Business Credit Card Resources

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Finding ideal rates and terms for a personal credit card can be hassle enough, but at the same time, looking for the perfect business credit card can feel like too much trouble for too few advantages. But a business card can be the perfect solution for short-term credit needs when you are starting a new venture and need access to extra funds from month to month to cover inventory or overhead costs. A wide variety of online resources from government branches and major organizations exist to help you make the choice, but they can be difficult to find without a handy guide that collects them all in one place. Thankfully you do.

Determine Your Eligibility

Credit Cards: Seven Things to Know About Business Credit Cards: This article answers questions about eligibility, long-term effects, and other key considerations that could make or break your business. While the list focuses on advantages, it is still a good starting place. Small Business Credit Cards: This article provides solid information on the subject and helps you make up your mind about business cards and how they work. Follow the side links for more tips.

NFIB: Securing Credit When Self Employed: This National Federation of Independent Businesses offers this simple article to help you build your business the right way, so that if you ever need credit, you will stand a good chance of applying successfully.

Consider Your Situation: Do You Need a Card?

NFIB: What to Look for in a Company Credit Card: The National Federation of Independent Businesses is an excellent resources for all sorts of questions. This article lays out the basics of business cards and what makes for ideal terms.

NFIB: Does Your Business Need a Line of Credit?: This article breaks down this simple question. After all, you may be able to survive without a credit card.

SBA: Do Credit Cards from Your Business Report to Your Personal Credit Reports?: The short answer is maybe, but either way this article provides some solid warnings and advice on keeping your personal loans separate from your business card.

Your Credit History

BBB: Managing Credit: FAQs: This list of FAQs from the Better Business Bureau answers a broad range of questions on business credit and how credit scores are used.

NFIB: How to Establish Solid Business Credit: This article provides a great list for starting your business credit and maintaining it properly as your company grows. Start here and learn key facts before it is too late.

SBA: Business Loan Checklist: If you are worried about your credit history or what lenders will be looking for, this Small Business Administration article is an excellent place to start. This useful lists end with a series of links to other SBA articles as well.

Different Types of Cards: Making a Decision

BBB: Choosing the Right Kind of Card for Your Business: The Better Business Bureau steps in with advice on good card features, and a very handy list of the major types of business cards you can apply for, arranged primarily based on their rewards and benefits.

NASDAQ: Small Business Credit Cards vs. Corporate Cards: Avoid confusion with this NASDAQ article on the differences between a card for your venture and a corporate card that large companies use.

Daily Markets: Business Credit Cards: Which Business Credit Card to Get?: This Daily Markets article lists some of the business cards offered by major players such as Chase and American Express. Read it carefully to find comparisons and tips on which card to choose.

Taking the Time: Creating Good Business Credit

Inc.: How to Responsibly Use Credit Cards for Your Business: This Inc. article gives you tips on your business credit score and how to keep your credit in good standing through wise business management. If you have a business card, it makes for invaluable reading.

NFIB: How to Fix Your Small Business Credit Score: Here are three simple steps to improve your credit score, but be sure to search the NFIB website for more information. The links on the side lead to stable online resources that offer ways to check or improve your score.

BBB: Need More Help? Good Ways to Get Help Now: This Better Business Bureau article goes through several ways you can salvage your business credit and turn a bad situation into something better. If you have made a few business mistakes with your card, this resource can help you stabilize.

Business Credit Card Exploration

The credit world constantly adapts to financial changes, so it is worth it to do some research of your own. Shop carefully and always compare rates or rewards with similar cards offered by other lenders. Explore sites like the FTC and SBA for more information on credit and business finances to find out if a card is right for you.

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Piggy Bank Getting the Slops

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The economy is shaking currency rates around like loose coins in a jar. With all the noise and fears in conjunction with market fluctuations and international relationships, the currency values are all over the charts. But which moneys are forecasted to do well in the future and which ones appear to be headed downhill for good?


Brazil and China

Although minor tensions exist between the two, Brazil has partnered with their biggest trading partner (China) in an agreement to conduct a currency swap. The deal gives their central banks the ability to exchange local currencies worth up to 60 billion reais or 190 billion yuan (equivalent to $30 billion and £19 billion). These funds can be used by the banks to boost bilateral trade, or to build up their reserves for a possible time of crisis.

China has transacted similar deals with Austraila (valued up to $31 billion), Honk Kong, and Japan. Beijing desires an altercated version of the deal, pushing for a settlement in yuan instead of US Dollars in an effort to reduce their dependency on the US dollar. This would actually benefit China’s attempt to make the yuan a global currency. However, as the BBC news reports, China’s slowing economy may be seen as a warning sign by some. According to Brazil’s Finance Minister though, China will continue to be their primary source of trading.



Financial activity in India has changed as well. Recently, the government increased by $5 billion the amount of their bonds that foreign investors can buy. Following the dramatic decline of the rupee’s value against the dollar, India has sought to increase demand for their currency. Given the 21% drop the rupee took against the dollar, the mere 0.2% increase coinciding with the announcement of higher bond availability was disappointing at best.

In the article released by Bloomberg, noted economists were complaining that the measures taken by the government were temporary and short-term. Sonal Varma, (Nomura Holdings Inc. Economist in Mumbai) put it this way: “The underlying issues of more economic reforms and cutting subsidies are still not being addressed. What has the government done to reduce the fiscal deficit and curb the current-account deficit?”



One of the few remaining AAA rated countries, Australia is gaining more attention for its currency value. China is also the biggest trading partner with Australia, yet even though there were worries over the slowed growth of that country, Aussie’s dollar remained steadfast. This drew the spotlight to the land down under and global banks have shown an increase in Australian dollar purchases.

Most recently, Russia’s central bank looked into the possibility of investing in the Aussie currency. They will allocate about $5 billion (equivalent to 1% of their foreign currency reserves) to Australia’s dollar-assets, including government bonds. In addition to the Russian interest, Germany also investigated the Australian monetary assets and has increased their meetings with Australia’s banks in discussing foreign-exchange strategies.

Even though it appears safer than most other currencies, Australia comes in second compared to the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc according to Although it remains only a small part of the overall global forex reserves, the Aussie is capable of drawing in substantial capital inflows from portfolio and direct investment flow. While their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) remains relatively low, the economic growth appears quite positive compared to other countries.



Unfortunately, Canada is not doing quite as well as Australia or China, as pointed out by Bloomberg. In fact, the Canadian dollar dropped a total of 1.12% this month, the steepest decline since December. The decline is due in part to the decrease in retail sales – down 0.5%. Jim Flaherty, Canadian Finance Minister, made known his intentions of tightening mortgage terms to help avoid household debt crisis along with the other measures.

Calculate This! 100 Financial Calculators Every Entrepreneur Needs

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By Eliza Morgan

Many entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of having a separate accounting department, instead doing their own number crunching. It’s not always easy, but you can make it less difficult by making use of the huge number of free financial tools for businesses that are available on the Internet. Here are 100 calculators that can help you get and keep your finances in order.

Business Operations

Don’t get caught off guard by the unexpected financial pitfalls of owning a business. Keep one step ahead with these useful business calculators.

