50 Useful Blogs for Work-at-Home Dads

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Work-at-home moms get a lot of credit for balancing their careers, family and chores all at the same time. But what about work-at-home dads? Dads who choose to stay at home with the kids face the same responsibilities that moms do, but their challenges are often overlooked. Not anymore. Here, we honor 50 useful blogs that focus on work-at-home dads and their unique lifestyle.

Most Popular

Check out these immensely popular blogs written by work-at-home dads.

  1. Work-at-home Dad: Ty Tribble is an entrepreneur, husband and father who works from home. He writes about everything from sports to business to the home office, giving support to other WAHDs online.
  2. DevDad.com: At DevDad.com, readers will find posts about a young “stay-at-home Dad, geek style”. Find articles that combine parenting issues and technology for a clever approach to the sweet life.
  3. Stay-at-home, work-at-home Dad: This stay-at-home dad is also his son’s homeschool teacher. Read about his adventures with homework, playtime and more.
  4. Rebel Dad: Learn more about the “stay-at-home dad revolution” by checking out Rebel Dad. Get tips on starting your own dads’ group, read articles about taking your kids to the doctor and more.
  5. At Home Daddy: This SAHD talks about raising the kids, doing what “the boss lady” says, and many more adventures.
  6. work-at-home Dad: This Irish dad is married with four children. Read posts about blogging, fatherhood, technology, chores and homework. This dad does it all!
  7. House Dad Chronicles: This father shares delicious recipes that are always a hit at his house.
  8. KC Home Dad: This Kansas City stay-at-home dad reveals secrets for finding balance and contentment with a life lived at home.
  9. Christian work-at-home Dads: This popular blog discusses family, community, business, health and technology, all from a religious perspective. CWAHD also publishes job listings and allows readers the chance to submit their own articles.
  10. Joeprah: Anecdotes of a stay-at-home Dad: Joeprah’s blog serves as a place where stay-at-home dads can connect. Use the forum to tell your happiest and most miserable child rearing stories, or check out Joeprah’s own stories and advice about doing the chores, ignoring conventional child rearing rules, and just about everything else.
  11. Long Island Dad: This blog is about how one SAHD is “navigating the waters of parenting and life” on Long Island. Recent titles include “Study Shows…Men Need Naps!” and “Parents are More Than Blood Relatives.”
  12. A Man Among Mommies: Techie dad Todd is a WAHD who consistently finds himself the only man among mommies, whether he’s taking the kids to swimming lessons, the library, or picking them up from school.
  13. A Family Runs Through It: Lighthearted posts on A Family Runs Through It also offer up advice and reviews about homeschooling, parenting and books.
  14. SillyDad.com!: This dad doesn’t let staying home with his kids all day keep him from pursuing a successful writing and website career.
  15. Dads Stay Home: Join in the discussions on this site’s forums to connect with a larger community of SAHDs. Recent posts include “Do You Cook Thanksgiving Dinner?”

Support and Advice

Stay-at-home dads need a lot of support when it comes to managing a work-life balance, looking after the kids, and keeping up with household chores. Turn to these bloggers for the support and advice that will get you through the week.

  1. Where Boys Fear to Tread: Find out how this father of two copes with seemingly simple tasks like grocery shopping, play dates and more.
  2. Seattle Stay-at-Home Dads: If you live in the Seattle, WA, area, consider joining up with this network of SAHDs for support, social events and advice.
  3. Julie Ann Bonner: This work-at-home mom dispenses valuable advice for moms and dads who work from home, blogging, parenting and more.
  4. The stay-at-home Dad Site: This blog provides excellent resources for dads who need tips on cooking, cleaning and keeping their kids occupied all day long.
  5. eMoms at Home: eMoms at home supports a “Dad Balance” portal that provides “tips, advice and discussions for working Dads trying to find a healthy balance between their career and their family.” Readers will also find resources for running an Internet business or freelancing career.
  6. Adventures of a Stay-at-Home Dad: This father quit his 9-to-5 job to stay-at-home and raise the kids. Read about his efforts to provide for his family financially by starting his own business.
  7. Syracuse.com: At-Home Dads: This blog, supported by the Syracuse.com website, is full of news, statistics and stories about the SAHD lifestyle.
  8. The Lazy HouseHusband: Check out what really goes on in a day of the life of an online entrepreneur and his three children.
  9. African American Dad: This blog offers valuable, warm-hearted support for African American dads and their families. Read posts about books, movies, race, the media and even motherhood.
  10. Daddyshack: This blog gives at-home dads a chance to talk about more than just their kids. Find posts about cars, celebrities and sports.
  11. Chief Home Officer: Visit this blog for tips on how to turn your home business into a successful career. Readers will also find lots of terrific resources for setting up a home office, taking care of their families and more.
  12. Just a Dad: This father of four discusses what it’s like to raise his children while managing a successful website and blogging career.
  13. D.A.D. Blog This: D.A.D. stands for “Do as Directed,” a command this young working father is used to saying and obeying.
  14. EntrepreneurDad’s work-at-home Blog: Find advice about parenting, starting your own company, and marketing, networking and more on the site’s forums.
  15. DadBloggers: This online community of blogging dads lets dads from all over submit posts about parenting, work, family life and more.

