The Headhunting Toolbox: 50 Freebie Tools to Find Your Next All-Star Employee

Monday, October 29, 2007 at 1:35pm by Site Administrator

The job market isn’t just tough on would-be employees: headhunters and recruiters must also work hard to promote their clients’ companies, weed through hundreds of applicants and online job sites, and face rejection during the fight to recruit (and keep) the most loyal, dependent, and capable job candidates. In order to help you locate all-start employees, we’ve come up with this list of 50 freebie tools and resources that are frequented by prime job searchers. Online Job Boards

Visit these online job sites to search for reputable applicants, or to post a job notification and let them come to you.

  1. Google Base: This widely popular site will grant you access to well-qualified job searchers. You can choose to upload job descriptions one by one or as an entire spreadsheet file.
  2. Simply Hired: Simply Hired connects to employer websites to provide job seekers with new opportunities.
  3. allows employers to post an unlimited number of jobs on their site for free. Job postings will appear for up to 60 days.
  4. Post a Job USA: Post a Job USA narrows down your search by linking your post with job seekers who are looking for a job in your state.
  5. The Job Spider: Search the resume database or post a job for millions of job seekers to see. This site also allows employers to edit and delete job posts whenever they want.
  6. LuckyDogJobs: Post your jobs and search resumes for free on
  7. This site connects recruiters with only the job searchers that hold degrees. Post as many jobs as you want for free.
  8. Niche Classifieds: Job postings on this site’s new job boards are totally free. Search by industry to get more information.
  9. Post Job Free: This job board is still relatively new, it’s definitely worth checking out. Send them your job notification, and they’ll post it on several different job sites at no charge.
  10. Hire Fire: Job seekers are attracted to this site because of its custom-designed search options. Search the resume database or post, edit and delete your company’s job opportunities.
  11. Check out the Recruiter Zone on to create a profile and obtain advertising benefits, job search tools, and access to resumes that are e-mailed directly to your inbox.

Tools for Finding Freelancers

Hiring freelancers and contractors is becoming more and more popular among employers. Consider these job sites aimed at freelancers to save your company from spending extra money in overhead. Companies can also start off an employee as a freelancer, and then decide to hire him or her as a full-time employee if they prove to be compatible.

  1. All Freelance: All Freelance is one of the most popular employment resources among freelancers. Post a job on this site for free, and instantly find yourself connected with thousands of professionals.
  2. This site connects employers with highly professional, pre-screened freelancers. Payment for the job first goes through Workaholics4Hire to ensure completion, security, and satisfaction.
  3. FreelanceSwitch: Post jobs for free on this all-inclusive freelancer resource site. Categories include: design/illustration, writing/blogging, programming, and more.
  4. Go Freelance: GoFreelancer is known on the Web as "the freelance work exchange." Post jobs for free and read articles about the freelancing industry to understand where your future emplyoees are coming from.
  5., "The world’s largest online marketplace for freelance talent," is the place to find capable freelance professionals. Choose to post a job listing or to conduct your own search to find the perfect candidate.
  6. Freelance BBS: Browse through the resumes of qualified freelancers or post contract jobs on Freelance BBS free of charge.
  7. Media Bistro: Search the freelance marketplace for serious individuals who want to work with you.


Sometimes finding your next employee is as easy as hiring someone you already know. Start networking to branch out and meet new contacts who can help you with your search by recommending candidates to your office.

  1. ecademy: ecademy is a popular networking site for "connecting business people" all over the world. Logging in as a Basic Member is free.
  2. Company of Friends: This business network is sponsored by Fast Company magazine. Connect with thousands of other business people to "collaborate, solve problems, and develop skills."
  3. hi5: Meet new people when you create a profile on hi5. Search new college grads to attract applicants with degrees, advertise your company’s perks and benefits on your profile, or just link up with other headhunters to share advice.
  4. MyWorkster: Employers are allowed to sign up separately from students and alumni to distinguish themselves as in-demand recruiters. Network with potential employees or custom create job postings in which you "can target geographic demographics, specific colleges, and or industry preferences."
  5. Meetup: Organize job fairs, mixers, or industry meetings when you network with the other members of Meetup.
  6. With the help of, you can "extend your professional network" by meeting new contacts and organizing events and conferences.
  7. Networking for Professionals: Networking for Professionals is a large, well-respected networking community aimed at connecting business people and strengthening their professional relationships. Check here to find out if you are eligible for a free membership offer.
  8. Ziggs: Create and nurture business relationships with the help of Ziggs, a "one-stop source for creating and managing your online brand" or company. Membership is free.
  9. Ryze: The award-winning business networking site Ryze allows you to set up a member homepage, meet other recruiters and potential candidates, and solidify important deals.
  10. LinkedIn: Strict privacy settings ensure that your contacts and personal information are only shared with your friends. Sign up for a free account in order to post jobs or just meet other professionals in your industry.
  11. YorZ: Post job postings for free, accessible only to serious, professional YorZ members.
  12. Net Party: Want to meet the newest crop of talented young professionals? Find out about Net Party’s happy hour and networking events in your city.