  1. Break Even Analysis: Figure out how much you’re going to need to sell with your business just to break even. This can be helpful in creating a starting point for your sales goals.
  2. Business Valuation: Whether you are just curious, or want to sell your business, this calculator can help you determine the value. Just enter your cash flow and your expenses to get an estimate.
  3. Working Capital Needs: Find out what your business will need to keep going with this helpful calculator. It will take into account your short-term monetary obligations and figure out how much capital you’ll need so you won’t fall short.
  4. Financial Ratio: Sometimes there are areas of your business that will need special attention relative to others. Figure out what those are with this financial ratio calculator.
  5. Cash Flow: No matter what type of business you are in, keeping your cash flow in check is essential to a healthy business. See how much your business is generating with this calculator.
  6. Buying vs. Leasing: Sometimes it can be tough to figure out whether simply buying equipment you need will leave you better off in the long run than leasing. Put your costs into this calculator to find out which would suit your business’ needs best.
  7. Profit Margin: This calculator can help you determine how much you should be selling your products or services for to achieve a desired profit margin.
  8. Inventory Analysis: Keeping a not-too-little, but not-too-much balance of inventory can be tricky business. This calculator will help you figure out how to time your orders and how much to keep on hand.
  9. Sales Per Employee: Figure out what your salespeople are averaging with this simple calculator.
  10. Operating Profit Percentage: This calculator will help you compare your sales with what is left after the cost of your goods and operating costs.
  11. Return on Assets: See how well you’re managing your company with this calculator that compares net income to total assets. You’ll be able to find out how much you’re getting for every dollar.
  12. Debt to Assets: This calculator can help you determine to what extent your company is financed by loans and other sources of debt. The lower the number, the better your chances are of staying afloat financially.
  13. Starting Costs: Figure out the starting costs for your business idea before you start so there won’t be any surprises and you’ll know how much you’ll need to get things off the ground.
  14. Conversion Rate: Unsure how updating or changing your website will or did impact your business? Use this calculator to see how improving your online sales can affect your business.
  15. Pay Per Click ROI: Are your pay per click ad campaigns really paying off? See if your advertising is worth the investment with this calculator.
  16. Email ROI: The same goes for your email ad campaigns. This calculator will let you know if you’re generating enough sales or if you need to find another marketing strategy.
  17. Business Location, to Rent or Buy: Use this calculator to find out if your business would profit more from renting a location or buying one outright.
  18. SAP Value Calculator: The SAP Value Calculator for midsize business reveals how strong your business is today and how much additional value you can gain by improving your infrastructure.
  19. Double Your Money: Determine how long it will take you to double your money with this simple calculator.


Unless you’re bootstrapping it, or you’ve come into quite a financial windfall, it’s likely that your business will need a few loans to get up and running. Here are some calculators that can help you figure out how much you can borrow and what your payments will be.

  1. Commercial Loan: This calculator can help you determine your debt service coverage with a new loan, which can in turn help you determine if you’ll be approved.
  2. Alternative Payment Frequencies: If you’re not sure what payment method will work out best for your loan, try out different combinations with this calculator.
  3. Amortizing Loan: Use this calculator to determine how much money you can borrow based on the monthly payment you can afford.
  4. Balloon Loan: This calculator can help you determine if a balloon loan (short term but payments are based over 15 year period) might be better for you than a standard loan.
  5. Credit Line: Not sure how much money you can qualify for? Your line of credit is based on the value or your business or home and this calculator can do the math for you.
  6. Enhanced Loan Calculator: This calculator makes it easy to change all the elements involved with getting a loan (monthly payment, amount of loan, interest rate) to find the best combination for your business.
  7. Existing Loan: If your business already has an outstanding loan, you can use this calculator to determine how much longer you’ll be paying on them based on your balance and the amount of your monthly payments.
  8. Loan Comparison: Don’t let loans confuse you with different rates and terms. Compare loans directly with this calculator.
  9. Loan Prequalification: Use this calculator as an initial step in determining what kind of loans you can qualify for.
  10. Small Business Loan: Determine the best monthly payments on your small business loan with this useful calculator designed especially for businesses.
  11. Loan or Line of Credit: Use this calculator from Bank of America to find out if you should get a loan or a line of credit for your business start up or expansion.
  12. Term of Loan: Determine what length of loan you should apply for using this simple calculator.
  13. Blended Rate Calculator: Calculate the effective interest rate on multiple loans.
  14. Loan and Line Payment: Use this calculator to determine the amount of money you’ll be making as payments on your loan or line of credit.

Debt Management

Don’t let your loans get out of hand. Use these calculators to figure out the best way to pay back your loans and other debts.

  1. Business Debt Consolidation: Have multiple business credit cards or loans holding debt for your company? Use this calculator to find out if you’d be better off consolidating your debts into one monthly payment.
  2. Credit Assessment: Get a quick credit assessment with this easy-to-use calculator.
  3. Accelerated Debt Payoff: Get rid of your debt even faster using this calculator which will help you create a debt payment plan that can potentially save you money in interest fees.
  4. Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculator: While it might seem easier to just pay the minimum on your credit card balance, it can end up potentially costing your business thousands more. This calculator can help you determine the true cost of minimum payments.
  5. Credit Card Optimizer: This calculator helps you create the best distribution of your credit card debt to minimize how much you’ll pay out.
  6. Credit Card Payoff: Want to eliminate your credit card debt? This calculator will show you what it will take to pay off those cards.
  7. How much do you owe?: Not sure how much debt you actually have? Use this calculator to figure out where to begin paying off your debts by finding out where you stand.
  8. Credit Card Debt Roll-Down: You can get your debt under control and keep your business afloat. Here you’ll find a calculator that will help you determine what debts to pay off first to get you on the road to financial freedom.
  9. Credit Card Calculator: Choosing the right business credit card can make a big difference in the financial future of your business. Use this calculator to make the decision a little easier.


Make your business and personal investment tracking easy with these investment calculators.

  1. Asset Allocator: Whether you’re investing for your business or handling your personal finances, this calculator can help you determine the best way to spread out your money.
  2. Compare Investment Fees: Investing can pay off in the long run, but it often comse with some fees that can add up over time. Use this calculator to see what you’ll be paying over the lifetime of your investments.
  3. Investment Loan: Thinking of making a substantial business investment? Use this calculator to help you figure out if it’s a smart move.
  4. Investment Returns: See the big picture with this calculator that shows the impact of inflation, taxes and time horizon on your investments.
  5. Taxable vs. Tax Advantaged Investments: If you’re not sure what kind of investment is best for you, use this calculator to see the different between taxed, tax deferred and tax-free investments.
  6. Investment Savings and Distributions: Whether you’re designing retirement plans for yourself, clients or employees, use this calculator to determine how long your investment will last once you start cashing in.
  7. Interest Rate Converter: Compare the dividends from several interest rates at once with this calculator.
  8. Investment Offering: Use this tool to see both sides of the investment coin. You can calculate what investors in your company will get and what your company will have to give up to accommodate them.
  9. Landlord Calculator: Real estate can be a good investment, but is it the right one for you? Use this calculator to find out if being a landlord could be a moneymaker for you.
  10. Self Employed Retirement Calculator: This calculator will let you determine the maximum contribution you can make to your self employed 401(k).
  11. Risk Tolerance: Determine what kind of investments will be best for you based on how much of a risk you’re willing to take with this online calculator.
  12. Investment Goal Calculator: Make sure your investments are on track with this calculator.
  13. IRA Stretch Calculator: Stretch your retirement savings as far as they will go with this calculator.


Unfortunately, taxes are an inevitable part of any business’ day to day life. These online tools will help make paying them just a little more painless.

  1. 1040 Tax Calculator: Keep up with your personal taxes using this calculator.
  2. 457 Payroll Deductions: Not sure how much of a difference changing your withholding will make? Use this calculator to figure out the difference before you make the change.
  3. Estate Tax Planning: Don’t let your children or grandchildren get burned by the estate tax. Determine what you’ll be liable for long before it becomes an issue.
  4. Net to Gross Paycheck Calculator: This calculator will help you learn what you need to earn each paycheck to meet a net amount.
  5. Self-Employment Taxes: Self-employed individuals are subject to different taxes, so use this calculator to figure out what you can expect to pay.
  6. Home Office Deduction: For those running a business from home, this calculator can help you determine if you can use your home or business costs as deductions on your taxes.
  7. Marginal and Effective Tax Rate Calculator: Estimating what percentage of your income old Uncle Sam is going to demand at the end of the year is essential to avoiding that end of the year tax surprise. Instead, this calculator will allow you to estimate the amount which will give you time to sock the necessary amount away.
  8. Gross Up Calculator: Use this calculator to determine the payroll taxes that should be deducted from bonuses and taxable benefits given to employees.


