Some Stages of Entrepreneurship

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 at 10:36pm by Site Administrator

Most entrepreneurs go through a number of stages in their careers. While browsing a number of other business, entrepreneurship and other weblogs and sites, I came across a few posts that illustrate a few of these stages nicely.

  1. Changing Careers
    Haven’t changed careers yet? Still thinking about it? If you haven’t made the leap to entrepreneurship yet, here are five situations when you shouldn’t change careers [via Lifehack]

  2. Choosing a Home Business
    Noel of Two Minute Commute offers five criteria to apply when choosing a home-based business, which is a response to Denny’s related post at The Success Professor. Of course, you don’t have to run your business from home, but that’s not unusual for early-stage entrepreneurship.

  3. Developing Your Business Plan
    So you’ve either picked a business or are close. Now to add a bit of organization. Startup Spark has a new series on developing a business plan. Part 1 discusses a few different types of plans.

  4. Have a Cash Flow Crunch?
    Bootstrapping a business is about operating on minimal initial capital and keeping things going from the profits. That means that sometimes you can’t afford advertising. Except maybe you can. What’s the best form of advertising? Word of mouth. Always has been, probably always will be. The Bootstrapping Blog suggests three ways that you can get the word out by enlisting friends and family. Also check out Aviva Directory’s 99 tips for poor web startups and SeoPedia’s 101 web marketing ideas and tips – many of which can be used to help brand and market your busines – even if you’re not selling online.

  5. Avoiding a Tax Audit
    Even if you’re still in the “hobby business” stage, the IRS will be expecting you to keep track of all payments and expenses. It’s a pain, of course, and many entrepreneurs are often sunk because they don’t treat their business as such, only as an extension of themselves. That’s a mistake. It behooves you to keep accurate records to avoid an IRS tax audit.

The above are not the only stages in entrepreneurship, but they are some of the important ones.

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