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Tuesday, October 23, 2007 at 7:00pm by Site Administrator

If you’re even a semi-regular reader of Bootstrapper, you’ve probably figured out that we don’t cover Freelancing here all that much. We recently published The 100 Tools Freelancers Can’t Live Without, and it forced me to the realization that there really is a connection between freelancing and entrepreneurship. I’m a long time freelancer and also an entrepreneur. Freelancing is often a gateway towards entrepreneurship. Freelancers are used to working for themselves, and they’re familiar with the ebb and flow of income. So it can be a great stepping stone towards entrepreneurship. It teaches you a lot of facets about doing business but without the same kind of commitments or even hassles. (It has for me, but I’ve still got a lot to learn about entrepreneurship.) There are two great freelancing blogs to check out: FreelanceFolder and FreelanceSwitch. And if you’re looking for freelance writing and editing work, check out Freelance Writing Gigs. If you’re wondering where the actual transition between freelancer and entrepreneur is, I have to say I’m not entirely sure. They could potentially involve other people in the equation, so hiring doesn’t define either. However, freelancers are perceived to "work for" clients and  entrepreneurs tend to have customers, along with shorter-term interactions. A freelancer is not an entrepreneur but might become one. On the other hand, I’m now hovering between both states.

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