valuable they are to the readers.

Ed Rivis presents Beware of SEO experts. posted at Ed Rivis.

Stephen Dean presents Tapping Michel Fortin’s Brain Volume 2 posted at Stephen Dean.

Mark Riffey presents Bose understands what people want posted at Bose Understands What People.

Ron Ruiz presents Make Your Little Girl?s Dreams Come True posted at The Business Ideas-Making Money Blog.

Anna Farmery presents The Engaging Brand : If Business Embraced the Essence of Twitter…. posted at The Engaging Brand.

Tero Mäenpää presents What is e-business? posted at Where we at, where to. Short introduction to what e-business is in B2B sector.

Paula Gregorowicz presents But I Feel So Bad I’m Not Good with Technology posted at Paula G. Web Design.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Motivating Top Performing Employees posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

James D. Brausch presents Training Your Customers posted at

Charles Eglinton presents eBay Descriptions posted at – eBay Bidding Tips & Selling Tips.

Timothy Gary presents How to Make Time Out of Thin Air posted at How to Make Time Out of Thin Air.

Investing Angel presents Invest In What You Know posted at Stock. If you are going to beat the market, you will need to do something better than most investors out there. This is no easy task. Remember, most money is managed by professionals. To beat the market, you need to know something that most professionals don’t know about the stocks you trade.

Ian Richardson presents Abbott & Costello – ?Who?s On First?? – A lesson to the Internet Marketing Crowd posted at Make Everything EzyAs123.

Woody Maxim presents Amazon S3 is simply amazing posted at Woody Maxim.

Kenton Newby presents Product Creation Perfectionism and at Least Four Things That Are More Important posted at

Jay M presents Tips for getting grants for your non-profit organization posted at 4 entrepreneur. Tips for getting grants for your non-profit organization.

GreatManagement presents Great Successful People – Cameron Johnson posted at The GreatManagement Blog. Here is a 2 minute extract of my interview with Cameron Johnson (one of the most successful teenage entrepreneurs in the world), where he shares his advice to ‘getting started’ and a personal inspiration story.

Debra Moorhead presents Are You Copying Genius? Or Creating Mediocrity? posted at Debra “Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere. Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary.” –Warren G. Bennis This post is about “studying the exemplary.”

That concludes this edition. Next edition of this carnival will be hosted here on January 22, 2008. Submit your blog articles using our Blog Carnival Submission Form.

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  1. Amy, what a great round-up you have here! Thank you for including my post. I appreciate it.


    Comment by Hueina Su - Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul — January 15, 2008 @ 6:45 pm

  2. Nice line-up Amy.

    Thanks so much for the inclusion. You’ve been Stumbled too!


    Comment by Lorraine Cohen — January 15, 2008 @ 8:56 pm

  3. Thank you for compiling this list. Two of these resources are just what I needed to finish of a project.

    Comment by Billionaire Strategies — January 16, 2008 @ 9:18 pm

  4. Thanks for the SUPERB roundup of articles and for including mine in the mix.

    I got a chance to discover some great new resources.

    Comment by Paula — January 16, 2008 @ 9:38 pm

  5. Great list and resource, thanks for putting it together

    Comment by Anna Farmery — January 19, 2008 @ 8:44 pm

  6. Thank you for hosting!

    Comment by Money Blue Book — January 29, 2008 @ 11:39 pm

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