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As a bootstrapper, you no doubt have more than enough responsibilities to worry about in your struggle to launch a successful business, spend time with your family and manage your financial accounts, from fundraising to investing to spending. Organizing each aspect of your life is of course the optimum goal, but who has time to set up a complex organization system? These 100 posts, categorized in no particular order, are written to help you manage and declutter your life, one step at a time. Work From organizing your work space to figuring out your career, these posts will help you manage your professional life. 1. 13 Tips for Working Smarter, Not Harder: Straighten out your priorities at work and learn to minimize busy work with the tips outlined in this article. 2. Organize Your Office in Ten Minutes a Day: This post assigns a simple organizing trick to each day of your work week. Declutter on Mondays, take inventory on Tuesdays, consider new organizing strategies on Wednesdays, sort your paperwork on Thursdays, and file on Fridays. 3. Office Organizing Tips: Professional organizer Vicki Norris gives professionals tips like "invest in adequate furniture" and "establish a paper processing area" to better organize their offices. 4. Paper Management Tips: Reduce the amount of paper stacks you have piled around your office with these great ideas. 5. Organize Your Office Supply Cabinet: The supply cabinet is supposed to keep you organized right? Not if you’re constantly stashing random items anywhere they’ll fit. This post will show you how to organize your supply cabinet, down to the tiniest detail. 6. 15 Tips to Make Today the Day You Finish Your To-Do List: This article maintains that "your best weapon against the rising tide of to-do is dedicating a day to destroying that list." Learn how to tackle your massive to-do list in one day with these tips. 7. Organize Your Documents Online: This list of tools shows professionals how to straighten up the office by minimizing paperwork. 8. Organize Your Desk in 8 Steps: Tips like "keep office supplies in one drawer only" and "keep a spiral notebook by the phone" will help you clear off the clutter from your desk. 9. 6 Ideas for Conquering Email Clutter: Business owners can receive upwards of 100 junk emails a day. Learn how to declutter your inbox with these smart tips. 10. Organize Your Office and Improve Your Office Design: This in-depth post offers lots of great ideas for setting up an office that is "both pleasing and functional." 11. Office Organizing Tips: The Time Manager gives tips on reducing interruptions, scheduling meetings and prioritizing tasks in order to promote a more productive, organized day. 12. 10 Tips for Growing Your Business the Organized Way: From developing a business plan to practicing effective marketing strategies, growing a business can be an overwhelming process. Organize your goals and responsibilities with this simple guide. Home Office Many entrepreneurs have the luxury of working from home, but maintaining an organized home office is harder than it sounds. This list will lead you to articles about keeping it all straight. 13. 10 Easy Steps to An Organized Home Office: Use these tips to create a professional but personal home office. 14. Organize Your Home Office: Purge your home office of items that belong in other parts of the house, like laundry and toys. Get more great tips by reading the article. 15. Get Organized! Organizing Your Home Office: This post from Women’s Media discusses how lighting, ample storage space and a private phone line "guard productivity" and keep you organized. 16. 5 Tips to Organize Your Home Office: The iVillage Home and Garden supplies readers with 5 simple ideas for straightening up your home office. 17. Children in the Home Business Environment: Learn how to resist temptations and reduce interruptions when you work at home with your kids. 18. What to Do When Your Desk is a Disaster: This post contains great tips from a professional time management and organization expert. 19. Working at Home and Time Management: Time management is especially important when you work from home. These tips will help you stay productive while maintaining a flexible schedule. 20. Tips to Organize Your Home Office: Learn how to "control how others affect your productivity," organize your desk, set up an effective filing system and more. 21. How to Organize a Home Office: eHow lays out a step-by-step guide for organizing a productive home office. 22. Tips to Organize Your Home Office: This post from the career advisor at is a helpful resource for home-based professionals. 23. Organize Your Home Office and Get More Work Done: Lisa Kanarek shares with readers how organization is directly linked to productivity. Follow her tips for designing an efficient home office. 24. 