Productivity and Entrepreneurship: From Zero To Startup

Friday, May 25, 2007 at 6:52pm by Site Administrator

Still deciding whether to jump from a salaried job to some sort of “freedom”? Maybe you need a bit of nudging.

  • Freelance Switch Hourly Rate Calculator.
    I know, this blog is about entrepreneurship, but in my experience, many freelancers leap into entrepreneurial endeavors. They’re used to working for themselves. So, that said, if you’re in the freelancing stage and want to know what to charge as your hourly rate, FreelanceSwitch has an easy to use rate calculator. That’s to save you from charging too little.

  • 25 Startups to Watch.
    You’ve had enough of freelancing, per se, and have an idea for a great startup up business. Check out CNN Money’s 25 startups to watch, and find out why these businesses have scored a lot of interest.

  • Honor the Commandments.
    Just before you actually decide to launch your startup, follow the some startup commandments.

  • Finding Expired Domains.
    A savvy netrepreneur knows a good domain name can make the difference for a startup’s website. Some startups name themselves after checking on available domains. Unique is always good. But if you’re not fussy and would rather pick up a domain name with a bit of age (and thus potential value), DotSauce has a list of where to find expiring domains. If you acquire keyword domains, these can be valuable for link building to your main website.

  • To Design or Not To Design.
    You’ve got your domain, time to build a website on it. As usual, you don’t have much to spend on design, and probably don’t want to spend it if you did. Well, apparently you don’t have to put a lot of design into a site.

  • Marketing a Website With $100.
    Now you have a website, and your puny bootstrapping budget doesn’t seem enough for promoting a website. Well, you can market a website for $100 (via SEOmoz). There are seven big names offering their tips, so be sure you read this before blowing your wad on marketing.

  • Building and Maintaining Website Rankings.
    Know what search engine marketing strategy battles to fight for your site, and which you should leave. While you may get organic search results, understand how you’re paying for this success.

  • Still Haven’t Found What They’re Looking For.
    If you do have a website, or more specifically a blog for your business site, just be sure you know what your visitors are looking for, and give it to them in a suitable way.

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