Hiring Online? 5 Tips for Maximum Reach

Sunday, September 30, 2007 at 10:30pm by Site Administrator

Maybe I’m old school but personally, I can’t stand looking for work online. Let me revise that. I didn’t enjoy looking for programming and technical writing work online in the early part of this decade. On the other hand, looking for blogging gigs is infinitely easier online. I’m not sure I can explain why, but Ben Yoskovitz does in 9 Signs the Online Job Market is Broken.

I will say that online jobs are easier to find online. Offline jobs are easier to find in the newspaper. Or were. The Human resources departments of some companies have stopped publishing their ads in the weekend editions of big city papers in favor of jobsites. If I were still looking for offline work, I would much rather grab a newspaper and a red pen and circle or strike out listings.

The primary problem of searching online for work is that there are so many more people to compete with, and you simply cannot filter job listings in the same way as with a newspaper. This might be detracting jobseekers from looking for work online. (Statistics I collected from headhunters suggested that people 40 and over might be having this problem. However, things may have changed in the 5 years since.)

So how does all this fare for companies advertising jobs? This is simply my opinion based on my experiences of hiring or seeking work myself: used a mixed strategy.

  1. Don’t shun newspapers altogether.
  2. Post information on suitable job sites. (See Ben’s article.)
  3. Include a line in your email signature: “Company X now hiring. See our website, http://companyx.com/.”
  4. List information in social networking sites such as LinkedIn.
  5. Utilize your company blog to list jobs or at least link to your main site’s careers section.

When it comes time for you to hire people so that you can delegate work, don’t rely on a single channel for listing your jobs.

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