Balancing Work and Family: 100 Resources for Pregnant Career Women

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Congratulations! Now that you’ve found out you’re pregnant, you’ve got a lot of exciting planning to do: set up the nursery, notify friends and relatives and start saving your paychecks for all the added expenses your new family will accumulate. Career women, however, have extra responsibilities when it comes to prepping for the new baby. How soon should you tell your boss the good news? Do you qualify for paid maternity leave? What if you’re currently searching for a new job and aren’t sure how your pregnancy will look to potential employers? Read below for all those answers and more in our list of 100 resources for pregnant career women.

Blogs and Websites

During your break time, check out these helpful blogs and websites, which are full of valuable resources for working moms and moms-to-be.

  1. This website has all kinds of resources for pregnant women, women trying to get pregnant, and women who have recently given birth. If you’ve got a quick question about morning sickness or just want to update your "countdown to baby" calendar, jump onto this site during work for a quick and easy search.
  2. Pregnancy and Childbirth Blog @ Suite101: Read the pregnancy and childbirth blog at Suite101 for resources to help you estimate the cost of your pregnancy, how your professional life will affect your pregnancy and more.
  3. WebMD Health and Baby Center: The Health and Baby Center at has lots of articles, tools and other resources to help busy women celebrate pregnancy.
  4. Black Pregnancy Blog: This blog focuses on pregnancy issues for black women. Read posts about health conditions, managing your life after the baby comes and more.
  5. This blog has lots of "advice to help executive working mothers balance work and family." Browse through existing posts or submit a question of your own.
  6. Work and Maternity Leave: The Work and Maternity Leave resource on is full of posts and advice for pregnant career women.
  7. iVillage Work and Pregnancy: The favorite women’s website iVillage has a special page with articles, resources and links that are all about managing pregnancy in a busy office environment.
  8. Pregnant at Work: The website hosts a Pregnant at Work section to help pregnant professionals figure out maternity leave, discrimination suits and more.
  9. The author of the bestselling book What to Expect When You’re Expecting posts articles and tools on this site to help prepare moms-to-be.
  10. Type-A Mom: Busy women now have a place to go to get advice, support and ideas on how to balance work and family.
  11. RollerCoaster: This website is all about general pregnancy and parenting issues, but frequent posts and message board chats from working moms make it a must-read.
  12. This site is an excellent resource for single pregnant women and single moms. Find out how you can manage a career and a baby, all on your own.

Career Advice and Support

These resources are full of tips and ideas to help you survive the work week when you’re pregnant, from beating morning sickness to figuring out how to break the news.

  1. Working During Pregnancy: Before you make an official decision to continue working or to quit your job because of pregnancy issues, take a look at this post from to help you evaluate your situation.
  2. Sharing News of Your Pregnancy: This post gives tips on when to tell others (including your boss) the good news and what to expect when you do.
  3. Investigating Maternity Leave Options: It’s important to have a solid plan in place when deciding how and when to take advantage of maternity leave. Let this guide help you figure things out.
  4. Quick Food Fixes for Moms-to-Be: Hopefully, your boss will make some allowances for you during pregnancy; however, if you have to show up to work late everyday due to morning sickness, you might get yourself into trouble. Use this list to help you beat morning sickness and get your back on track.
  5. 40 Healthy Snacks for Moms-to-Be: Keep several of these healthy but appealing snacks in your desk to curb overwhelming cravings.
  6. When to Tell the Boss You’re Expecting: Use this post to help you find the right moment to tell your boss that you’re pregnant.
  7. How to Manage Morning Sickness at Work: This post from has more advice for pregnant moms with morning sickness.
  8. Being Pregnant at Work: answers questions like "What should I do if I work around toxic substances?" and "How can I stay comfortable on the job?" to help pregnant women manage their professional careers amidst a changing lifestyle.
  9. Working During Pregnancy: Check out this guide designed to help career women safely and comfortably continue working while pregnant.
  10. Working During Pregnancy: The Proudly Pregnant blog encourages women who can’t take extra time off from work to "look for ways to ease the burden of working" by working only 40 hours a week and taking advantage of breaks.
  11. Planning for Working Mothers: Getting Pregnant and Dealing with Work: Use this resource to help you plan for your pregnancy by negotiating maternity leave, reworking your schedule and being prepared to face discriminatory comments and coworkers.
  12. Pregnancy and Your Job: This post from the Monster Career Advice website walks pregnant women through the process of creating a new work/life balance.