Make the business of doing your payroll easier with these free calculators.

  1. Paycheck Calculator: Help calculate your or your employees’ take home pay after taxes and other deductions.
  2. Wage Conversion: Save yourself the mental acrobatics when converting wages from one periodic term into another (weeks, days, months, etc), making comparison and rates easy to calculate.
  3. Aggregate Bonus Calculator: Figure out an employee’s annual bonus with this calculator.
  4. Flat Percentage Bonus Calculator: Another bonus calculator, this one is based on a flat percentage instead.
  5. 401(k) Planner: Get your financial future on track with this 401k planning calculator.
  6. Salary Wizard: Find out if you’re earning what you’re worth as a freelancer or if you’re paying your employees enough with this salary calculator.
  7. Office Space Calculator: Not sure how much space you’ll need? This calculator will let you know how many square feet you’ll need for your business based on the number of employees you have.
  8. Annual Stock Option Grants: Use this calculator to see how your and your employees stock options might improve over time.

Personal Finance

Don’t lose track of your personal finances because you’re too busy with your business finances. Make use of these simple tools to manage your finances at home.

  1. Checkbook Balancer: Keep your personal budget balanced with this quick and easy calculator.
  2. Home Budget Analysis: Keeping track of where your money goes can be hard as it often goes out as fast as it comes in. Use this budget analysis tool to get a handle on your spending.
  3. Life Expectancy: Get an idea of how much you’ll need to plan for with this life expectancy calculator. Based on your health and lifestyle it will give you an estimate of your life expectancy.
  4. Net Worth: Determine your net value and how it can change with this calculator.
  5. Should my spouse work?: For many couples, especially those with children, the decision for one spouse to stay at home can be a hard one. See if your spouse can afford to stay home or should go to work with this calculator.
  6. Social Security Benefits: Get an estimate of your potential social security benefits with this calculator.
  7. Roth IRA Calculator: See how investing in an Roth IRA compares with taxable investments.
  8. Retirement Planner: Keep your retirement plan on track with this easy-to-use calculator.
  9. Retirement Income: How much will you have to live on when you retire? Use this calculator to figure out what your retirement savings will provide you with.
  10. 457 Savings Calculator: Use this calculator to figure out if a 457 savings plan can help you create a better retirement.
  11. Cost of Living Calculator: Compare the cost of living between different cities in the United States.
  12. Earning Potential: This calculator can help you estimate how much you can expect to earn over the course of your lifetime and what you can do to make the most of that money.
  13. Human Life Calculator: Use this calculator to determine how much life insurance you should be carrying.


It seems like there’s a calculator out there for everything, and here are a few more that can help you with your business.

  1. Basic Calculator: Meet your most basic calculator needs anywhere you have internet access with this online calculator.
  2. Basic Financial Calculator: This financial calculator can do all kinds of simple financial calculations.
  3. Compound Interest: Determine the compound interest on your holdings in a savings or investment account.
  4. Future Value: This calculator is used to determine what a sum of money deposited today will be worth at some point in the future based on a specific discount interest rate.
  5. Present Value: This calculator is used to determine what a sum of money to be received in a future year is worth in today’s dollars based on a specific discount interest rate.
  6. Music Business Profit/Loss Calculator: For those trying to make a music business or band the sole source of income, here’s a calculator that will help you determine which gigs are worth it and which you should pass up.
  7. Postage Calculator: Figure out how much you’ll need to spend on postage for bulk mailings or to send products to customers with this calculator from the US Postal Service.
  8. Carbon Dioxide Calculator: Environmentally conscious businesses can use this calculator to figure out the amount of carbon dioxide released by business operations and take measures to offset it.
  9. Best Workplace for Commuters Calculator: Also for the green business, this calculator will give you an estimate of the financial, environment, and traffic benefits of joining the Best Workplace for Commuters program.
  10. Small Business Safety Calculator: Workplace related injuries can be costly. This calculator can help you understand just how much you’ll owe even with accident insurance in place.
  11. Find all kinds of calculators on this one convenient site, everything from lease calculators to feet into inches.
  12. Currency Converter: Doing business overseas is easy with this currency conversion calculator.
  13. How long til you become a millionaire? Use this calculator to find out how long it will take you to make the millions you’ve been working so hard for.
  14. Time Value Calculator: Figure out what your time is worth with this calculator that takes into account your spending habits and taxes.
  15. Gas Guzzling Calculator: Commuting to the office or to meet with clients? Find out how much the price of gas is hurting your bottom line with this calculator.
  16. Movie Star Comparison Calculator: See how your business revenues compare to the salaries of the biggest celebs with this just for fun calculator.
  17. Coffee Habit: See how much that morning Starbucks is really costing you with this calculator; money you could be putting in your business or your savings account.

Double Duty: 77 Ways to Make Money on the Side While at Work

Sunday, July 5, 2009 at 6:24pm by Site Administrator

Ever have times when you’re sitting at your desk with nothing to do and wish you could be doing something much more productive instead? If you put your mind to it, you could be, and maybe even earn a little money at the same time. So long as you’re still getting your primary work done, there’s really no harm in taking your productivity to the next level, right? Here are a few ways that you can start using your spare minutes at work or at home to make a few extra bucks a week with a part-time business.

Around the House

Looking at your own to do list should be enough to show you that there are plenty of tasks you can do around the house that many people would be willing to pay you to take care of for them. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Handyman: Are you good with a hammer or a screwdriver? Why not turn that skill into a little extra money on the side by offering handyman services to those who are too old or too inexperienced to do minor home repairs on their own. You can even spend your downtime at work posting ads for your services on local bulletin boards.
  2. Cleaning houses: Everyone wants a clean house, but not everyone wants to do the work that goes along with it. Offer cleaning services to local homeowners and you could make good money for just doing a few extra chores around the house.
  3. Home inspection: Before buying a home, most buyers have it checked out by a home inspector to make sure it’s sound before they complete the sale. If you’ve got some knowledge of construction and building codes you could be that inspector and be making money anytime you get spare time to check out a house.
  4. Window tinting: With a little basic training and equipment, you can get set up to tint the windows of just about anything. Whether it’s tinting car windows or office buildings, you can be making some green by offering this service during your downtime.
  5. Houseplant maintenance: If you’ve ever gone out of town and come home to withered and brown plants, you all about the need for plant care. Offer your watering and care services to homeowners as well as businesses who don’t have a green thumb or the time to care for their leafy decorations.
  6. Organizing: Have a gift for bringing order to chaos? Make it your job. Help packrats clean out their closets and get rid of the excess clutter and you could make a tidy profit.
  7. Yard care: The outside of the home is the only part that most people ever get to see, so it makes sense that it should look good. Capitalize on this by offering yard care services like lawn mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and pruning. Money could just end up growing on trees after all.
  8. Wallpaper hanging: If you’ve ever hung wallpaper you know how difficult it can be to get just right. Some lucky people, however, have a particular skill at it. If you’re one of them, you can earn some extra weekend dollars by hanging wallpaper for those who are clueless in the ways of papering walls.
  9. House sitting: Put a vacationing client’s mind at ease by being a house sitter. You’ll be there to make sure the plants get watered, the mail gets brought in, and those daily newspapers don’t just pile up in the yard.
  10. Window cleaning: No matter what, over time, windows will get dusty and dirty. With a ladder and a squeegee, you could turn a profit cleaning these hard to reach windows for people in your area.
  11. Pool service: While cleaning and maintaining pools might not be the most glamorous work, it can bring in some much needed income, especially if you live in a hot area where many people have pools.
  12. Power washing: You can rent, borrow or buy a simple power washer and turn it into a small side business. Driveways, houses and even businesses could stand a little bit of a wash now and then.
  13. Paint curbs: Who doesn’t want their address displayed clearly? It can make a big difference in the event of an emergency. It can also be a great way to make a little extra cash for not a lot of extra work.
  14. Babysitting: This can be a great way to make some extra cash, as finding good, reliable and readily available babysitters can be a chore. If you don’t mind giving up your nights and weekends every once in awhile you can build a solid customer base for your childcare services.
  15. Shovel snow: Few people want to go out in the snow to clear driveways and sidewalks, and would be more than willing to pay you to do it instead. Invest in a snow blower and you could turn all that white stuff into green.

