What Do You Really Want To Do In Life?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 8:00am by Site Administrator

Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey, whom I often quote/ refer to here, asks what would you do if money did not matter? Have you thought about that, especially in terms of business/ career? Yaro also asks what you’d do if money was all you cared about, and goes on to say that blogging is then a poor choice.

My experience is that a large percentage of people would indicate wanting to do something other than what they’re currently doing. As Yaro points out, some people would say they’d take lots of holidays. Others actually say “nothing.” These are often the people that either haven’t thought about it or are afraid to pursue their dreams.

A lot of people talk about procrastination and GTD (Get Things Done), but I always find I have problems with GTS (Getting Things Started). Something I learned very early in my writing career is that writing about something not only helps you to learn about it but often motivates you to learn even more, sparks a career passion.

That said, if you are in an inbetween stage where you are thinking about a career change and know what you’d like to, blogging can still help you. It might or might not earn you enough to bootstrap your startup business, but it will help you towards becoming an authority in your chosen niche. That in turn might lead to the opportunities you need to launch your startup. With or without revenue, blogging can bootstrap your career.

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