Career Choices: Follow Your Passion?

Friday, November 9, 2007 at 6:30pm by Site Administrator

For those of you with unfulfilled entrepreneurial dreams, there are a couple of blog posts I recommend reading. Jon over at OnMoneyMaking says don’t do what you love. He thinks that’s stupid. He obviously had a lot of foresight early in life because he started building his resume at around nine years of age. And the result was that despite a college degree in English, all his other activities scored him a six-figured salaried job upon graduation.

Ryan over at College Startup reflects on Jon’s article but disagrees with him about not doing what you love:

… in my honest opinion, the resources and infrastructure are now in place so that anyone, anywhere, with enough passion, can do exactly what they want and still hit 6 figures within a few years.

I’m a long-time freelancer but also raised “old-school” in the sense that you have to follow some career to be safe in life, to pay the bills, raise a family, have a mortgage, etc. After following the rules and being repeatedly thwarted in my career success (sometimes through self-sabotage), I figure that without a family or mortgage, I really have nothing to lose by following my passion. That is, my original passion, filmmaking – the one I forgot all about while trying to raise money for it the past sixteen years.

The conservative approach is to “do what you have to make a living.” The liberal approach is to follow your passion and make it work. My long-time thinking is to follow your passion, if possible. Just don’t be afraid to make detours if necessary, to survive, and don’t forget your passion, during the detour.

Fact is, the Internet has made it possible (but not necessarily probable) that you can make a living online, whether from blogging as a niche authority, having an online publishing business, software development, e-commerce or some other means. The question is whether you can find your passion, because that’s what I feel you need for online success.

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