Arts and Crafts

If you’ve got a creative talent, don’t let it go to waste. Here are some ideas on how you can use it t make some extra profits.

  1. Microstock: If photography is your hobby, why not post some of your favorite shots on microstock sites? You’ll earn money each time one of your snapshots is used.
  2. Antiquing: Spending your weekends scouting garage sales, thrift stores, estate auctions, and flea markets can be a great way to score old treasures for cheap. Research to find out the real value of what you’ve found and spend your next lunch hour auctioning it off on eBay.
  3. Making jewelry: Go to any crafts fair, and you’ll quickly find out that making and selling jewelry is big business, even when the materials aren’t highly valuable. Work with gold, silver, beads, or even recycled materials to create original designs you can sell online or at local craft fairs.
  4. Picture framing: Framing pictures takes a little bit of know how and a few specialty tools, but if you are good at it it can be a wonderful way to bring in some extra money on the side. Make friends with local artists, galleries and photographers if you want to boost your business and your income.
  5. T-Shirt design: If you’re good with design and know how to screenprint or applique designs you could turn a good profit making t-shirts for local teams, groups and businesses.
  6. Write: Writing doesn’t have to just be a hobby, it can also be a great way to bring in some extra money freelancing. Write online for blogs, for a local newspaper, or sell short stories to literary magazines to get your name out there and help pay your bills.
  7. Upholster furniture: Sometimes the fabric on a chair will go out of style long before the shape. Update old furniture by selling your skills as an upholsterer. You’ll make money and help rid the world of ugly furniture.
  8. Interior design: Some people are just hopeless when it comes to decorating a room and picking out furniture. If you’ve got a knack for it, market your skills for paint, fabric and layout as an interior designer. If your own home looks great, use that to help market yourself.
  9. Sew: If you know how to hem a skirt or take in much to large dress you could be using those skills to bring in a little extra income. Many people aren’t especially skilled with a needle and thread and will be more than happy to pay you to take care of it instead.
  10. Musician: If you’ve got some musical talent, you can spend your next lunch hour booking gigs to bring you and your band mates some extra cash for doing something you love. Play at a local club or check out the wedding circuit.
  11. DJ: If you’ve got a record or CD collection that just can’t be rivaled, you can start making it work for you by becoming a DJ. Get gigs at weddings, school functions and parties and put together play lists over your lunch break.

Professional Skills

Make your professional work skills count even when you’re not at your primary job. Here are a few ways to make money on the side using your degree or professional skills.

  1. Medical transcription: Help out a hospital, doctor, dentist or even a veterinarian by transcribing medical records. These kinds of services are in big demand and best of all you can work from home or from where ever you are. You’ll be most successful if you have a good knowledge of medical terminology and great typing skills.
  2. Consulting: If you’ve got loads of knowledge on business or IT, you could be using it to help out other businesses by doing a little consulting work on the side. Just make sure it isn’t a conflict of interest with your current occupation.
  3. Prepare taxes: As inevitable as they are, people hate doing their own taxes. If you’re number savvy and have the know-how, you could be spending tax season getting more than just your own refund.
  4. Tutoring: Got a college education that isn’t being put to much use at your job? Use your downtime to tutor kids after school or over the Internet. You’ll be helping out students and making a little extra for yourself as well.
  5. Language lessons: With the world getting smaller and smaller with new technology, knowing more than one language is a must. If you’re bilingual use your language skills to create a business opportunity. Teach children and adults in your area or give classes at local businesses.
  6. Fund raiser: If you have excellent people skills and marketing talent you could become a part-time fund raiser. Many fund raisers are paid a percentage of what they raise, so that’s all the more incentive to get yourself busy bringing in the money for a local charity or non profit organization.
  7. Accounting: If you’ve got attention to detail and the math skills, you could make some extra money managing the books of a business on the side. Check your local newspaper for ads from businesses looking for part time bookkeepers.
  8. Virtual assistant: You don’t need to be in the office to be an assistant these days. You can find work with many places where you’ll perform tasks over the Internet instead. It can be an easy and commute free way to get some extra money.
  9. Editorial services: If you’ve got speedy typing fingers and an eagle eye for grammar mistakes, try offering your services as a typist and proofreader. If you’ve got a computer, printer and email you’re set and ready to go starting this side business.
  10. Debt counseling: For those from a financial background, offering services to help others get a handle on their finances can be a great way to bring in some cash. You’ll be getting both you and your clients on the road to a better financial future.
  11. Green business consultant: Many businesses are looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious these days. If you’re an earth loving type with some know how, you can launch this into a successful side business.

Health and Fitness

There are few things more important than health or fitness. Improve your financial fitness with these side business ideas.

  1. Personal trainer: Pump up your profits while you help others pump iron. Fitness gurus willing to get certified can make quite a bit of money offering training services to those who want to lose those pesky love handles.
  2. Yoga instructor: If you’ve been practicing yoga for many years, chances are you could learn to teach it to others as well. Offer classes to local businesses, health clubs, or through your local parks and recreation to bring in some extra cash while maintaining your zen.
  3. Personal chef: With so much going on, it can be hard for some people to find the time to cook a real meal. That’s where you can come in. Plan and cook a menu for clients that will be healthy and satisfying.
  4. Swimming lessons: Don’t let all those early morning swim practices go to waste. Use your swimming skills to teach kids in your area. You’ll help them become more confident in the water and help keep your finances afloat.
  5. Espresso cart: Selling coffee can have quite a large profit margin if you know how to move it. Buy or rent an espresso cart and head out to local sporting events and markets in your area to capitalize on those caffeine addicts.
  6. Make jellies: Never thought that jelly making your grandma taught you all about would be that useful? It could be if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Sell your custom creations over the Internet or at a local market.
  7. Grow vegetables: If you rarely use your backyard why not turn it into a garden? You can sell the best products of your harvest and if there’s anything left over you’ll have fresh fruits and veggies ready to eat for dinner.
  8. Walk dogs: Dogs need to be walked one way or another and some pet owners simply can’t get home during the day to take their best friend out for a walk around the block. Creating your own dog walking service can be a great way to get exercise and get yourself some extra money.
  9. Hiking guide: A love of the great outdoors will make you an ideal candidate for considering this as an alternative way of making some cash. You’ll get to do something you love while making sure others stay safe enjoying their hike.
  10. Massage therapy: If you take the time to get certified as a massage therapist you could be making quite a bit of money offering your services. Massage appointments are sometimes short enough that you could even sneak one in over your lunch hour.
  11. Life coaching: Encourage others to be successful and make the most of their potential as a life coach. You can fit in appointments on weekends, during lunch and after work, making it easy to do double duty.
  12. Makeup artist: If you’re constantly getting complimented on your stellar makeup skills, then perhaps it’s time you tapped into them as a business endeavor. Paint the faces of women for weddings, parties, and even stage performances in your spare time.
  13. Organic catering: Organic food has become increasingly popular as people become more aware of the harmful effects of chemicals. Capitalize on this and your cooking skills by offering 100% organic catering services.


Technology is in everything these days, and if you know enough about it you can make good money selling your skills. Here are a few tech related business ideas to try out.

