25 Web-based To-do List Solutions

Saturday, January 5, 2008 at 1:20am by Site Administrator

How can you possibly manage all of your to-do lists when you have Post-It notes cluttering up your computer screen, shopping lists scribbled down on old receipts and a calendar full of parties, errands and other "do not forget" items? To help you minimize your to-do list mayhem, we’ve put together this list of 25 Web-based programs that feature all-in-one project and task management solutions.

  1. iGoogle To-Do List: Now iGoogle users can set up a personalized to-do list with this new and simple application.
  2. Zoho Planner: As a part of the free OS Zoho Suite, Zoho Planner allows users to upload files and images to your to-do lists for optimum personality.
  3. Ta-da Lists: This program boasts that "Ta-da is the web’s easiest to-do list tool." Create lists for work, vacations, household chores and everything in between. Users can check off items as they are completed and share lists with family and friends if they need a little help with responsibilities.
  4. Bla-Bla List: This task management system lets you share your to-do lists with others to encourage project collaboration. You can also e-mail yourself a copy of the list with the help of a simple application.
  5. Remember the Milk: Use your Remember the Milk account in conjunction with MilkSync, Twitter, Google Calendar and with your iPhone. Other features include a map to help you plan out your errands in detail and e-mail update and reminder applications.
  6. Backpack: This tool from 37signals serves as an online to-do list and an online calendar so that you can accurately track all of your duties, events and chores. Backpack also lets users organize photos and set up reminders through e-mail and text messaging.
  7. Tudu Lists: This free Web-based system can be shared and updated with RSS so that your employees or friends can work together on projects, party planning duties and more.
  8. Orchestrate: Orchestrate is a task management solution that lets users set up lots of different lists to keep you organized.
  9. The Online CEO: This program helps individuals and offices become more productive by assisting them with organizing Web-based to-do lists. Features include a timer for time-sensitive projects, a point system that awards efficient workers and more.
  10. ListPool: This basic but attractive to-do list features lists in the following categories: groceries, movies, music, names, special dates, vacations, wish lists and more. Or, you can custom create your own for a more personal look.
  11. Voo2Do: Create "simple, beautiful Web-based to-do lists" with Voo2do by viewing your lists and tasks in different formats, updating and editing tasks with tools and e-mail updates, assigning and publishing tasks for project sharing and more.
  12. Sproutliner: Sproutliner lets users "store data your way," in columns, checkboxes, drop-down lists and other display options. This program also supports realtime editing and an automatic save application so that you don’t have to click submit each time you add an item.
  13. Task Freak!: This online task manager is GTD compliant and allows users to "order tasks by priority and deadline" and "organize by project and context."
  14. Pageflakes: How would you like to "customize the Internet and make it yours?" Pageflakes offers its users the opportunity to do just that by managing games, gossip, food, news, finance and other personal preferences and to-do items.
  15. Toodledo: Toodledo helps users "get organized, stay motivated and be more productive." Use their task management solution to add, edit and check off items from your computer or mobile phone, share items with coworkers and customize your list to find a design that works for you.
  16. Netvibes: Netvibes urges its users to "remix the Web" by inviting individuals to set up their own personal page, complete with weather updates, e-mail connections, news stories and of course, to-do lists.
  17. HipCal: This online calendar and to-do list features calendar sharing options, automatic alerts so that you never forget an appointment or miss a deadline, an address book to manage your contacts and a media center where you can find buddy icons, wallpapers and more.
  18. Google Calendar To-Do List: Download this script to add a more "functional version" of Google’s to-do list that works with the company’s calendar application.
  19. TaskTHIS: This Web 2.0-based to-do list has been "designed to be more interactive than a traditional web application." Have fun creating and designing your own to-do lists by adding notes to each item and sharing lists with others.
  20. Crowd Favorite: The Crowd Favorite company offers this task management software for individuals or businesses. The Task Jr. software is free and is described as "a basic, few-frills task manager."
  21. 30 Boxes: 30 Boxes is primarily an inclusive online calendar, but it also supports a to-do list and several task management solutions like timelines, RSS reminders, sharing capabilities and more.
  22. TODOIST: Manage your to-do lists with this easy-to-use solution. Features include a built-in calendar, Gmail integration, QuickSilver plugin, iGoogle widgets, reminders, mobile access and more.
  23. Joe’s Goals: If you’re having trouble fitting in your exercises, personal writing time or other goals, try out this "free online habit tracker" to manage your goals and more important to-do items. Users can manage lists in a calendar-like format or list their top 10 daily goals in a list.
  24. iPrioritize: Manage your to-do list by moving around items based on their priority. You can also e-mail your lists, view them on your cell phone and update them via RSS.
  25. Workhack: This to-do list solution is based on using a white board to manage tasks. Users can organize their items by using different colors and sizes, just as you would if you were to actually write down the items on a white board with erasable markers.

Using these online tools will help you get a handle on your busy lifestyle, both at work and at home. Instead of trying to remember all of your meetings, shopping lists and errands, unload your brain by uploading your to-do lists onto one of these Web-based programs.

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