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Monday, September 10, 2007 at 1:00am by Site Administrator

ClientScribe client management applicationClientScribe is a web application for managing business interactions with clients/ customers. It’s similar to the very popular 37Signals‘ application Basecamp. ClientScribe does not appear to be full-fledged project management like Basecamp, but it does have some client management features:

  • Manage activities, tasks, reminders.
  • Track interactions with clients (phone calls, email, SMS, meetings).
  • Share/ import/ export/ receive files.
  • Text search database.
  • Send emails, send faxes, store contacts.

Just by comparison to similar applications, ClientScribe seems to offer quite a few features for a fair price. The odd thing that they and other web app vendors are doing is that the free package is often better than the paid “Personal” package, unless you need storage space.

Plans include:

  1. Basic (free): 10 customers, 25 Mb attachments, 10 users.
  2. Personal (US$5/mth): 1,000 customers, 500 Mb, 1 user.
  3. Advantage ($9/mth): 5,000 customers, 2 Gb, unlimited users.
  4. Premium ($15/mth): 10,000 customers, 5 Gb, unlimited users.
  5. Foundation ($25/mth): 30,000 customers, 10 Gb, unlimited users.

What ClientScribe does not have at present – that I could find – is a developer API for creating custom applications.

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