Legal Advice and Discrimination Resources

Make sure you’re aware of your rights as an expectant, working mother.

  1. Family and Medical Leave Act: Writer Alison Doyle discusses the details and eligibility issues for the Family and Medical Leave Act in this post. Find out what benefits your employer provides and whether or not you will be able to take time off during your pregnancy.
  2. Women Filing More Pregnancy Discrimination Claims Nationally: The South Carolina Lawyer Blog explores why more pregnant women have been "filing pregnancy discrimination claims with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission" in 2007.
  3. National Advocates for Pregnant Women: This national organization posts articles and information about the legal rights, advocacy events and other important resources that affect pregnant women.
  4. Verizon Pregnancy Discrimination Settlement: Verizon Wireless was ordered to pay over $48 million to female employees who filed discrimination suits against the cell phone company.
  5. Just Found Out You’re Pregnant?: Dawn Rosenberg McKay writes this post for career women who aren’t sure how to discuss their pregnancy at work. Check it out for legal advice and other discrimination issues.
  6. Terminated While on Maternity Leave: One woman seeks advice after being let go while on maternity leave.
  7. How Long Can I Wait to Tell the Boss I’m Pregnant?: CNN Money’s Ask Annie column advises that "the sooner you break the news, the better — especially if your boss can keep a secret."
  8. Maternity Rights: shares information about maternity rights in the UK, answering questions like "what terms and conditions apply during ordinary maternity leave?" and "what rights do I have as a pregnant employee?
  9. Facts About Pregnancy Discrimination: The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission publicizes information about pregnancy discrimination here.
  10. It’s Hard Being a Pregnant, Working Mom — Even if You’re Elizabeth Vargas: After former ABC News anchor Elizabeth Vargas revealed that she was pregnant, she voluntarily gave up her anchor position and agreed to continue only a co-hosting job after giving birth. This editorial explores the ins and outs of her decision, as well as ABC’s position on pregnant employees.
  11. Pregnancy Discrimination: posts valuable information about "accommodating pregnancy in the workplace," including issues regarding maternity leave, telling your employer about the pregnancy and more.
  12. Dealing With Unfair Treatment at Work While Pregnant: The BabyCenter doles out advice for pregnant women who are discriminated against at work.

Pregnancy and the Job Search

Looking for a new job is tough enough without having to worry about discriminating hiring managers. Use these resources to prepare yourself for the questions, rejections and eventual successes that are sure to come your way.

  1. A Pregnant Pause: Career Pregnant Women at Job Interviews: "Can being visibly pregnant during a job interview hurt my chances of getting hired?" This Q & A from Black Enterprise discusses how pregnant women can prepare themselves for an in-person interview.
  2. Why is Pregnancy Discrimination on the Rise?: The Monster Blog publishes this post in an attempt to figure out why pregnant women are still discriminated against in the workplace.
  3. Pregnancy and Your New Job: What do you do if you get pregnant soon after starting a new job? This post explains why some women may not receive paid time off if they find themselves in this situation.
  4. When Will I Start to Show?: If you’re wondering how to plan your pregnancy around your job search — or vice versa — read this article for help predicting when you will start to show.
  5. Advice for Women Trying to Balance a Career and Pregnancy: ABC News publishes this report that helps pregnant women survive the job search and figure out when to tell the boss the big news.
  6. When to Tell Employer That You’re Leaving: Find out what advice this career coach has for a woman who receives a great job offer while she’s on maternity leave from another company.
  7. Pregnancy and Mothers in the Workplace: JobDig posts this Q&A about looking for a job while several months pregnant.
  8. Tips for Job Seeking When a Pregnancy, a Handicap or Other Personal Needs are Part of the Package: The Chronicle of Philanthropy publishes this article to help pregnant women and those with disabilities conduct a successful job search.
  9. Job Hunting While Pregnant: Writer Liz Ryan offers advice for pregnant women in their first, second and third trimesters as they try to find employment.
  10. Can Pregnancy Hinder a Job Search: Northeastern Illinois University Coordinator of Career Counseling Dr. David P. Helfand reviews legal options and office culture trends for pregnant women looking for a job.
  11. Interviewing While Pregnant: Find out how to master a face-to-face interview and conquer discrimination even when you’re several months pregnant.
  12. The Pregnant Job-Seeker: What to Say, and When?: This article from the New York Times considers several questions pregnant job-seekers may have as they are about to begin the interviewing process.