  1. Computer set up: Despite the constant presence of technology in most peoples everyday lives, there are some that just can’t seem to get the hang of it. This is where you can come in and get paid to help those with new computers get them set up, install new programs, and make sure everything is plugged in correctly.
  2. Home entertainment service: Home entertainment systems are getting fancier and fancier, and as a result many people have little idea of how to hook them up. This is where you can come in. With a little bit of knowledge about home electronics and wiring, you can set up tvs and stereo systems for a little extra cash in your pocket.
  3. Computer tutor: You might be a computer whiz, but many others, especially older people, aren’t and could use a little help learning how to navigate their desktop. Offering at-home instruction on how to use word processors, surf the web, or set up a computer can be a big help to the less tech savvy who still want to stay connected.
  4. Records search: Explore your investigative side by searching for information for clients. Use the Internet to browse public records to find lost loves, check out questionable employees, track down debtors, and much more. Best of all, you can do it right from your desk.
  5. Blogging: Got something to say but no place to say it? Try starting a blog. If it gains popularity you could bring in a good chunk of cash through on page advertising each month.
  6. Buy and sell domain names: While many of the best .coms are already taken, you can still make money in the domain name business with the newer .tv and .info names out there. With a little business savvy you can turn your afternoon domain auction browsing into a cash cow.
  7. Design webpages: Well-designed webpage work is always in demand and is something that you can easily do on the side with the right technical know-how to make some extra money.
  8. Be a virtual mogul: With the growing popularity of online programs like Second Life and WoW, there is plenty of money to be made in creating in-game clothing, real estate, objects and anything else and exchanging it for real life dollars.
  9. Web hosting: You don’t need to buy a lot of fancy and expensive server hardware to provide a Web hosting service. Many big hosting companies allow "reseller" accounts where you sell hosting plans to customers and the hosting company will host them all for you under your account umbrella, and you can charge your own rates for the service.
  10. Sell on eBay: You can make a profit not only selling your own things on eBay but charging others to sell their things as well. Doesn’t sound like something people would pay for? Many business are already making substantial profits doing it, so why not jump on the bandwagon?
  11. Computer cleanup: Viruses, malware and spyware are everywhere these days and can bog down a computer in no time. Offer your services to help clean and speed up computers that may have been infected.
  12. Transfer formats: Know someone that would be happy having their album collection moved to CD or MP3 format? With a small amount of equipment you can do this while you’re working on other things around the house.


Shopaholics and penny pinchers alike will appreciate these ideas on how to make money in the world of retail.

  1. Personal shopping: You’d be surprised at how many people would pay to not have to deal with the hassles of shopping, especially around the holidays. Make their laziness your benefit charging by the hour for your services.
  2. Market research studies: Spend your free time at work browsing the classifieds for opportunities to participate in paid studies. Depending on the study, it could be some of the easiest money you’ll ever make.
  3. Product reviews: Companies are often more than willing to pay reviewers to use and review their products. You’ll not only get paid, but you’ll get free products to boot.
  4. Mystery shopping: Many big retail chains are willing to pay you to shop on their behalf to see how the staff treats customers. Buy products, eat meals, or stay in a hotel, all on someone else’s tab.
  5. Gift wrapping: Many people make good extra cash around the holidays wrapping gifts for others. If you’re skilled with tape and ribbon, it could be a great way to help afford those extra holiday expenses.


Still looking for that perfect fit for a side business? Try these on for size to see if they can help you bring in extra revenue.

  1. Genealogy: Many people want to know more about their family history but just don’t have the time to look up all the records they need. You can offer your services as a family researcher and help clients get in touch with their roots. Best of all, you can do a lot of this research right from your desk at work.
  2. Trip planner: Everyone needs a vacation now and then, but not everyone wants to make all those reservations and bookings. Take the work out of vacation planning for someone else and earn yourself some money to put towards your own vacation.
  3. Run errands: Whether your clients just don’t have the time or lack the mobility, they’ll be happy to use your service to save them the time of running their own errands. You’ll make some extra money and you might even have time to take care of your own to do list at the same time.
  4. Obedience school: No one likes a naughty and destructive pet, and if you’re good at reigning in dogs you could have a profitable side career as an obedience trainer. Offer both individual classes and group sessions to maximize your profits.
  5. Feng shui consulting: Interest in feng shui has risen in recent years and you can capitalize on it by helping individuals and businesses get in harmony in their interior and exterior spaces. If you get certified you can make quite a bit, especially on larger projects.
  6. Cake decorating: Cakes often form the centerpiece of formal occasions like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. If you’ve got the artistic flair, why not use it to create impressive culinary creations? Do a beautiful job and you’re sure to get loads of business.
  7. Tour guide: If you live in a touristy area, consider becoming a tour guide in your off time. You can show groups around all the major highlights of your city and get to enjoy the fresh air.
  8. Scrapbooking: If you’ve got a flair for making your memories look even more memorable in a scrapbook, you can try teaching scrapbooking classes in your area. Additionally, you can make a pretty penny selling supplies for scrapbooking as well.
  9. Boat cleaning: In the right market, the opportunities to make a profit cleaning boats are extensive. After all, there are a lot of boats, and likely more than a few need to be cleaned. Advertise your services at a local dock or marina to bring in clients and some money.
  10. Fill out surveys: You’re unlikely to make a bundle working on filling out surveys, but you can do it from your desk, and it might even look like you’re actually working.

Get Paid: 20 Online Invoicing Tools

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 at 12:58am by Site Administrator

If you’re running your own small business or selling services and products over the Internet, you know that getting your clients and customers to pay up can often be a challenge. This list of tools will help you stay on top of your finances so that you can accurately track pay dates, invoice numbers, client contact information and transactions online. Wherever you can find a computer, you can access all of your company’s billing information easily and securely. 1. Freelancers, small companies and large corporations can take advantage of this online invoicing solution that features three separate systems designed to help all kinds of business owners keep track of their finances and "quickly and easily create and print invoices and bills." 2. Blinksale: This "elegantly-designed web-application" can help anyone create and send invoices to clients and vendors. Users can upload contact lists for easy record management and use a tagging system to organize archived and pending invoices. 3. 2ndSite: Manage your invoices and billing records online with 2ndSite, a company that helps you get "paid faster," according to one reviewer. 4. FreshBooks: Its website claims that FreshBooks is "the fastest way to track time and invoice your clients," and their easy-to-use system is especially popular with small businesses and freelancers. 5. BambooInvoice: If you run your own company or freelancing business, try out this open-source invoicing solution to bill your clients and manage your data. According to the website, you’ll "never need to trust your invoicing data to anyone else, and you can get it out of the system easily." 6. Invoice Journal: The DownloadSquad gives this Web-based system a positive review for it’s simple structure and no-frills website. 7. Simplifythis: Simplifythis promotes "business made easy." This attractive, professional-looking solution lets companies organize financial data in a clear, concise manner. 8. BillingOrchard: BillingOrchard in an online system that does more than just basic invoices. Freelancers and business owners can set up recurring billing and time billing options to manage the different needs of all their employees. 9. Invotrak: Instead of buying expensive software, use Invotrak to set up, send out and manage your invoices and bills for free. 10. Bank of America Online Banking: Bank of America’s online banking center helps small businesses supports a "premium online invoicing service" for companies "to create and send invoices online using customizable templates." 11. ToadTime: Metal Toad Media supports ToadTime, an online invoicing system used along with QuickBooks to help you manage your time, project collaborations and more. 12. EZ Invoice, Inc. (EZI): This software system runs on your website’s server so that you can manage all of your client information and business applications on one spot online. 13. SuperInvoice: Windows users should try out SuperInvoice for secure, professional invoicing services hosted online. The system also lets users keep an address book, host password-protected invoice sharing and more. 14. Time59: Time59 is marketed towards independent professionals and contractors, and its sleek look makes it must-use tool for those who work with higher-profile clients and associates. 15. 21st Capital Corp: This company offers several online financial tools, including an easy-to-use invoicing system and QuickBooks integration capabilities. 16. Invoice4u: This online invoicing solution has features like high security standards, a customer messaging system, invoice customization options and more. 17. Simplybill: Simplybill is "ridiculously easy to use" and can help non-techies manage and send out professional-looking invoices for all their clients. 18. Invoicera: Consider using Invoicera to take advantage of their user-friendly online invoice billing system. 19. ST Web Invoice: This online invoicing program pulls from the AJAX software tradition of creating a smart, workable system combined with maximum usability. Use ST Web Invoice to create and design invoices and then e-mail them to your clients and vendors instantly. Payments can also be accepted online. 20. PayPal: If you’ve only been using PayPal for your eBay purchases, it’s time to upgrade. Try out their invoicing services for fast, trustworthy transactions.

