The Time Wasting Toolbox: 80+ Ways to Have Fun Avoiding Work in the Office

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 at 2:21am by Site Administrator

Let’s face it: do any of us really put in 8 solid hours of work each day? We didn’t think so. More often than not, we’re blankly staring at the computer screen, getting up for breaks, and shuffling around papers trying to look busy. But if your boss is starting to wonder why you take 12 trips to the bathroom before lunch, chances are you need some more tricks up your sleeve for procrastinating. This list of 80+ ways to actually have fun at the office will keep your mind off the clock.


These online games will keep you occupied during the countdown until 5 p.m.

  1. Wicked Good Games: Find free online games that work with any browser on this website.
  2. Cyrkam Airtos Game: This game features bored office mates who try to toss crumpled up papers into the wastebasket.
  3. FetchFido’s Free Online Games: Play free games like Anti Pacman, Hoops Mania and Crazy Mammoth on this site.
  4. Paintball the Office: Relieve stress by shooting your paintball gun at irritating smiley faces that roll around an office setting.
  5. Miniclip Games: Miniclip has hundreds of games. Keep track of your favorites by maintaining a "My Games" list, or search categories like Motorsports, Retro, 3D, or 5 Minute "in a hurry" games.
  6. Office Hours Games: This British site caters to the procrastinating professional. Play card and casino games, sports games, puzzles and word games, or check out funny cartoons and slideshows.
  7. Playing these games requires an email account, but taking the time to create a free account is definitely worth it. Your boss won’t be able to pull you away from addictive games like Jewel Quest or Blast Billiards.
  8. Play free online Flash games on this website. Categories include adventure, arcade, sports and more.
  9. NBC Primetime Games: Play games centered around all your favorite NBC primetime shows like The Biggest Loser, Bionic Woman, Las Vegas, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Law and Order.
  10. Whoop Ass: Office Edition: Ambush your co-workers as they head to the water cooler by opening up a can of whoop ass and taking them out.
  11. Online Casinos: Try your hand at poker and get gambling tips from the online casino.
  12. Office Space: The Game: "Yeahhh, I’m gonna need you to come in Saturday…" Escape Lumbergh and the rest of the office brown nosers by deftly maneuvering around each cubicle.

Quizzes and Trivia

Ever wanted to know which Simpsons character you are? Need to find out what your body’s ideal diet is? If you’ve got some time to kill at the office, take these ridiculous quizzes to make time go by a little faster.

  1. Brainfall: Brainfall has all kinds of quizzes in categories like TV shows, movies, and more. Find out which beer best fits your personality, or discover which famous artist you’re most like.
  2. Are you still in love with your ex? The Simpsons vs. Family Guy? Find out by taking the quizzes at
  3. Go To Quiz: Take one of the popular quizzes like "What mental disorder do you have?" or make up your own quiz to post on your MySpace page or blog.
  4. Tickle Personality Tests: Tickle has hundreds of tests and quizzes in categories like career, relationship, mind and body, and lifestyle. Find out if your current job is worth fighting for, or if your dream job is just around the corner.
  5. World’s Smallest Political Quiz: If you’re tired of trying to figure out where you stand on the issues and can’t decide who to vote for, take this quick and easy political quiz which can help you "determine your political identity."
  6. Quick Trivia: Test your knowledge of pop culture, science, history and more with the trivia questions on this website.
  7. Play games and answer trivia quizzes on the "world’s largest largest trivia and quiz site."
  8. TV Trivia: Guess the TV theme song or answer questions about your favorite characters from Roseanne, Little House on the Prairie, ALF, or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  9. Big Bucks Trivia: Take the online trivia quizzes on this site, and you could win big cash prizes.
  10. Online Jeopardy: Play the online Jeopardy game, and brag to your co-workers about how much virtual money you win.
  11. The Green Office: Let the Office Footprint Calculator tell you how green (or not) your office culture is by considering location, transportation, machinery and more.
  12. QuizPox: These "fun and entertaining personality tests" run from the ridiculous — "What is your prison name?" — to the completely absurd — "What panties fit your personality?"


Earn a little extra cash without giving up anymore of your precious time. Take these paid surveys from your office computer, and watch your bank account bulge.

  1. Survey Club: Register for a free account, and then select the surveys that are most interesting to you. Take one whenever you have a free minute or two at the office.
  2. This site claims that survey takers can make from $10 – $150 per hour by "taking fun, exciting paid surveys."
  3. Free Paid Surveys: This online survey guide connects you to paid survey sites and gives tips on improving your survey-taking skills.
  4. Maximum Paid Surveys: This site allows you to take paid online surveys, try out new products, and participate in focus groups.

Online Shopping

Get all of your shopping done while you’re still at the office. These sites are great for finding new presents for yourself or gifts for others. If your supervisors catch you slacking off, just tell them you’re shopping for boss appreciation gifts!

