Entrepreneur and Productivity Roundup – Fri Nov 09, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007 at 3:15pm by Site Administrator

More Freepreneuring: Free Rice
No idea if Free Rice is sustainable freepreneuring business model, but as Seth Godin said, it’s a lot of fun. Free Rice displays a word and four meanings to choose from. For every word you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice through the United Nations, in the hopes of ending world hunger. They have some very well-known companies advertising in little graphic ad banners.

While the questions do get tougher, I managed to help donate 300 grains, getting 30 questions right out of about 35. If you have a few minutes where you’re relaxing, go check out Free Rice and have some fun while improving your vocabularly.

Budding Young Filmmakers
Ben Casanocha has been impressing entrepreneurs both for his web project ComCate and the fact that he started it at the age of thirteen. Well another young man, a Canadian, is now twelve and has been making stop-motion movies with plasticine sets – similar to Wallace and Grommit- for a few years now, winning kudos all over the world. In fact, if I remember correctly, he has essentially bootstrapped his allowance over a few years into a filmmaking skillset that won him a $10,000 prize in a film festival.

Does anyone think this kid will not become a filmmaker in terms of his career choice? [Apologies but I can't seem to find any info about him online, don't remember his name, nor which TV network he was profiled on this week.]

Garage Startups: Holey Soles
Holey Soles, a Canadian manufacturer of clog-like footwear, apparently started in Joyce Groote’s neighbor’s garage [via Business Opportunities]. However, this is not your typical garage startup, as Groote’s initial investment was Cdn$80,000 in 2002 – from leveraged mortgages, etc. But considering that in just five years, the company is now expecting Cdn$20M of gross revenue this year, it seems to me that they’ve still applied some bootstrapping principles, reinvesting their earnings.

The footwear, sold in over thirty countries, is designed not to absorb bacteria and to give more bounce on hardwood floors.

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