50 Tools and Resources for Freelancers During Tax Season

Thursday, January 17, 2008 at 1:01am by Site Administrator

Freelancers have a lot to worry about when it comes to taxes. Just thinking about estimated payments, deductions, and extra forms is enough to make your head spin. Oh, and did we mention that freelancers are some of the most often audited taxpayers? Let this collection of advice, tools, and resources ease your stress and get you on the right track for this year’s tax season.


There’s a wealth of tax advice out there for freelancers, and these articles represent some of the best.

  1. Tax Tips for Freelancers: This article from discusses Schedule C and some of the expenses you need to track.
  2. Freelancer Tax Insights: Learn about depreciation and expenses in this helpful dialogue.
  3. Tax Tips for Freelance Writers: This discussion covers self employment taxes, deductions, and more.
  4. Freelance Tax FAQ: The Anti 9-to-5 Guide discusses deductions and more in this simple question-and-answer session.
  5. Working at Home: Kiplinger offers tax advice for freelancers and independent contractors that work at home.
  6. Freelance Tax Tips: This former CPA goes over the basics of income, deductions, and how to pay taxes.
  7. Is it Time to Upgrade Your Accounting Software?: Find out if you need to step up your software to meet your needs.
  8. 7 Things That Every Blogger Should Know About Tax: TaxGirl discusses important tax issues for bloggers that apply to nearly every freelancer.
  9. Tax Tips for Freelancers, Contractors, and Consultants: Find great ways to save on your taxes in this article.
  10. Business or Hobby? Answer Has Tax Implications: Learn about the difference between a business and a hobby, and how it affects your taxes.
  11. Planning for e-business: Don’t Forget the Financials!: This article discusses things freelancers need to know when working online.
  12. Tax Rules for Your Side Business: This article covers issues that freelancing moonlighters face.
  13. 9 Ways to Get Your Tax Return Noticed by the IRS (and that’s not a good thing): TaxGirl discusses the many ways you can get red-flagged by the IRS, and why you should avoid doing so.
  14. The Self-Employment Tax: Learn about self employment tax and estimated taxes in this article.

Accountant Advice

If you’re going to bring in a professional, check out this advice first.

  1. What’s a Reasonable Price to Pay for Having My Taxes Prepared?: This article offers a good accountant pricing guide to get started with.
  2. How to Find a Good Accountant: Get tips for finding an accountant that works for you in this article.
  3. Five Steps to Hiring a Tax Pro: Here’s what to do when it’s time to call in a professional.
  4. Building Your Small Business Accounting Team: Understand whether or not it’s necessary to hire a financial professional with this article.
  5. Tax Pros Give Bad Advice: June Walker advises self-employed taxpayers to be wary of advice from inept CPAs.

Documentation Details

Get details about keeping your papers and forms in order from these articles.

  1. What Kind of Records Should I Keep?: The IRS goes over guidelines for saving documents.
  2. Use one debit card: Lifeclever offers a useful tip to keep track of expenses.
  3. Schedule C-Reporting Business Income and Deductions: Learn about filling out the Schedule C form in this article.
  4. 8 Reasons to Ditch Your Shoebox Accounting System: The shoebox method of accounting is bad for business, and this article explains why.
  5. Freelancers, Meet Schedule C: Kipliner offers a guide to Schedule C, Schedule SE, and some ideas for lowering what you owe.
  6. Keeping Good Tax Records: Follow this guide to record-keeping, and tax time will be much easier.


The silver lining to every freelancer’s taxes is a great opportunity for deductions. Make the most out of this opportunity by taking advice from these people.

  1. 46 Tax Deductions that Bloggers Often Overlook: Tax Girl goes over a number of deductions that bloggers and other freelancers have an opportunity to make, but often don’t think about.
  2. Can You Take a Home Office Deduction?: Freelancers who work out of their homes should pay special attention to this piece of advice.
  3. 20 Tax Deductions for Freelancers: This list goes over a number of deductions freelancers can make, including magazine subscriptions, health care, and bank fees.
  4. Convert equipment and supplies from personal to business use: June Walker discusses how you can calculate equiment deductions for materials that used to be personal.
  5. Tax Deductions A to Z for Freelance and Contract Workers: This CPA-authored book goes over relevant tax deductions for freelancers.
  6. IRS Business Expenses: Check out this guide from the IRS to better understand deductible business expenses.


Get help understanding your taxes from these professionals and tax support communities.

  1. Tax Forum: Check out Tax Forum for advice from tax professionals and other freelancers.
  2. TaxGirl: This blogger offers general tax advice and answers specific questions from readers.
  3. Don’t Mess With Taxes: Texas journalist Kay Bell discusses ways to make taxes less troublesome, and even offers a handy tax calendar.
  4. IRS Small Business: Believe it or not, the IRS wants to make it easy for you to pay your taxes. Check out their small business section for guidance.
  5. June Walker: June Walker has been a tax advisor to the self employed for almost 30 years, and she’s got a wealth of information in her blog. You can also ask her a specific question.
  6. TaxHelpOnline: Get help from a tax expert on TaxHelpOnline.
  7. Fun With Taxes: Gail Perry’s Fun With Taxes offers loads of support and tools for freelance taxpayers.
  8. IRS: Free Tax Help Available: The IRS offers a number of ways to get free tax assistance, and the methods of contact are listed here.


These items come in handy during tax time and beyond.

  1. Turbo Tax: A perennial favorite, TurboTax prepares tax documents for you as you answer easy questions.
  2. H&R Block Deduction Finder: This tool from H&R Block makes it easy to find deductions related to your occupation.
  3. TaxACT: With TaxACT, you can prepare a free simple tax return, and if you want more help, their upgrade options are affordable.
  4. H&R Block TaxCut: Follow the interview in this software, and you’ll find deductions that help you get the maximum refund you deserve.
  5. TaxACT Tax Calendar: TaxACT’s calendar breaks down important dates by both month and taxpayer type.
  6. Valuation Table: This table offers low and high end valuations for commonly donated and deducted items.
  7. H&R Block Tax Tools and Calculators: Check out this calculator from H&R Block to estimate your taxes for the year.
  8. EFTPS: Enroll in this system, and you can pay your tax bill electronically.
  9. TaxBrain: TaxBrain offers web-based tax returns.
  10. Guide to Tax Tools and Calculators for Small Business: This guide offers advice and tools for freelance and small business tax payers.
  11. Tax Terms Glossary: If you’re confused by tax vocabulary, this glossary will help you understand.

The Bride-to-be’s Toolbox: 100 Online Tools and Resources to Affordably Have the Wedding of Your Dreams

Wednesday, January 2, 2008 at 2:01am by Site Administrator

Recent reality shows like We TV’s Bridezillas are having fun and making millions at the expense of brides-to-be who are only trying to organize the wedding of their dreams. We’d like to see them try to pick out a dress, whittle down the guest list to a reasonable number, find a reliable photographer, choose the band, and still have time to shop for gifts for the bridesmaids! We know that you can do it all yourself, but how can a beautiful bride be expected to pay for it all? Forget the reality show disasters and check out this list of 100 online tools and resources that will allow you to have the (more affordable) wedding of your dreams.