  1. is the premier online shopping network. Find great deals on books and music, toys, clothes, auto parts, and even grocery items.
  2. eBay: Logging on to your eBay account from work means that you can keep track of your bids all day long. Search for rare collectibles and sold out concert tickets, or get discounts on DVDs and new electronics.
  3. Love 2 Buy: This site is "an online shopping mall" where you can search for clothes, household items, electronics and gifts. Never pay more than $8.95 for shipping and handling, no matter how much you order.
  4. Bluefly: Buying Prada and Gucci bags from the store might be more exciting, but shopping online at Bluefly will get you the sweet deals. Search the new arrivals section for the latest in men’s and women’s fashions, or go straight to the clearance bin for the best discounts.
  5. AOL Shopping: If you’re not sure what to shop for but know you’d rather be shopping than working, check out AOL’s shopping pages to find featured items in computers and electronics, clothing, DVDs and more.
  6. Find everything from kitchenware to auto auctions at Use the gift finder if you need help shopping for birthdays or holidays, or check out the clearance pages for special discounts.
  7. Coupon Chief: Find free coupons to popular stores like BestBuy, the Gap and Target.
  8. Planet Online: Planet Online boasts "3 click shopping" for buyers who need to do their shopping on the sly. Search the many different categories for the perfect item, compare prices, and then buy it at the online checkout before your boss can see what you’re doing.


Check out this list of websites that are all designed for procrastinators like you.

  1. Super Viva: SuperViva Life Lists is the best way to waste your time at work (according to Marie Claire, Jan 2007) – a fun way to dream about everything you want to do in life and plan it on a life list.
  2. This slackers’ paradise is full of games, office humor, entertainment and sports news, and tons of other links that will keep you away from work.
  3. The Office: NBC’s popular TV show, The Office, also has a great website for jaded professionals. Play games, watch webisodes and submit funny photos from your office.
  4. is a procrastinator’s Mecca. Access games, surveys, videos, cartoons and other silly stuff that will cheer you up.
  5. This website is all "about time wasting." Download ringtones, play around with the surrealist compliment generator, play games, and figure out your birthdate in Pi.
  6. This bizarre website is the ultimate mindless time waster. Clicking different parts of the screen will take you to more outrageous pages, leaving you to wonder, "Does it ever end?"
  7. The Onion: Indulge your sarcastic side with "America’s Finest News Source," The Onion. This popular spoof of The New York Times publishes hilarious stories, opinion pieces and personal ads.
  8. Modern Humorist: Witty articles like "Mp3s=Communism" and "MonkeyHotOrNot" will boost your mood at the office. If you’re feeling extra bold, send "grating e-cards that convey what you’re too cowardly to say" in person.
  9. 80s Nostalgia: If you lived through the 80s without too much scarring, you’ve got a lot to be proud of. Check out this website for classic 80 TV, memories and even a dictionary.
  10. Lyrics Download: Find out what that song on the office-approved radio station is really talking about. Find over 625,000 lyrics on this site.
  11. Discover what celebrities are doing and wearing with the news, gossip and photos on
  12. National Lampoon: This site is full of hilarious time wasters. Read outrageous college stories, watch Toga TV, play National Lampoon games, listen to National Lampoon radio, and much more.
  13. Lunchtimers: This site is so addictive you won’t be able to wait until your lunch break to play the multi-user games.
  14. Sudoku: Sudoku lovers will get lost in this site of games, challenges, forums and more.
  15. Google Fight: Make up an online fight pitting Facebook against Google, the holidays against school, or any other combination you think up.
  16. Websites to Waste Time To: Click on the links on this monster list of even more websites that are great time wasters.

More Internet Time Wasters

This miscellaneous group of time wasters will make you look busy while you have fun procrastinating.

