Maybe a Part-Time Online Work Week?

Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 11:00pm by Site Administrator

Shortly after asking Career or vacation, about whether a 4-hr work week was feasible or not, and whether you could be an expert at anything with so few hours, I actually found myself reducing the amount of time spent each day writing or researching.

It’s only been a few days, but I actually feel a bit of relief. While I initially felt guilty, I’ve reminded myself that after nearly 21 years of working 50 or 60 hours per week or more, I deserve a break today. Except that I have been taking mini-breaks since January.

In fact, if I really added up all the hours per week that I spent in focused work – that is, with no TV on – I might really only be doing 35-40, with the rest spent partially goofing off. I say partially because this includes trying out a variety of software and web services. A lot of my time is also spent in communicating with colleagues, and this activity seems to be taking up an increasing amount of time.

Any seasoned entrepreneur knows that success hinges on networking, and it’s no different online. So find efficient ways of networking yet spending a minimal amount of time has been a quest for me.

Aside from that though, I can almost fathom living a 20-hour work week. And if I can actually break through my workaholic nature, I know exactly how I’d spend the extra time, in no particular order:

  1. Learn more languages.
  2. Travel to countries where I can speak the language.
  3. Pursue my photography again, possibly set up a digital stock portfolio.
  4. Volunteer at the Humane Society.
  5. Volunteer at senior centers.
  6. Finish my science fiction novelettes/ novellas.
  7. Invest in property.

Obviously, you may have different ways to spend your time. The question is, can you handle a 20 hour work week without getting bored? What about that 4-hour work week that Tim Ferriss wrote about?

I can’t see myself dealing well with a 4 hr wk, maybe due to the work ethic that’s ingrained into me over a lifetime. However, with an increasing number of people dealing with poor health and sometimes unable to work a regular job, I think we’ll see more people pursue a part-time online career and find that they can earn enough to live on – possibly more than they could earn in any offline job.

Those with the entrepreneurial spirit – working online – will find that they have the option of a shorter work week. And the offline world will have to follow suit to some degree.

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