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Your Business Credit Card Options With Discover

Discover has established an excellent reputation as a credit card company for personal cards. In recent years, Discover has begun to offer credit cards for businesses, as well. Discover offers two business credit cards: The Discover Business Card and the Discover Business Miles Card.

When compared to other business credit cards, such as the Capital One Sparks Miles card, Discover business cards fare quite well in terms of fees and rewards. However, other business cards may offer better rewards. Depending on your business needs, shop around and choose the business credit card that is best suited for your business.

The Discover Business Card

The Discover Business Card, also called the “More” card, charges no annual fee and offers cash back rewards for purchases. One of the most notable reward offers, and the one that exceeds most other cards’ reward offers, is that the Discover Business card awards 5% points on purchases of office supplies at selected stores. If office supplies are purchased at Office Depot, Office Max or Staples, the awards will apply. If office supplies are purchased at a discount store, the points are not awarded, however. Also, the 5% cash back points offer caps at $2,000 each year.

The Discover Business Card awards 2% cash back rewards for up to $2,000 spent on gas each year. After the first $2,000, the reward decreases to 1%. On regular purchases, the card holder may earn one-fourth percent for the first $3,000 spent. However, dollars spent more than $3,000 earn 1% cash back reward points on each dollar.

With low fees and comparable rewards, the Discover Business card is a good choice for business owners who spend a considerable amount of money on office supplies and gas each year.

The Discover Business Miles Card

The Discover Business Miles card offers travel miles instead of cash back rewards, as with the Discover Business Card. The card holder receives one reward point for every dollar spent on regular purchases. On travel and gas purchases, the card holder receives two points for every dollar spent. However, the rewards must be redeemed on travel. There is a cap for the travel rewards that may be earned. Points may be earned only on the first $5,000 spent each year in travel and gas combined.

Travel reward points on the Discover Business Miles card may be used with any airline, as long as the credit card is used to purchase the travel. The Discover Business Miles card is great for the business owner who regularly travels for business or has employees who do business travel.

Discover is a very reputable credit card company and usually only approves those with excellent or good personal or business credit. Remember, though, that Discover is not as widely accepted as Visa and MasterCard. Not all merchants are equipped to accept the Discover card. This is one consideration for the business owner when shopping around for a business credit card.

Another issue with Discover business cards is that the company reports the business card activity to the business owner’s personal credit report. Not all business cards perform this practice. Most business cards only report business credit activity if the owner defaults on the business card. If the business card carries a high balance, using a majority of the credit limit, this will affect the business owner’s personal credit in a negative way.

Discover business cards offer good rewards, but the rewards from other credit card companies are even better. Be sure to shop around and evaluate the rewards, benefits and fees from many credit card companies when searching for the best business card for your business.

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