Blogs Find helpful posts about managing your wedding’s ever growing budget by checking out these blogs.

1. Wedding Planner: This blog comes from the Wedding Planning on a Budget site, on which an Indiana couple shares their story of planning a wedding on only $2,000.

2. Here you’ll find great, affordable ideas for your invitations, honeymoon, reception, dress and more.

3. Budget Wedding: This blog is packed with articles and links devoted to helping you plan a fabulous wedding on a limited budget. Get tips on picking a venue, connecting with old friends you want to invite and planning a destination wedding.

4. Wedding Planning Advice from Industry Insiders: Wedding planning professionals reveal their secrets to organizing the big day. Find out what a budget expert, recent groom, and style and etiquette expert have to say that will change the way you view your dress shopping, photographer search, cake selection and more.

5. Bride on a Budget: Bride on a Budget is found online at the Asheville Citizen-Times website. Read reviews of hair and make up products, get tips on finding musicians, and commiserate with other frazzled brides-to-be.

6. Saving for a Wedding: Learn how to create a realistic wedding budget by taking small steps and finding deals on every part of the ceremony, from the cake to your shoes.

7. Dream Wedding on a Budget: This blog will help brides-to-be plan the perfect wedding on a sensible budget. Recent titles include "Vintage Wedding Gowns," "Affordable Bridal Tiaras" and "Wedding Invitation Project."

8. Wedding Savings Revealed: Wedding Savings Revealed helps couples "save thousands" on their wedding by sharing links, how-to guides and books and general advice for saving for the big day.

9. The Bride’s Guide: This blog is full of "ideas from the editors of Martha Stewart Weddings." Manage all aspects of your wedding planning process, including your budget, with the help of these great posts.

Dress and Accessories Check out these websites to find beautiful dresses, shoes and more for discount prices.

10. Perfect Bridal: Have fun picking out your wedding dress or dress designs for bridesmaids and flower girls.

11. Lily Wedding: Elegant wedding dresses are custom made at Lily Wedding. Browse existing dresses, design one of your own, and enjoy free shipping on orders of $500 or more.

12. Netbride: This company has been selling bridal gowns and accessories since 1948. Check out their website to find wedding dresses, veils, slips, gloves plus size wedding dresses and more at 30-50% off.

13. Wedding Dresses Directory: This online catalog of wedding dresses comes from the Search categories like price range, designer, flower girl, silhouette and neckline to find your perfect dress.

14. Cheap Wedding Dresses: Read this article from to get tips on finding discount dresses that are still beautiful.

15. Money Saving Wedding Gown Tips: This article shares ideas on how to locate designer dresses for less. Try bridal outlet stores, wearing a bridesmaid’s dress, renting a dress and more.

16. Bride Couture: This online shop sells dresses by designers like Vera Wang for 50-75% off the original prices.

17. How to Find a Cheap Wedding Gown: Use this guide to help you find a more affordable wedding gown. Scroll to the bottom to find real-time postings of dresses being sold on eBay.

Photographer and Flowers In picture frames or in online albums, your wedding pictures will last forever. Read below to find tips on hiring a photographer that’s talented but still affordable, as well as ideas for saving money on gorgeous flower arrangements.

18. Six Steps to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer: Smart tips include short listing, deciding your mood and style and "if in doubt, leave them out."

19. Get in touch with local photographers and caterers by browsing through this online directory.

20. Search by city or state to find all kinds of wedding vendors in your area. Organized brides will find links to photographers, jewelers, dance instructors, tuxedos and more.

21. Finding a Great Videographer Cheap: Check out this step-by-step guide from to get great ideas on finding an affordable videographer.

22. Wedding Photography Directory: Use this online directory to find quality wedding photographers in your city. After your big day, sort through your best photos and submit them to the photo contest for a chance to win prizes.

23. Save Money on Your Wedding Photography: Great ideas like talking to friends and family and negotiating a smart deal will help you save a bundle on the wedding photos.

24. Everyday Wedding Advice: Browse through the photography and videography archives on this wedding blog to assist you with selecting a photographer.

25. How to Buy Cheap Flowers for Wedding Centerpieces: This guide shows you how to "find cheaper flowers and [discover] other ways to cut down the flower budget."

Reception If you want your wedding celebration to be the party of the century, then you’d better be prepared to open up your checkbook. There are, however, some sneaky ways to cut costs on the music, cake, venue and other party details. Read on to find out more.

26. How to Make an Affordable Wedding Reception Meal: This DIY guide will help you plan out a delicious meal for large parties.

27. Planning Affordable Wedding Receptions: From the drinks to the decorations, this article reveals some fantastic ways to save money on the reception.

28. Gig Salad: Search for quality bands, DJs and musical artists at this site, the "live entertainment resource for your wedding ceremony or reception."

29. Tips on Choosing a Wedding Reception Hall: This detailed article advises couples to check city guides for creative locations like museums, aquariums or rooftop bars when selecting a reception venue.

30. Affordable Center Pieces for Your Wedding Reception: Find neat ideas for decorating with inexpensive flower arrangements, themed designs and more.

31. Saving on Wedding Cakes Without Sacrificing Style: Wedding cakes can be expensive, and may not always be quite what you had in mind. This article will surprise readers with its clever ideas on choosing tasty substitutes.

32. Ceremony Music and Reception Music: provides excellent suggestions on how to pick out the music for the wedding ceremony and the reception.

33. Expert Wedding Food Tips: Want your guests to have a good time? This guide maintains that keeping the band fed, setting up the bar the right way, offering appetizers to your guests and keeping track of the head count are just some of the things you’ll need to consider before the big day.

Guests If managing the guest list becomes a problem, use these resources to help you organize invitations, hotel accommodations and more.

34. Guest List: Print out this guest list form to fill in your invitees’ addresses, names and other information.

35. How to Trim Your Guest List: Suggestions from this article include cutting coworkers, allow the bride’s parents, groom’s parents and bride and groom to select the same number of guests, and make the event adults-only.

36. Your Wedding Guest List: The First Steps: This article from will help you gain perspective on which guests you really want at your wedding and which ones you’re including "just because."

37. Guest List Manager: Use this online tool from the Wedding Channel to "total your invitations and RSVPs, print lists of names for envelope and place card calligraphy" and more.

38. How to Organize Your Wedding Guest List With Complete Ease: Print out this ultra valuable guest list manager to help you cover all your bases: family members, relatives of the bridal party, and last-minute ideas if other guests can’t come.

39. Invitations4Less: Save a bundle when you visit this online invitation shop that prints wedding programs, invitations for the wedding, bridal shower and save the date cards and more.

40. These invitations "only look like a million bucks." Choose from all different designs, paper and fonts to get the ones you really love.

41. Marriott Hotel Blocks: This site from the Marriott Hotel chain is an example of how to find great deals for your guests at top hotels. Other Events As if a wedding was just about the walk down the aisle! From the bridal shower to the rehearsal dinner, busy brides have a lot to keep up with, even if these events aren’t technically their responsibility!

42. Send a subtle e-mail to your bridesmaids with a link to this website, which has great ideas for munchies, games and gifts.

43. How to Throw a Bridal Shower: This article from Bridalwave has tips for throwing bridal showers that are easy and affordable.

44. A Bridal Shower: This website is devoted to planning perfect bridal showers. Pick a fun theme, browse through famous games and get ideas on what kind of snacks to provide.

45. How to Plan a Rehearsal Dinner: This guide provides information on basic rehearsal dinner etiquette and planning ideas to control your budget.

