Carnival of Business and Entrepreneurship #2

Sunday, December 9, 2007 at 6:22am by Site Administrator

Greetings! Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Carnival of Business and Entrepreneurship. I request all the carnival participants to consider giving link back to the carnivals that include their posts. Otherwise, the main purpose of hosting the carnivals will be defeated. We have selected 38 carnivals for this edition. Here you go:

Editor’s Picks:

Alvaro Fernandez presents Cognitive Health, Aging and Baby Boomers posted at Brain Fitness Blog. How baby boomers will revolutionize more aspects of Corporate America that we typically think of.

SJ Yee presents FAQs on Marketing answered by the Guru of Marketing Philip Kotler posted at Personal Development for the Book Smart. Kotler argues that too much of today’s marketing is 1P marketing. Companies mainly concentrate on promotion and sales and disregard product, price and place (distribution). This results in ineffective marketing. Do you agree?

Charles H. Green presents The Single Fastest Thing You Can Do to Increase Trust posted at Trust Matters. Get back to people. Fast. Seriously.

Alex M presents Effective online marketing: what works? posted at We talk on making money on the Internet. In this article Alex offers a few techniques of online marketing that work fine now for most websites.

GP presents Have a holly jolly green Christmas posted at Innside Montana-Your Home at the Range. Why does the holiday gift shopping season have to raise your blood pressure ? Short answer: it doesn’t Rethink your strategy this season.

Kenton Newby presents Video Tip of the Week: Automatically Finding Ideas for New Website Content posted at In this video, Kenton goes over one online tool (and a freebie at that). It not only shows you which sites your traffic is coming from and which terms people used in the search engines to find your site, but it also provides you with suggestions for creating new content to bring even more people your way.

Other Posts:

Mert Erkal presents Jumpstart Your Business for FREE! posted at If you are a small business owner, freelancer, or a problogger nominee you should be well prepared for the war. There is fierce competition in the market, and if you can not differentiate yourself and your business you have no chance at all!

Cocoy S. Rambuyon presents Getting Quick & Good Results From PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising-Part 1 posted at COCOY S. RAMBUYON.

Ian Richardson presents Yahoo and Adobe Selling Ads For Adobe PDF Content posted at Make Everything EzyAs123.

Noric Dilanchian presents IP strategy for R&D: people first – Dilanchian Lawyers posted at Lightbulb. Few frameworks for companies or organisations today are credible if they don’t place culture and people near the centre. This post considers this on route to distinguishing how people in research and development have related but quite distinct motivations.

Joshua C. Karlin presents Sharing the Wealth Leads to More Wealth posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Mark Riffey presents Reach out. Regularly. Or they’ll forget about you. posted at Business is Personal.

Ron Ruiz presents Earn Money By Standing In Line posted at The Business Ideas-Making Money Blog.

Jim Sansi presents PR What? posted at The Kaizen Business.

Ed Rivis presents AB Split Testing Google. posted at Ed Rivis.

C. Worrall presents Writing a Business Plan – What Does That Really Mean? posted at CFO Yourself. The term “write a business plan” sounds simple, but if you don’t understand what you are writing for, you may just be wasting electronic ink.

Thomas D. Brownsword presents Integrity: I Should Have Known Better posted at Business Action Steps.

James D. Brausch presents Would You Like To Be Free Starting Next Week? posted at

Carol Bentley presents Refer, refer and be referred posted at Carol Bentley.

K T Cat presents A Post-Mortem on a Lean Six Sigma Training Disaster posted at The Scratching Post.

James Wong presents Nov 27, Buying a Vancouver small business posted at Real Estate News.

Shaun Connell presents Five Lifestyle Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started posted at Make Money Online.

Andrew Erickson presents Taking the Long View – Are You In Business? posted at WebSite Werx.

Robert Phillips presents Will Better Packaging Make More Sales? posted at CYBERCA$HOLOGY.

John W. Furst presents Protect Your Virtual Business Assets posted at E-Biz Booster Blog. Do you protect your valuable data that resides inside your computer? Many entrepreneurs – online and offline type of business – do not take appropriate care. You might only loose some 1000′s of dollars, but you can loose all of your business at once. Start getting prepared, now.

Susan presents Monetarizing Your Travel Blog posted at The Innovative Traveler. Monetarize your travel blog.

Dominic Tay presents 7 Secrets on How to be an Effective Entrepreneur for Personal Development posted at Personal Development for Work-At-Home Entrepreneurs. Staying at home as a full-time parent doesn’t mean not earning good fortune at all. The truth is that your home can be your place of glory. How’s that possible?

Martin Russell presents THE Word of Mouth Dentist posted at Word of Mouth Marketing. What can you learn about getting referrals, from a successful dentist in Australia? More than you might think.

[email protected] presents How to Make a Million Dollars With Your Website posted at A day in the life.

Nikole Gipps presents Launch Faster: 12 Tips for Avoiding Web Project Delays posted at Small Business Essentials: News, Tips and Advice.

Fred Black presents Dumbo posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

Campus Business presents Cheap Office Space and Maybe Even a Home | posted at Campus Business.

Todd presents How To Become a Great Salesperson posted at We The Change. A great article on sales skills.

Susan presents Vocation Vacations posted at The Innovative Traveler.

Matthew Paulson presents Citibank Busted Issuing 3.5 million Credit Cards to People Who Never Even Applied posted at American Consumer News.

American Entrepreneur presents Don?t Tell Anyone How Much Money You Make. posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Nico Tramontana presents Tips For Running A Successful Home Based Business posted at Nico’s Blog- Home Based Business, home business owners, on line, work at home, business opportunity. Tips for running your own home business and earning a great income on the side.

John Crenshaw presents “He Tells Me To Burn Things” posted at Dominate Your Life. How do you distinguish good advice from bad, how do you know when someone is just telling you to “burn things?”

That concludes this edition. Next edition of this carnival will be hosted here on December 15, 2007. Submit your blog articles using our Blog Carnival Submission Form. Before hosting the next edition, we will make an analysis of the links we will receive from this carnival edition.

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