BlackBerry on Crack: 25 Tools to Supercharge Your Lifeline

Tuesday, October 30, 2007 at 2:18pm by Site Administrator

The BlackBerry is a useful tool on its own, but have you ever wondered if it’s possible to make it even more effective? If so, you’re not the only one. There are a number of tools designed to take your BlackBerry’s capabilities even farther, and we’ve listed some of the best here.


BlackBerries are great for communication, but still have a ways to go in terms of mobile office work. Use these tools to get up to speed with reports, documents, and other mobile office gems.

  1. Cognos 8 Go! Mobile: With Cognos 8, users can access business intelligence information on the go. It’s designed for groups that need to distribute reports to users on mobile devices, so it operates with remote installation and administration.
  2. RepliGo: View documents in a quality that rivals your desktop computer with RepliGo. Features include the ability to zoom in to see everything as well as online document storage. With integrated communications like email, fax, and printing, you can share documents easily. You’ll also be able to take advantage of bookmarks, hyperlinks, and tags for quick access.
  3. MicroStrategy Mobile: Don’t bother reformatting business reports to view them on your Blackberry. Use MicroStrategy to view them without having to adjust their size. You can set your own preferences for viewing, and the program integrates with existing applications like email, text, and phone.

Search & Navigation

If you’re a heavy traveler, you probably want more navigation and local search than the BlackBerry currently offers. Stay on top of directions, restaurants, and traffic using these tools.

  1. Spot: This software from Skylab Mobilesystems offers GPS on the BlackBerry. Features include tracklogs, moving map navigation, waypoints, integrated GPS, Bluetooth, and more.
  2. Beyond411: Use Beyond411 for business listings and GPS search from your BlackBerry. You’ll get instant access to yellow and white pages, address book integration, local prices, search, and more.
  3. Windows Live Search Mobile: BlackBerry users can find local information, navigation with turn-by-turn directions, traffic information, and Internet search with Windows Live Search Mobile. Just point your BlackBerry’s browser to to download this useful tool.
  4. Google Maps Mobile: Combine Google Maps with your BlackBerry on a corporate BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or just on your own. You can get live traffic updates, business locations, local listings, and interactive maps.


Although the BlackBerry is a great tool for the office, it’s not always easy to get information back and forth from your device to your computer. These two tools make it a breeze to do just that.

  1. ABC Amber BlackBerry Convertor: Get files out of your device and onto your computer using this handy convertor. It takes contacts, emails, calendar events, phone call logs, and lots of other items, then converts them into nearly any type of file you want, including HTML, PDF, TXT and DOC. You can even convert directly to Microsoft Outlook.
  2. BeamBerry: Have you gotten an email with an attachment your BlackBerry can’t read? Use BeamBerry to make it compatible. With this software, you can view document attachments in formats like PDF, Word, Power Point, and Rich Text.


Take your mobile scheduling and organization to a whole new level with these tools.

  1. Backpack Mobile: 37signals’ Backpack app is available on the BlackBerry. This web-based software makes it easy to plan, share, and remind yourself of tasks. Dave Mabe’s BlackBerry Hacks book even has a chapter on "Using Backpace as Your Mobile Workspace."
  2. Mobylo! MultiAlarm: Take your BlackBerry’s alarm functionality to its limit with this app. You can use Mobylo! to set multiple alarms with rules, appointments, and more. It offers holiday alarm blackouts, and loads of different ringtone options.


Whether you’re in the office or not, your finances still need to be managed. These tools make it convenient to stay on top of your money.

  1. Necho Expense BlackBerry Edition: BlackBerry users can utilize Necho Expense to create expense reports, review transactions, add out of pocket transactions, and upload reports for review.
  2. StockView: Staying on top of stocks while you’re on the go can be difficult, but with StockView, you can stay connected to the latest stock prices. This free stock viewer sends up to date stock prices to your BlackBerry.

Collaboration & Communication

Although the BlackBerry is already a great communication tool, these resources take it a step beyond, offering translation, remote access, cheap calls, and more.

  1. BlackBerry Unite!: Groups of up to five users can share collaboration and remote access tools on their BlackBerries with BlackBerry Unite! It offers shared calendars, documents, and more. You can even remotely erase information in case a handset is stolen, and all data is backed up automatically to a desktop PC.
  2. Translator+: Get this multi-translation tool on your BlackBerry to translate words and phrases. You can integrate it with BlackBerry email and save translations to your memory. This software supports more than 10 popular languages.
  3. IM+: Stay connected to instant messaging while you’re on the go using IM+. You’ll get instant messaging on AIM, MSN, iChat, Yahoo!, ICQ, MySpace and more with this software. IM+ gives you several accounts in just this one app.
  4. iSkoot: If you make a lot of expensive international calls, check out iSkoot. This BlackBerry Skype client makes it easy to send and receive Skype calls on your BlackBerry handset, so you can use this service instead of racking up huge bills.
  5. Empower HTML Mail Viewer: If you prefer HTML email to the BlackBerry’s stripped down view, check out this viewer. It offers true to form HTML emails with images, links, and graphics.

Security & Privacy

Whether you want to secure your passwords or just keep annoying phone calls out of your hair, these tools can make it happen.

  1. Secure Password Manager: Keep all of your passwords, credit card numbers, registration codes, and PINs handy with Secure Password Manager. You can use it to store this important data as well as generate random passwords that are hard for hackers to guess. With 256-bit Blowfish encryption, you can be sure that your data is safe, too.
  2. Black & Whitelist: If you have trouble with harassing phone calls, you can set up a black and whitelist on your BlackBerry to keep annoying callers at bay. This app detects incoming calls and rejects anyone who is blacklisted. You have the option to only accept calls from your address book for ultimate privacy.


Find even more helpful tools for your Blackberry in this section.

  1. BlackBerryTools: This open source suite of tools offers weather, a start page, backlight control, spell checking, and lots of other useful functions.
  2. Mobile Desktop: How would you like to access your desktop PC from your BlackBerry? With this piece of software, you can. Use Mobile Desktop to get wireless access to your desktop and applications, and you’ll never have to worry about being chained to your desk again.
  3. digby: Order products and services online directly from your BlackBerry using digby. This tool is great for finding information on the fly. For example, if you just got a book recommendation from a friend, you can check it out right away without having to wait to get online at home or in the office. They have loads of shops, like Office Max, Barnes and Noble, and even FTD and Godiva for last-minute romantic gifts.
  4. BBTetris: Have fun with the ever-popular puzzle game Tetris, made available for BlackBerry devices.
  5. Mobile SSH: Using Rove Mobile’s Mobile SSH, you can solve server problems remotely. It’s a client-side application, so you don’t have to worry about installing agents or server-side components.

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