50 Practical Home Office Feng Shui Tips: Use the principles of feng shui to cultivate a peaceful yet productive work environment in your home. Personal Life Dates, doctor’s appointments, holidays, family time: how can a busy bootstrapper keep track of it all? These posts will show you how. 25. 5 Organizing Tips from the Pros: These quick and easy organization tips will keep your day on track. 26. Plan Well, Travel Well: This post shares tips for reconciling spontaneity with order when planning a vacation. 27. Do You Live in Your Car?: Many of us, from commuters to stay at home moms, feel like we live in our cars. This post gives tips for organizing your car to lighten the load. 28. Tips for Traveling with Children: This post will show you how to prepare for a vacation with the kids. 29. If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy: This post divulges the secret to "squeezing in time to nurture yourself" by better organizing your time and paying better attention to your own needs. 30. Personal Improvement in a Balanced, Simplified Way: Learn how to set goals for yourself with the tips laid out in this post. 31. 6 Keys to Respecting Your Time: Prioritize your daily activities by respecting your time with these 6 keys. 32. Ways to Say No: Simplify your schedule and organize your life by learning when to say no. These 5 ways will help you be more assertive. 33. Time Management Tips for the Busy Dinner and Evening Hours: Evenings are supposed to be a time for us to wind down after a hectic day, but extracurricular activities often mean that our busy schedules continue well past dark. Learn how to get evenings back with the ideas proposed in this article. 34. Morning Madness: Start your day off right by giving your mornings an updated schedule. 35. Organize Your Day With Routines: BellaOnline explains why formulating and maintaining daily routines will help you become better organized. 36. 7 Ways to Catch Your Breath: Sometimes all you need to organize your life is a little perspective. Take a minute to catch your breath before you jump back into your busy life. Family From soccer practices to music recitals to planning for a new baby, the following articles will help you learn how to take a deep breath and organize your family life so that you can appreciate it more fully. 37. Great Ways to Be More Organized — and Have More Time for the People You Love: You may have to dig for it, but finding and defining free time to spend with your friends and family is important. This post shares ways to organize your day so that you’re left with more time with the people you love. 38. Set Up a Monthly Calendar for your Family: This post gives "quick tips to make a monthly calendar succeed" in your household. Include chores, vacations, school holidays and other important items. 39. How I Organize My Kids’ Crafts: Get fantastic storage ideas from this post by Julie Bonner. 40. 4 Family Organizing Tips: Tips like holding family meetings, and giving everyone things to do will make your family more organized. 41. 8 Great Tips to Organize Kids’ Rooms: Smart tips like "take a child’s eye view" and "make it easier to put away, harder to get out" will keep your kids’ rooms from getting overly messy. and organizing by reading the tips listed in this article. 42. Get Your Better Half to Help Out: Convince your husband or wife to pitch in with the cleaning and organizing by reading the tips listed in this article. 43. Organize Your Family Life With Famundo: This post from Lifehacker features the Web-based calendar and to-do list Famundo that is designed to whip your family’s chaotic lifestyle into shape. 44. Organize Your Family with a Family Binder: The blog Zen Habits suggests starting a family binder to organize important documents, emergency phone numbers, weekly menus and more. 45. Plan to Succeed: Teaching Kids the Planner Habit: Train your children to organize their own lives by encouraging them to keep a planner even when they’re young. 46. Revolutionize Your Relationship: Even relationships sometimes need an organizational makeover. This post lists common problems that spouses have and offers ways to fix them. 47. Organize Your Family’s Schedule in No Time: Anyone with kids knows it’s difficult, if not impossible, to sync up everyone’s schedules, but this post teaches readers how you can better organize your family’s day with these great ideas. 48. Tame Morning Madness with a Family Launch Pad: Mornings can be a hectic time when the kids are trying to get to school, you’re off to work, and everyone is trying to remember their schedules for later in the day. This post shows you how to create a family launch pad or headquarters for keeping backpacks, briefcases and to-do lists. Home Learn how to organize every room in the house, from the living room to your kids’ bedrooms. 