Entrepreneur and Productivity Roundup – Mon Nov 19, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007 at 8:00pm by Site Administrator

Social Networking for Entrepreneurs
If you have a website where you publish regular fresh content (articles, videos, etc.), such as a blog for your business, social networking is a must. However, with hundreds of social networking/ social media sites out there, you have to pick the right ones for your niche. To that end, check out BootstrapMe’s social networking toolbox and Tropical SEO’s list of niche social sites that send traffic.

Never Too Old For Business Success?
Freya Bletsoe (Sykes?) at Small Business Branding asks what’s the right age to start a business. She offers some of the benefits and advantages of both young and old age groups.

But if you’re one of those over-30 entrepreneurs that always feels that time is ticking away for your business success, seeing “Top 20 Under 30 Entrepreneur” type lists probably don’t help. Don’t fret. Successful entrepreneurs are typically older – in their 50s and 60s. But even that might put some of you in a fret, worrying that you don’t have time to “make it”, depending on how old you are.

Well then check out this gallery of 8 entrepreneurs over 80, involved in several different markets. If this doesn’t ease your stress over an imaginary ticking “success” clock, probably nothing will.

Downloadable Shopping Maps
With Google’s current bids for wireless spectrum and indications that mobile marketing will be heating up in the next few years, consumers will have a lot of useful mobile applications to look forwards to. But until they’re commonplace, you have things like downloadable shopping maps [via Business Opportunities]. Currently they’re only for Sydney, Australia, but what do you want a bet more cities will follow suit?

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