12 Easy Personal Fashion Rules to Increase Your Earning 12%

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at 3:45pm by Site Administrator

When you started your business, you probably imagined never having to suit up for an interview or conform to someone’s dress code ever again. Right? Wrong. As an entrepreneur, your style of dress is more important than ever before. Show clients that you’re a professional by following these essential fashion rules.

  1. Wear what makes you feel confident: This one’s important, because if you don’t appear confident, no amount of tailoring and shoe shining can make up for it. If you feel like an impostor in a suit and tie, wear something else that feels more appropriate for your comfort level. If you feel you look good, you’ll be in a better position to connect with your clients.
  2. Suits give an illusion of power: If you’re comfortable in a suit, where it whenever it’s appropriate, the key word here being appropriate. They give off a sense of sharpness and professionalism. Of course, if you’re meeting a client at a coffee shop down the street, you may want to tone it down to business casual.
  3. Always wear nice shoes: Run down and scuffed up shoes will make you look like you’re sloppy and can’t pay attention to detail. Clients do not want to see this. Make sure that your shoes look nice, even if they’re not horribly expensive. Remember, a little shoe shine goes a long way. While you’re at it, remember to make sure your belt matches your shoes. Brown shoes do not go with black belts, and vice versa.
  4. Dress appropriately every day: Even if you’re just on the couch with your laptop most of the time, it’s important to make yourself presentable every day. Why? Because if you’re bumming around in your jammies all day, you’re not likely to feel very productive. Even more importantly, you don’t want to get stuck having to scramble to get presentable if a client wants you to stop by and meet with them in half an hour. This doesn’t have to mean you’re dressed to the nines, but you should at least wear something that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in.
  5. Wear what fits: Nothing screams, "Hi, I’m wearing grownup clothes today" like an oversized piece of clothing. Avoid looking like you’re playing dress up by purchasing clothes that fit appropriately. If you’ve got nice pieces that just don’t fit anymore, consider having them altered. Otherwise, get rid of them in favor of something more flattering.
  6. Manage your hair: Shaggy, unkempt hair just doesn’t look professional. Keep your hair neatly trimmed and styled. You don’t have to lay on pounds of gel, but make sure it’s attractive and tidy. The same goes for any facial hair; if you’re going to grow a goatee or moustache, don’t let it go wild. Keep it neatly trimmed for a professional look.
  7. Don’t go overboard with makeup: Ladies, makeup can make you look more attractive, but don’t let things get out of hand. You don’t want the person you’re meeting with to marvel at how thickly you’ve caked on your foundation. Keep it natural so your clients aren’t distracted by your looks.
  8. Cover up: Again, distraction is a major folly, and skin is sure to take the attention away from you. You want the focus to be on your work and intelligence, not what you are or aren’t wearing. So as a general rule, you’ll appear more professional if you wear more clothing. Not necessarily quantity, but quality of cover. Consider slacks instead of shorts, a sleeved shirt instead of a tank top, and other less revealing pieces of clothing.
  9. Know your audience: It’s important to consider your occasion and dress on par with what you expect others to wear. Don’t show up at a construction site wearing a three piece suit unless you want to be laughed all the way back to your car. Likewise, forego your jeans for slacks if you’re visiting someone’s corporate office.
  10. When in doubt, overdress: If you’re not sure what the occasion calls for, err on the side of overdressing. As long as you feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’s always better to be too dressed up than not enough.
  11. T-shirts just won’t work: You may think that your client is charmed by the witty saying on your shirt, but he’s laughing at you, not with you. Instead of a t-shirt, wear a polo or a comfortable button-down. This rule goes for flip flops and Crocs, too.
  12. Keep a spare in your car: Keep a few key pieces in the trunk of your car in case you find yourself roped into a last minute meeting and need to take your appearance up a notch. A wrinkle-free jacket, shoes and a belt should suffice. Make sure that they’re versatile enough to work with just about anything you’d normally wear.

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  1. If I ever start my own business I’ll avoid the suit and try to look professional without it!

    Comment by david — September 12, 2007 @ 4:36 am

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