49. Get STUFF Out of Your House: From books to old clothes, find ways to get items that you no longer use out of the house for good. 50. Organizing the Entrances to Your Home: Hallways and entryways often go unnoticed when you clean your home. This post explains why it’s important to pay special attention to these areas. 51. Power Tools for an Organized Home: This post outlines the necessary tools like Sharpies, binders and sheet protectors that keep your home super organized. 52. Room-by-Room Makeover Organizing: This post gives great tips for organizing the dining room, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathroom, laundry room and home office. 53. How to Start Organizing Your Home: Maybe you haven’t started organizing your home because you just don’t know where to begin. This article will help you get inspired by outlining a simple plan for the daunting task. 54. Lighten the Load: Laundry Systems Analysis: This post shows readers how to set up an effective laundry system so that you and your family always have clean clothes. 55. The Ultimate Workshop: Set up an organized, well-stocked workshop in your garage with these necessary tools. 56. Five Easy Tricks for Handling Problem Rooms: If you think your room is too small or the ceiling is too low, try out these tricks that will help you make the most of any space. 57. How to Organize Your Home: This guide from offers simple but effective tips like "everything has a home" and "pick up as you go," which will turn your house into a clean, organized home. 58. 50 Ideas to Organize Your Home: From the bathroom to your kids’ rooms, this post will help you transform your home. 59. Organizing Your House: This post from Mrs. Clean shares secrets for discovering hidden storage spaces in your home. She also encourages readers to reduce clutter by walking through your house with a "stranger’s eye" and evaluating what fits and what doesn’t. 60. Turn Your Bedroom into a Haven: When you’re expecting company, do you clean up by throwing everything into your bedroom? This post maintains that your bedroom should have a "nurturing atmosphere," so consider starting your next organizing project by giving your bedroom the attention it deserves. Finances Get your finances in order with the valuable advice given in these posts. 61. 10 Tips to Organize and Simplify Bill Paying: Helpful tips include "designate two to four days per month to pay your bills" and "condense your credit cards." 62. Are You Really Saving All You Can?: Learn to organize your finances better and prepare for emergencies by checking out these saving tips. 63. Organize and Simplify Your Spending: Organizing your finances starts by taking a realistic look at your spending habits. Read this article to help you revamp your budgeting strategies in order to organize your overall financial situation. 64. 8 Tips for Keeping More of Your Hard Earned Money: This post shows you how to save more money through better organizing tactics like "pay yourself first" and outlining your mortgage and retirement funds. 65. Organize Your Finances for Tax Time: Access tax templates, calculators and more tips for organizing your finances when tax time hits. 66. Organizing Your Personal Finances: This post encourages readers to "break down the organization into steps" and setting up a personalized system that works for you, like stashing all of your receipts in a single basket or using a computer software program for online budgeting. 67. The Cost of Disorganization. Can you Afford It?: Find out how much money you’re losing by not maintaining an organized budget. 68. Organize Your Spending: Erin Huffstetler from teaches readers "how to organize your finances in a way that contributes to your financial success" in her step-by-step guide. 69. 10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Business Finances: This clear, concise article lists the top 10 ways professionals can organize their business finances. Effective tips include: actually read your credit card statements and computerize your checkbook. 70. 5 Ways to Organize Your Finances: Tips like "consolidate your credit cards" and "keep your tax-related stuff" in one place will give your financial situation more clarity. 71. Organize Your Bills: Get a handle on your bill paying each month with these tips from consultant Diana Brock Makes. 72. Organize Your Financial Life: This post from MSN Money gives readers a realistic approach to organizing their finances. Find out "why filing systems fail" and how to create a bill paying regime that works for you. Health and Fitness Many of us have good intentions when it comes to starting a new health and fitness routine; unfortunately, though, intentions won’t help us lose the pounds or stay healthy. If you need some extra inspiration to whip your wellness program into shape, check out these posts. 73. Organizing My Diet: Keep track of what you eat by planning out daily or weekly menus for yourself and "organizing your eating habits." 