Productivity and Entrepreneurship Roundup – Sep 12, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 at 5:30pm by Site Administrator

Here are some examples of bootstrapping and principles that are worth a read.

Bootstrapping a web app
Read/Write Web has the first of a small series of articles on bootstrapping a startup, especially one that’s product-driven. The series is being written by Matt Rogers of Aroxo, a web trading exchange for consumer electronics and other items.

The first article has a detailed overview of a general bootstrapping process, along with some specific details and cost breakdown for his

While their budget is miles ahead of my own startup/ bootstrapping experiment, it’s well worth a read. If your budget is tiny, you might also want to read Venture Itch’s interview with Pranaya Ghimire, founder of, who compares their $12 budget with Guy Kawasaki’s $12,000 for

Bootstrapping a Family Business
Bootstrapping a business is a whole lot easier when there’s more than one person to rely on. That’s especially true for family businesses, because younger members don’t have to be paid as much, but will get a share of the business in the future. However, when you work with family members, as BootstrapMe points out, the managment rules are different.

Who Are Your Best Customers?
Do you know your customers? What about your best customers? Remember the Pareto Principle, the so-called 80/20 (or 70/30) Rule. Not all your customers are as valuable as your best customers. That’s a simple truth, no matter how much ‘equality’ you want to believe in. Some deserve more of your time than others. It’s a simple financial truth. Instigator Blog offers some advice on how to profile your customers.

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