Entrepreneur and Productivity Roundup – Wed Nov 14, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at 10:30pm by Site Administrator

Affiliate Marketing Secrets
As he often tends to do, Yaro Starak has a very detailed account of his experience with affiliate marketing online. He reveals some secrets, as well as some of the challenges in crowded niches. I know that I haven’t had much success in this area (grand total of about $50 commissions in two years), so this is a very welcome article with lots of information. Affiliate marketing can be an ideal opportunity for bootstrappers, if you don’t want to go with regular online publishing or a subscription site.

Productivity Toolbox
SmallFuel Marketing has a handy productivity toolbox article that lists nearly 40 tools for getting things done. The list is split up into the following categories:

  1. Project and task management tools.
  2. Productivity blogs and websites.
  3. Productivity and execution books.
  4. Getting things done (GTD) software.
  5. To-do and task list software.
  6. Time tracking and management.
  7. Calendars and scheduling.
  8. Planning and goal setting.
  9. Motivation/ inspiration.

Lies an Entrepreneur Told Me?
Shawn Hessinger has a great post over at BootstrapMe about seven business lies that would-be entrepreneurs say, and which become barriers for themselves. These lies are actually the stumble blocks that stop would-be entrepreneurs from getting things started. The article certainly opened my eyes, made me realize how many of these lies I’ve told myself.

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