Taking Time Off

Read below for resources on maternity leave, figuring out how much time you need or want to take off from work and finding support when it’s time to return to the office.

  1. Will You Work or Stay Home with Baby?: helps pregnant moms make the decision to stay at work or take extra time off after the baby comes.
  2. Pregnancy and Your Career: Taking Maternity Leave: This post helps women prepare for the conversation they’ll have with HR about taking maternity leave. Find out how to research the affects of maternity leave on the rest of your benefits, outline your salary and pay schedule for when you leave and more.
  3. Proposal for Part-Time Work Schedule: If you need advice on pitching a part-time work proposal to your boss during or after pregnancy, check out this post.
  4. Career Breaks: Find out if it’s time for you to take a career break and spend more time with your family with the tips and advice listed here.
  5. Family-Friendly or Freeloader-Friendly?: This article from CNN Money questions how family-friendly companies need to be when making allowances for their employees.
  6. Taking Leave After a Miscarriage: Most pregnant women know about maternity leave, but what about taking time off to grieve after a miscarriage? This article explains the rights of parents who find themselves in this situation.
  7. Should You Go Back?: After taking time off, do you know whether or not you should go back to work? Let this article help you make the best decision for you and your family.
  8. Extending Maternity Leave: When your maternity leave is up, you may or may not be ready to get back to work. This article provides "tactics to stretch out that precious maternity leave with your new baby."
  9. U.S. Stands Apart From Other Nations on Maternity Leave: USA Today explores why the U.S. has such a bad reputation for being chintzy with maternity leave.
  10. Maternity Leave: The Basics: Find out everything you need to know about taking maternity leave from this resource, from dealing with denied requests to details about short-term disability leave.
  11. Returning from Maternity Leave: Tips for Working Mothers: After spending a couple of months at home with your new baby, going back to the office can be jarring. The Mayo Clinic provides this guide to help working mothers make the transition as smoothly as possible.
  12. 7 Tips for Keeping Your Career on Track During a Maternity Leave: If you’re going crazy being away from the office for so long, check out this list of tips that will help you keep close contact with the outside, working world.

Work/Family Balance

Read these posts to find out how other parents have managed to maintain a healthy work/life balance after welcoming a new baby.

  1. Life After Birth: Blending a Career and a Family: Career counselor and author Robin Ryan reveals the challenges of combining a professional career with life with a new baby.
  2. Working Mom Secrets to Happy Evenings: This article is a valuable resource for helping working moms who want to make the most out of their evenings with the kids. Get tips on keeping your energy up, maintaining an after-work schedule and more.
  3. Balancing Work and a New Baby: Time Management for New Parents: Revolution Health offers detailed tips for adjusting your work schedule once the baby comes.
  4. Work/Life Balance: This article from the Washington Post reveals current trends in American office culture and how companies may or may not improve their employees’ work/life balance by making allowances for families with young children.
  5. Negotiating Work/Family Issues: Women concerned with taking extra time off once they give birth should read this article for tips on proving your value at work, setting goals and priorities and more.
  6. Work/Life Balance: Pipe Dream or Possibility?: This blogger takes a look at those professionals who have successfully mastered the art of a work/life balance. Read the post for tips on how you can incorporate their practices into your lifestyle.

Finding Child Care

If you’re unsure how to decide where to keep your kids while you’re at work all day, use these guides to help you determine what form of childcare is best for your family.

  1. How to Choose the Right Childcare for Your Baby: This post from lists several questions parents should consider before deciding where to drop their kids off each day.
  2. Child Care Options: The What to Expect website has lots of great tips for finding an appropriate, cost-effective child care solution for working moms.
  3. Daycare Coping for Working Moms: This article helps new moms go back to work by getting used to the idea of dropping their kids off at daycare.
  4. Child Care Checklist: How to Find the Best Option: It’s never too early to start searching for adequate child care services, especially if the centers you want your baby to attend have wait lists. Take this checklist with you when you start researching day care facilities around town.
  5. Tips for Staying Close to Your Children When You’re Away: If your job takes you out of town or overseas, read this article for tips on coping with separation anxiety.
  6. Day Care: Choosing a Good Center: lists questions that new parents should ask day care centers before dropping their kids off for the day.