74. Organize Your Fitness Effort: Debbie Rocker writes for Yahoo! Health, telling readers that "happiness takes effort, and yes, in our day and time, organization, too." Follow her guide to organize your fitness effort by cleaning out your kitchen of unhealthy foods, planning out menus, and weighing yourself only every 2 weeks. 75. A Healthy Option On How to Organize Your Workouts: Workout instructor David C. Brown shares ideas for organizing your fitness routine so that your body gets a healthy, stress-free workout. 76. Organize Your Health: Fitsugar’s post on organizing your health provides a list of tools and planners to keep tabs on your diet and exercise regimens. 77. Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet: Find out which meds to keep and which need to be thrown out with this guide from 78. What to Do About Stress?: This "30-Point Plan for the small and big business person" will help you learn methods of alleviating stress and improving your emotional health. 79. 10 More Tips for Your Wellness Journey: Simple tips like these will inspire you to start and maintain a healthy fitness schedule. 80. ADD and Optimal Self Care: In our hectic world, it can be difficult to find time to relax and focus on the things that really matter. This post gives tips for beating the ADD-like mindset and finding time for yourself. 81. Avoid Common Fitness Pitfalls: This post cautions against 10 exercise pitfalls like eating too little, doing too much too soon and ignoring expert advice. Avoid these nasty little habits in order to develop a long lasting, effective fitness routine. 82. Can You Organize Your Way to Happiness (And Health Too?): This post reveals the positive happiness and health benefits of leading an organized lifestyle. 83. 10 Foods for Better Health: Incorporate these 10 power foods like salmon, nuts and tea into your weekly menu to follow a healthy diet plan. 84. Finding Time to Exercise: Does a busy bootstrapper like you really have time to exercise? Check out these 5 clever fitness tips that will help you find time to be proactive about your health. Miscellaneous From birthday parties to weddings to the holidays, these posts will help you organize every other aspect of your busy life. 85. Don’t Just Get Organized, Stay Organized!: These "7 concepts that stick" will let you lead a more organized life. 86. Cut Your Clutter Calories!: Discover your clutter weaknesses: do you shop at garage sales? Accept freebies? Cut out clutter calories to make room for a more organized life. 87. Wikify Your Life: How to Organize Everything: Use wikis to store and organize all kinds of information, from shopping lists to vacation lists to to-do lists! 88. Color Your Way to Organization: Stacey Agin Murray explains the benefits of color coding your home and office so that you can be better organized. 89. Need More Storage? Think Vertical: Declutter It’s Julie Bonner shows readers how adding vertical storage space is possible in any kitchen, garage, or office. 90. A Checklist for Moving and Relocating: Moving to a new city, state or even country requires a lot of organizational effort. Use this checklist to help you pack and purge. 91. Organize a Birthday Party for Kids: wikiHow gives great tips for organizing a birthday party for kids that will keep the good times rolling. 92. Plan Your Wedding in 13 Simple Steps: Can it really be that easy? shows brides-to be how to minimize stress during the wedding planning process. 93. 3 Simple Pre-Holiday Organizing Tips: This detailed guide offers just a few simple ideas that will help you get through the holidays. Tips like"take inventory before you buy" and "look back, look forward" will prevent you from overspending and running your errands at the last minute. 94. How to Simplify for a Less Stressful, More Joyful Holiday Season!: Follow Ariane Benefit’s "20 tips for easy decorating, gift-giving, card sending and entertaining." 95. Time Management Tips: Organizing Errands: Learn how to plan ahead, take inventory, and car pool to make your trip to the store less frustrating. 96. Organize Your Shopping List: Stop running around the store in all different directions by organizing your shopping list before you go out. 97. How to Organize Cat, Dog and Pet Stuff to Keep Your Home Easy-to-Clean: Pets are a part of the family, but they can cause a lot of mess and disorganization around the house. Check out this post for ideas on how to minimize pet clutter. 98. The Top 3 Excuses We Use to Keep Our Clutter: writer Sarah Aguirre debunks 3 common myths that keep us from organizing our homes. 99. Organizing Your Coupons: This post is great for discount lovers who need to organize their mountain of coupons. 100. 10 Benefits of Being Organized: Saving money, spending more quality time with family, and having more energy and less stress are just a few of the benefits of organizing your life.

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