  1. Clockwatching Heaven: Find out what time it is in top cities around the world. This website suggests throwing a silent party when "your fellow workers reach 5 PM in Paris or Sydney."
  2. All recipes: Start planning what you’re going to make for dinner while you’re still at the office. By the time you get home, you’ll probably be too tired and hungry to think about anything other than frozen pizza, so this fun diversion is also a practical one!
  3. YouTube: Even if you have to turn the sound down on the more outrageous videos, you and your co-workers will get a good laugh out of the crazy videos sent in from all over the world.
  4. Send ecards to your friends: Picking out a silly e-card from sites like 1001 Postcards will keep your mind off of your dull day.
  5. Keep up with a social network: It’s possible to spend hours clicking through profiles on social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Update your profile, search for new friends, or have fun scoping out random members in other countries.
  6. Just because you’re having a bad day today doesn’t mean the rest of the week is going to be terrible…or does it? Take a peek into the future by reading your horoscopes on
  7. Read or maintain a blog: Blogging is a great way to waste time at the office. Let your readers know what’s going on in your day, or subscribe to RSS feeds from your favorite bloggers on the Web. Just don’t get too specific on your site, though, or your boss might not be unhappy with your posts.
  8. Organize a personal photo album: Sites like Shutterfly let users set up and custom design their own photo albums online to be shared with family and friends. Get your mind off work and focus on the good times you’ve had.
  9. Read a magazine: Don’t you wish you could kick your feet up and flip through a magazine while you’re at work? Unless you’re catching up on industry news, flipping through tabloids probably isn’t allowed. Many magazines, however, publish features and extras online so that you can take a break whenever you want.
  10. Book a flight: Plan a vacation somewhere far, far away from your office even while you’re chained to your desk. Use an online travel service to book a flight or cruise, letting you take that vacation you so desperately need.
  11. Online Magnet Poetry: Choose from poetry kits like Shakespeare, pickup lines, college, or artist to create magnetic poetry that no one but you has to see.
  12. Human for Sale: If someone were to put you up for sale, how much people anyone pay? Calculate your worth by evaluating your sense of humor, athletic ability, income level and more.
  13. The Dialectizer: Type in a phrase in The Dialectizer’s text box, and see how it would be translated into jive, cockney, redneck and other funny dialects.
  14. Watch TV: No, we don’t mean set up an entire entertainment system in your office. But when your boss is out of the office, check out these online TV channels, and watch the day fly by.

Fun Around the Office

Grab your co-workers and indulge in a little fun that’s not listed in your job description.

  1. Play on the playground: These toys from Office Playground, Inc. offer up tons of silly fun that’s still office appropriate — sort of. Toss around a Nerf football or use the slingshot flying chicken to play tricks on the office gossip.
  2. Put up posters: These irreverent posters are just the thing you need on your walls to spice up office life. Tongue-in-cheek messages like "Using the toilet facilities more than twice a day is forbidden. Further use has to be previously approved by the management" will have your office mates rolling with laughter.
  3. Feng Shui your office: If your boss asks you why you’re moving around your office furniture, don’t tell him or her it’s because you’re trying to waste time. It’s just feng shui.
  4. Take a cigarette break: Even if you don’t smoke, take a short break whenever you can to go outside and "smoke." You can meet up with friends in other offices, take a walk around the block, or just enjoy the peace and quiet.
  5. Plan a party: Whether it’s an office party, a weekend blowout or just drinks after work, subtlety plan a party with your office friends to get your mind off work.


If you’ve played all the games, taken all the surveys and quizzes, and visited all the time waster websites, but you still have a few minutes left until you can pack up and go home, try out these methods for making time go faster.

  1. Cute Overload: This weirdly popular site features photos and videos of adorable animals, like "disapproving rabbits," otters, puppies and kittens.
  2. Jackson Pollock Art: Move your mouse around the blank page to create your version of a Jackson Pollock masterpiece.
  3. Perez Hilton: Find out what this catty celebrity gossip maven has to say about the stars today.
  4. Makeover-o-Matic: Give yourself a virtual makeover at work! Experiment with different hair cuts and colors, beauty tricks, and accessories.
  5. The Official Time Waster’s Guide: This site links readers to blogs, movie reviews, video games, web comics and more. Discuss each post with other time wasters on the site’s hosted forums.
  6. Google yourself: Want to see how your ranked against all the other Joe Schmoes? If you’re not the number one entry under your name, try adding in keywords to increase your chances of getting to the top.
  7. Online Dating: Create an online dating profile and flirt with potential mates from the safety of your office chair.
  8. Instant message your friends: Find out what your friends are doing at their jobs by connecting online with instant message services like AIM. Plan a movie night, complain about work (just don’t let your boss see!) or count down the minutes until 5p.m. together.
  9. Mental floss: This site is "where knowledge junkies get their fix." Catch up on news, trivia, history and general fun facts at Mental Floss.
  10. Funny Business blog: The Funny Business blog features "everything about business except the bottom line." Read office-related stories and articles about employee benefits, office ethics, business trips and more.
  11. Salary Calculator: Is your salary comparable to the market value? Find out what you could be making with the salary calculators on
  12. The Job Bored: Check out this website devoted to office politics, news and "getting through the day." View pictures of the saddest cubicle in the world, watch funny YouTube videos, and get advice on tricky office politics.

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  1. Add to your shopping sites! Not only is it full of great handmade gifts and art that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere but some of the search functions are fantastic time-wasters in and of themselves. One lets you search by color and it’s fun to watch the bubbles bloom and turn into items when you click. Another brings up the most recent items in a spiral and you can throw the icons all over the screen.

    Comment by Beth Robinson — December 4, 2007 @ 1:51 pm

  2. Great list you’ve put up here.
    Keep up the good work ;)

    Comment by Cucirca — December 6, 2007 @ 7:08 pm

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