7 Major Companies With Pet-Friendly Offices

Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 1:55pm by Sandy Jones

When American Pet Products Association conducted its 2008 survey, it found that 17 percent of U.S. businesses were pet-friendly. Having man’s best friend in the office can do wonders for mood, keeping employees in good spirits, and helps employees bringing their dogs to remember to get up and walk around every once in a while. Likewise, an employee with a pet that would otherwise have to rush home at five PM to let the dog out could stay late working with Fido in tow, increasing productivity. Whether you agree to letting your pup into your cubicle or not, the following seven companies have outrageously lax pet policies, enabling co-workers to sport their furry friends during their nine to fives.


  1. Amazon

    Amazon is touted as one of the best dog-friendly companies to work for, thanks to a corgi named Rufus. Rufus was the former editor-in-chief and principal engineer’s dog, and was lovingly brought to work every day in Amazon’s early stages. Rufus pretty much had free reign, playing fetch in the halls, sitting in on meetings, and accepting treats from Amazon’s employees. And while Rufus passed away in 2009, Amazon corporate will forever have a dog-friendly work culture which employees and their four-legged friends can enjoy.

  2. Google

    Google is known for all kinds of work perks, from in-office haircuts to having your oil changed while your car sits in the parking lot during the day, but its dog-friendly policies are among the best benefits of working at Google. The lengthy description that once existed on Google’s policy page has now been reduced to a stub, but with a little digging, you can find the old pet policy in its entirety on Celebrity Dog Watcher. In essence, the policy notes that dogs enhance people’s lives, so they should also serve to enhance people’s work life. The policy is hinged on a few rules, such as only bringing in unaggressive dogs, respecting those with allergies, and gaining permission from your supervisor beforehand, but Google is generally pretty relaxed about bringing canine companions to work. Why Google removed the extensive pet policy from its website is a mystery, but it may be due to the fact that each Google office around the country has slightly varying policies concerning pets.

  3. Zynga

    When Zynga found that its dog-friendly work culture resulted in an overabundance of dogs running around the offices, they didn’t remove the perk from company policy. Instead, they moved to a larger building where they could build a dog run on the roof, thus allowing the pups to better exert their energy. Zynga, the company that brought you "Words with Friends" and "Castleville," was named after founder Mark Pincus’s bulldog. The logo for Zynga also takes the shape of a bulldog, standing attentively. Zynga has taken the initiative to help out the SPCA as well. On their game "YoVille", players can virtually adopt a dog wearing the SPCA vest, resulting in a $2 donation to the organization. As of spring 2009, players have raised upwards of $90,000, helping cover the costs of caring for hundreds of homeless cats and dogs.

  4. Ben & Jerry’s

    Ben & Jerry’s makes some of America’s tastiest and most unusual ice cream flavors. It is also a dog-friendly company. If you navigate to the workplace report on Ben & Jerry’s website, you’ll spot a little gem among the workplace benefits. "Employees at the Central Support office in South Burlington also have an onsite workout facility and a dog-friendly workplace," it reads. According to TheBark.Com, Ben & Jerry’s corporate dog policy began with its graphic designer Sarah Lee Terrat, who began bringing her dog in when she worked late. Over time, other employees brought their dogs while working at night, and that evolved into employees bringing their dogs during the regular work day. The company’s corporate headquarters in South Burlington currently houses 15 to 20 dogs, forcing hard workers like Terrat to take occasional and much-needed breaks throughout the day to let her pooch relieve himself outside.

  5. Sweet Leaf Tea Co.

    The quirky Texas-based tea company with a granny as its logo is remarkably dog-friendly, with two to three dogs parading the office every day. On their blog, an employee writes that "We used to have more [dogs], but they played too hard and caused a ruckus. Now we have a doggie schedule for each week." With a rotating schedule, each employee dog gets its game time at the offices, boosting employee morale and acting as excellent cuddle buddies for snuggle breaks throughout the day. All of the office dogs are profiled on Sweet Leaf’s blog, so the company gives them a substantial amount of love.

  6. QSI Corporation

    QSI Corporation, a subsector of Beijer Electronics, creates industrial and vehicle terminals in Salt Lake City, Utah. With 50 years of hardware and software design and manufacturing experience, QSI tests its products to be able to withstand temperature extremes, humidity, thermal shock, and wind-blown rain tests, among other tests to determine how hardy the equipment is. This company also has a love for dogs. Over 15 different dogs can be seen in and out of the offices each day, keeping the QSI staff company. The late Bushka’s picture remains on the website with the description "The first QSI dog. She’s the one who started it all."

  7. The Honest Kitchen

    The Honest Kitchen is a pet food company based in San Diego, California. Naturally, the company needs four-legged friends to test its product on, so it is a decidedly pet-friendly office. It was also named one of America’s Best Places to Work in 2011′s issue of Outside Magazine. As an organic, holistic pet food company, Honest Kitchen also offers its employees a corporate membership to a nearby fitness center with access to group yoga, pilates and cardio classes, encouraging healthy living even in its staff. There are also in-office showering facilities and kitchens. Honest Kitchen offers excellent pet benefits, including free annual pet checkups, free Honest Kitchen pet food and treats, and the ability to take daily group walking breaks around San Diego with your office pet. They often make company-wide trips to Fiesta Island and OB Dog Beach, two local, dog-friendly beaches.

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