Parenting Issues

For more advice on how to raise the kids, take a look at these blogs that tackle parenting issues.

  1. Modern Day Dad: SAHDs are faced with all kinds of stereotypes from old-fashioned skeptics. Check out this blog to find out how a modern day dad deals with the criticism and keeps the focus on family.
  2. Occupation: Dad: This former teacher is now a father and husband. Read about issues like adoption, sickness and even the tooth fairy.
  3. The (Only) Man of the House: This dedicated dad stay home with the kids during the day and goes to work at his TV station job at night. Find out how he manages his hectic schedule.
  4. Daddy Detective and Queen Bug: If any of you dads have trouble understanding your daughters, check out this blog that attempts to “decipher” the random clues of parenting.
  5. Disney Family: Discover the “answers to everyday family life, including entertainment, parenting, coupons” and more. The site is full of kids’ movie reviews, recipes, and parenting advice, but don’t neglect to check out RandCooper’s family blog for hilarious stories about his struggle to manage a writing career and a family.
  6. Another At-Home Dad: This former college professor is now a stay-at-home dad. Read well-written posts about getting crafty with the kids, sending the little ones off the school and more.
  7. Parent Hacks: This popular blog is full of “real-world parenting tips from real parents.” When you’re having trouble with your kids, chances are, this blog can give you the advice you’re looking for.
  8. I’m Not a Slacker: Whoever thinks full-time parenting is an easy job, they haven’t checked out this blog, written by “a guy who didn’t outsource parenting.”
  9. DadCenter: DadCenter features parenting posts “with a Dad-centric bias.” Catch up on “Daddy News,” sports, health issues, tech tips, financial issues and other WAHD stories.
  10. The Daily Daddy Blog: This blog is sponsored by the site Dadviser, which encourages men to “be a better dad.” Take the personal development challenges, read posts about relationships and parenting, and get tips on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  11. Family Man Blog: The Family Man Online is a great resource for finding articles about parenting, catching up on all the news related to kids, education, health and families, and discussing important (and hilarious) issues on the discussion forums.
  12. Stay-at-home Parents: This blog from Suite101 focuses on moms and dads whose concerns include “calculating the cost of working, transitioning from work to home, living on one income and exploring work-at-home opportunities.”


These helpful resources share money making opportunities for the work-at-home crowd, parenting tips for raising children and entrepreneur-related articles for managing the home office.

  1. BossFreeDad.com: This website provides stay-at-home dads with opportunities to make extra money for their families.
  2. Web Worker Daily: Online entrepreneurs, designers, developers and bloggers will benefit from the tips and articles posted on this site.
  3. Work It: a blog for Working Moms: Get inside your wife’s head for a few minutes each day by checking out the posts on this great blog. You’ll get a little more insight on what it’s like to spend time away from the kids, come home to a dirty (or clean!) house, and more.
  4. Career and Kids: While this blog often focuses on professionals who work at an office outside the home, stay-at-home dads will love the articles about preparing kids for life after school, time management, nurturing your career as well as your family, and setting goals for yourself.
  5. work-at-home Business Opportunities: Get ideas for making extra money through a home-based business. Readers will find articles on entrepreneurship, economics, and Internet marketing.
  6. Work From Home Blog: This blog is “all about working from home.” Recent titles include “Turning a Hobby Into an Income” and “How to Avoid Work-From-Home Scams.”
  7. Home Office Envy: If you’re considering becoming a work-at-home dad, read this blog that outlines the pros of setting up a home office.
  8. Daddy Forever: Laugh along with this dad as he shares tales from his lively household. Recent posts include “Seven Things I Learned from My Daughter” and “Grandma is Scary.”

Who says work-at-home dads aren’t as fun or cool as work-at-home moms? Share your stories and adventures with the bloggers on this list, who understand what it’s like to manage a home, a family and a career day after day.

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