Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs #8

Thursday, September 6, 2007 at 8:30pm by Site Administrator

Welcome to the eighth Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs (CoBE #8). Critieria for inclusion: relevant to bootstrapping, entrepreneuring, startup/ small businesses. To be fair to everyone, entries are selected approximately in order of submission. Please support this carnival by linking back to this post.

This edition is a bit shorter than normal because a half a dozen or so bloggers sent the same entry – several of which I’d already accepted in earlier editions of this Carnival. So please keep track of your submissions – no dups – to increase your chances of getting in.

Editor’s Choice

  1. 21 Proven Tactics for Self and Employee Motivation by John Wesley.

Picks of the Week

Here are this week’s additional picks.

  1. Be A Good Manager By Letting People Learn And Grow by Warren Wong.

  2. You’re Worth More Than Your Job by Edith Yeung.
  3. 5 Ways to Think Strategically by Luke Houghton.
  4. Keys to Effective Holiday Marketing in 2007 by Frances Palaschuk.
  5. When is it Time for a Re-Design? by Vandelay Website Design.
  6. Avoid Getting Gypped by Fraudulent Web Designers by Michelle Cramer.
  7. 7 Ways to Expand Your Products and Services by Terry Dean.
  8. Talking Good English by Mark Miller.

That ends this edition of the Carnival of Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs. Any articles submitted on or after Aug 31st that meet the criteria but not appearing here will likely appear in the next edition.

Please use the submission form for future editions. Limit one entry per week per person. If you find you are not getting into this blog carnival, please read 11 tips for being included. I’ll particularly point out a few reoccurring problems:

  1. Submitting the same article twice. Always send something fresh. It’s not that hard to keep a spreadsheet of your carnival submissions.
  2. Submitting more than one article in the same week, sometimes in the same hour. If you can’t be bothered to pick your best, I can’t be bothered to either.
  3. Not making articles readable (high contrast pages, non-miniscule font sizes, short to medium paragraphs). Computer screens are not ideal reading platforms.
  4. Being off topic or simply not targeted at bootstrapping entrepreneurs, or entrepreneuring in general. The article might be great, but if you don’t target it at entrepreneurs, that reduces the chances of being accepted.
  5. Submitting someone else’s writing as yours.

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  1. Thanks for the link!

    Comment by Steven Snell - Vandelay Design — September 7, 2007 @ 1:33 am

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