Other Tools

Find employees, organize applications, and manage your client contacts with these useful tools.

  1. The Recruiter’s Toolkit: This comprehensive toolkit comes with lots of valuable tips for finding employees, researching the company you’re headhunting for, and deciphering resumes.
  2. 11 Web-based Project Management, Collaboration and Communication Tools: Read this article for more easy tools and tips for managing your files and contacts online.
  3. for Employers: This resource is full of articles and ideas for helping you find the best employees. Browse titles like "9 Secrets to Hiring Seasonal Workers" or check out fast facts that shed light on the most current job market trends.
  4. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Access important employment information supplied by the U.S. Department of Labor, like the Compensation and Working Conditions Online and the Occupational Outlook Quarterly.
  5. Salary Calculator: In order to remain competitive in today’s recuriting industry, you have to be aware of what job candidates expect to make. They’ll overlook your post if your offer isn’t at least at the average scale.
  6. National Association of Colleges and Employers: Download free articles and statistics that will help you pinpoint which students and colleges you need to meet with.
  7. Recruiters Network: This Web site is the official "association for Internet recruiting." Meet new contacts on the recruiting forums, get tips for reaching more candidates, and search resumes.
  8. The Riley Guide: Enter the recuriters and employers section to find free tools and guides for finding the best employees.
  9. Start a free trial to access gret recruitment tools like calculators, job description examples, and others.
  10. Recruiters Online Network: Post jobs, find support, and connect with future clients on the Recruiters Online Network.

News and Information

Check out these Web sites, blogs and other resources for tips on how to better your headhunting skills by staying on top of all the news and trends in the recruiting industry.

  1. Job Board Reviews: This excellent Web site has a section just for employers, where you can access the latest in industry news.
  2. Ask The Headhunter: This popular headhunting Web site includes great articles like "Top Ten Stupid Hiring Mistakes," that will help guide you through the recruiting process.
  3. Freelance Jobs News: This Web site posts articles about the changing landscape of freelance work. Educate yourself about new recruitment trends and what freelancers now expect from their future employers.
  4. The Virtual Handshake: Visit the official Web site for The Virtual Handshake to find out how you can access a free copy of this guide to business networking.
  5. Interview with a Headhunter: Take the advice that headhunter Nick A. Corcodilos offers in this interview from the Fast Company Web site to hone your recruiting and interviewing skills.
  6. The training tips and recruiting advice on Bill Radin’s Web site include articles on the purpose of recruiters, preparing for interviews, and much more. Plus, they’re all free!
  7. Hiring Online? 5 Tips for Maximum Reach: Scroll down to read this summary of innovative ways to advertise jobs online.
  8. Read about industry news, recruiting and headhunting training opportunities, and more.
  9. While headhunters don’t often communicate with a company’s human resources department frequently, this site offers valuable tips and advice especially for recruiters. Use the free forums to swap stories and make new contacts.
  10. Browse through blog postings and articles to find information about the electronic recruiting industry. Special reports include "Top Job Site Rankings," "Demographic Surprises Report," and "Risks & Benefits of Recruiting Blogs."

Arming yourself with the right tools will help you stand apart from other recruiters and employers who are all vying for the attention of qualified job candidates. These 50 freebies will help you understand what job seekers expect from their potential employers, giving you an added edge in the already competitive market.

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  1. You seem to have missed a great salary tool. Have you seen the PayScale Salary Calculator?

    Comment by Asst2DrSalary — November 2, 2007 @ 9:25 pm

  2. Hi – Just wanted to say thanks for putting together this list of tools.

    Comment by Margaret Burke — December 7, 2007 @ 9:01 pm

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