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Web Metrics: Mean vs Median
For those blogger entrepreneurs that don’t relish the thought of browsing web statistics, there may be confusion about the value of various web metrics. Two such metrics are Mean vs Median, which can be applied to number of visitors, number of pageviews, etc. There is a distinct difference between the two, especially on websites that have signficant variance in day to day statistics. In particular, averages are deceptive. Seth Godin explains the difference between Mean and Median.

Building a Blog With Legacy Websites
If you’re one of those entrepreneurs who started their business a few years back, it’s possible that you’ve already moved part of your business online. So you might have a website but not a blog. And if you haven’t already heard, the value of a blog for your business can be immeasurable.

Fortunately, many blog platforms can be integrated with your existing website’s CMS (Content Management System). AimClear provides an explanation of how to add WordPress to your legacy website.

Go Click Yourself
Ben Yoskovitz gives away what I thought was a big secret amongst pro bloggers… When you write an article linking to other blogs, after publishing, click the links yourself. Doing so will show your linking in most other blogs’ control panels or web analytics packages. That of course brings your blog to the attention of the bloggers you linked to. If you don’t do this, your link might still get noticed, but it’s less likely.

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