Staying at Home

Whether you’ve decided to quit your job or you operate a business from home, check out these resources for tips on balancing your pregnancy with other responsibilities.

  1. The Office Plan for Pregnancy: This post reveals how one woman started her own Virtual Assistant business so that she could stay home during her pregnancy.
  2. Working From Home: Read this testimonial from a mother who managed a home-based career during her pregnancy and continues to work from home while raising a daughter.
  3. Work at Home Ideas for Pregnant Women: If you’d like to start working from home during and after pregnancy but aren’t sure how to make ends meet, check out this article for tips on how to get paid for working from home.
  4. Should I Work or Stay Home?: This article helps moms-to-be make "the decision on where to work after baby."
  5. Confessions of a Pregnant Work-at-Home Mom: This stay-at-home mom gives tips on finding reputable job opportunities that allow her to work from home.
  6. Mother Guilt: This post explores the sense of isolation and guilt that many stay-at-home moms feel after giving birth.
  7. Read this blog for ideas on how to make money from a home-based business.
  8. Help for Pregnant Moms Who Can’t Work and Need Money: provides links and information for moms who need financial and rental assistance during pregnancy.
  9. This website specializes in connecting businesses with stay-at-home moms looking for outsource projects.
  10. Mommy Enterprises: This work-at-home blog offers moms and moms-to-be support and advice for maintaining a work/life balance and finding great job opportunities.
  11. Daycare vs. Being a Stay-at-Home Mom: Check out this chart of the pros and cons of daycare vs. being a stay-at-home mom to discover which balance works best for you.

Medical and Safety Information

Even if you have a normal, low-risk pregnancy, there are certain safety issues that you should consider when working in the office or out in the field. Check out this list for health information that will keep you and your baby healthy and comfortable during the entire pregnancy.

  1. Night Work Linked to Increased Risk of Late Pregnancy Loss: This post from reports the findings from a study that links miscarriages to a late-night work schedule.
  2. Pregnancy and Work: Dr. Robert Warnock from WebMD writes about the health risks and stereotypes associated with women who decide to work during pregnancy.
  3. Pregnancy and Work Safety: details what you can expect if you’re a pregnant woman who decides to continue working as long as possible before giving birth.
  4. Working During Pregnancy: Stay Healthy and Productive: publishes this article full of tips and ideas to help pregnant career women avoid nausea, stay alert and comfortable and reduce stress.
  5. Health Hazards in the Workplace: details "what you need to know for a healthy pregnancy," including chemical and physical hazards in the workplace.
  6. Working During Pregnancy: The Caremark Health Resources site answers questions that pregnant career women may have, including "Is it okay to work right up until I go into labor?" and "How can I keep comfortable and safeguard my and my baby’s health on the job?"
  7. Working While Pregnant: This guide from lists tips for staying comfortable and healthy during a busy day at work.
  8. Mommy’s Minute — Working While Pregnant: Watch this AOL video to get tips on how to manage a healthy pregnancy while still retaining your professional responsibilities.
  9. Coping with Stress While Pregnant: Managing a work/life balance when you’re pregnant can be difficult. Use this guide from to help you reduce stress and focus on the positive side of pregnancy.


From buying an appropriate pregnancy wardrobe to being prepared for pre-partum depression, these resources will keep you prepared for anything that comes your way.

  1. Seven Tips for Creating a Pregnancy Work Wardrobe on a Budget: Buying an entirely new wardrobe during pregnancy can cost a bundle. Use these tips to make the most out of your shopping trips so that you look and feel good at work.
  2. Pregnancy Over 40: This blog is full of support and advice for women who become pregnant after the age of 40.
  3. How to Work During Pregnancy: Your office and work schedule may need a makeover once you find out you’re pregnant. Follow these tips to help you remain comfortable at the office.
  4. 10 Tips to Working While Pregnant: These tips from include "explore your options," "know your rights" and "review your company’s policy."
  5. Flying While Pregnant: If your job requires you to do a lot of traveling, take a look at this post to find out at which point in your pregnancy you should stop flying.
  6. Pre-Partum Depression: Discover ways to guard yourself against pre-partum depression so that your professional and personal lives don’t have to suffer.
  7. Working Around Your Pregnancy: Tips like "expect good and bad days" and "think comfort and safety" will help career women prepare for pregnancy.
  8. Guidelines for Working During Pregnancy: Use this list of guidelines to make sure you don’t injure yourself or your baby at work.

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