Tips for Digital Entrepreneurs: Link Building and Deep-Linking

Friday, November 30, 2007 at 4:30pm by Site Administrator

If your business relies on an online presence, you’ve probably already considered having a blog for your business website – possibly to boostrap your business with ad revenue. (Though the success of that really depends on your market as well as what you’re “selling”.)

As you probably already know, blogging isn’t about merely writing an article here and there at random. At least, not if you want some success out of the effort. I’ve already written about this a fair bit and don’t want to rehash it. I do want to point out that I believe critical thinking is important for entrepreneurs, especially for any work in the digital domain.

Particularly important to building the value of your website articles is the practice of deep linking, a subject I’ve written about extensively, as part of “link building”, at a number of places, especially Search Engine Journal.

Link building is important because it’s the act of any effort taken to get other “good” websites to link back to your site, especially particular articles. The link building effort also contributes to improving your site’s authority and “relevance” in the search engines for your chosen niche topic.

In a nutshell, the key purpose of good link building in any given article is to offer relevance to the reader. Link to relevant and worthwhile articles – both elsewhere and your own site – and in ways that are preferably seamless.

Whether or not a particular search engine will assign a measure of relevance to your article depends on their own algorithms, but you should still try to cater to the reader first. So when you write and when you link out to other sites and deep link to your own articles, put yourself in the place of the reader. Does the link you’ve used seem relevant to the context of the sentence, the paragraph, the article? Answer that question satisfactorily and you’ll likely be a better link builder.

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  1. thanks for the wisdom. i actually found this article because of your link on my site… all the best

    Comment by etavitom — November 30, 2007 @ 10:43 pm

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