46. Cheap Ideas for a Rehearsal Dinner: Other readers suggest ideas for planning budget-friendly rehearsal dinners, like hosting a cookout or buying decorations from discount party stores.

47. Throwing an Engagement Party: Do you even need to spend money on an engagement party? Use this guide to help you plan (or not) a meet and greet with your fiance, friends and family.

48. Engagement Party Supplies: These party supplies from BizRate range from elegant napkin holders and invitations to cute bride and groom paper plates.

49. Rehearsal Dinner Invitations: If you decide to send out invitations for the rehearsal dinner, consider using one of these low cost ideas to get the word out.

Bridal Party Having seven bridesmaids will look great in the photos, but after the dresses, favors and other expenses, it can get pretty costly. Check out these posts and resources to figure out ways to control the list and thank your wedding party without going overboard.

50. Favor Ideas: Spoil your bridal party without spending a fortune by checking out these great favor ideas from the Glam Network.

51. Shop online for low-priced personalized wedding gifts, themed favors and other presents on this site.

52. Cheap Bridesmaid Dress: If you ask your bridesmaids to pay a fortune for their dresses, they’ll hate you forever. Take the advice of LoveToKnow Weddings by getting creative in your search for inexpensive gowns.

53. Wedding Gift Ideas for Bridal Party Attendants: Browse through this online catalog of gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to show your appreciation.

54. Bridal Shower Ideas: Evite has great ideas for parties, etiquette rules and more for bridal showers and events.

Bachelorette Party Follow the advice from these bloggers and websites to plan a bachelorette party that’s wild and fun but still affordable.

55. Ideas for Throwing a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party: This article is full of resources for planning a fun party complete with off-the-wall toasts and roasts.

56. Destination 360: Las Vegas: This site has links and resources for planning a bachelorette party in Las Vegas. If you live near the area, consider booking a party bus that can take all of your friends together.

57. Bachelorette Party Planning Tips: Learn how to gauge the total expense of your bachelorette party with the tips given in this article. Honeymoon In addition to planning and budgeting for a killer wedding, couples also have to save up for a spectacular honeymoon getaway. Check out this list for ways to indulge with your new honey without going broke.

58. Creative Honeymoon Ideas: This website has lots of honeymoon ideas for couples looking for a great deal.

59. Cheap Honeymoon Vacation Ideas: This post provides "inexpensive and romantic travel destinations and cruises for newlyweds."

60. Honeymooner’s Review Guide: Visit this website to find out what other couples are saying about top honeymoon destinations like Fiji, Hawaii and more. This site also has articles with ideas for budgeting your trip and discovering low cost alternatives.

61. Your Vacation Travel Budget: This excellent guide walks readers through the process of setting up a travel budget. Consider all-inclusive vacation packages, know what to splurge on and what to skimp on, and use the budget worksheet to stay organized.

62. Eight Cheap Honeymoon Ideas: These tips suggest traveling during the off season, taking part in a home swap and other great ideas.

63. Budget Travel’s Honeymoon Helper: The Budget Travel website publishes a honeymoon helper for newlyweds. Find out what packages are available from this company, and see what kind of financial assistance your relatives can provide.

64. Tips for Making a Honeymoon Budget: This online worksheet will help you manage your honeymoon budget by organizing all of the important costs like transportation, hotels, meals, equipment rentals and more.

65. How to Plan a Budget Honeymoon in Europe: If you and your new spouse want to honeymoon around Europe, check out this guide for finding ways to be romantic on the cheap.

Resources and Guides Do your wedding research by checking out these resources and guides for information on locating vendors, catching up on wedding trends and more.

66. Busy Bride Shopping Guide: This blog "was developed so today’s busy brides would have a starting point when it came to shopping for everything you need when planning a wedding." Find everything from stationery to "groom stuff" to dieting products to help you squeeze into that dress.

67. DIY Wedding Planner: Check out this blog for tips on choosing a theme, finding the right music, and more.

68. The Wedding Vendor Guide: Use this resource to get help locating and booking photographers, florists, live music, caterers and more.

69. From I Will to I Do: This blog comes from the iVillage wedding expert Anne Chertoff. Get gift ideas, budget advice and more from this terrific wedding resource.

70. Best Wedding Sites News Blog: This site gathers all "the latest wedding news and trends from national and local wedding companies," giving you a more comprehensive perspective on wedding planning.

71. Bridal Topics: Browse through Bridal Topics’ many categories and sub categories like reception facilities, health and beauty, transportation, formal wear and catering, or register to win free stuff to start your new life off right.

72. Cheap Chic Weddings: Use this website to "get tips for cheap weddings" with great ideas for wedding favors, toasts, rings, the honeymoon and more.

73. From the community forum to the honeymoon checklist, has all the advice and tools a bride-to-be needs to plan her wedding.

74. Wedaholic: Brides-to-be need to check out Elle’s Wedaholic blog for all kinds of tips and ideas for planning a wedding, from picking locations for engagement photos to picking out the desserts.

75. Bridalwave: Check out blog postings for advice and updates on the newest wedding trends in jewelry, reception planning, destination weddings and more.

76. Unique Wedding Ideas From Other Brides: Find out what other brides did to save money and create a unique wedding experience, from the rehearsal dinner to the reception. You might be surprised at the ways in which their creativity paid off.

77. Perfect Wedding Guide: The online version of this publication connects brides-to-be to vendors, planning tools and all kinds of resources available to help you plan a wedding in your city.

78. Offbeat Bride: The Offbeat Bride publishes "taffeta-free alternatives for independent brides." Check out this site for ideas and tips on how to plan a wedding that’s uniquely yours.

79. Wedding Bee: The Wedding Bee is a popular "wedding blog updated daily by 20 or so real brides across the world" who love sharing their experiences with new brides-to-be as they plan their own weddings.

Calculators and Tools Stop trying to do the math in your head. These online tools and worksheets will help you organize your wedding budget the easy way.

80. One Stop Wedding Planner: We just love the organizational tool featured on One Stop Wedding Planner that helps you create a budget, manage a calendar, visualize the floor plan, pick out music, save gift ideas and much more, all online.

81. In addition to supplying readers with articles and how-to guides about wedding planning, this site also includes lets you organize all of your personal planning information, set up an online scrapbook, and host a wedding website with all of your photos, event details and more.

82. Bliss! Weddings: This popular website allows readers to download free planners to help you manage every detail in the wedding planning process.

83. Web-Wedding: Become a member at to access great planning tools and to set up your own wedding website.

84. Wedding Budget Calculator: Type in all of your expenses for the dress, music, invitations, photographer and everything else on this electronic worksheet.

85. Out of the Ordinary: This wedding budget calculator helps you work out your budget by figuring out the percentages spent on transportation, guests and more.

86. This great website supports an easy-to-use wedding budget calculator to ease your financial headache.

87. Onewed: Onewed’s calculator features a lateral graph to show you how your current spending relates to the overall budget.

Miscellaneous Help From destination weddings to going green, these guides have everything you need to know to plan the wedding of your dreams.

88. Great Green Wedding: Throwing an entirely green wedding isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also more economical. Get tips on finding eco-friendly products that are also elegant by reading these posts.

89. Brides Club: From engagement parties to wedding rings, the Brides Club is an excellent resource for getting premium advice on wedding planning.

90. Outdoor Wedding Blog: Outdoor weddings can be tricky to plan. Use the resources found on this blog to help you manage your big day, even if you can’t control the weather.

91. Wedding Help: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t shell out extra cash to hire a wedding planner. Turn to this blog, which dispenses free, quality wedding planning advice.

92. Wedding Planning on a Budget: This Squidoo-sponsored blog has lots of resources, links and posts about planning on a budget.

93. Wedding Planners Resource: Recent articles include "The Seven Sins of Wedding Planning" and "Online Wedding Planner and Budget Concerns for your Wedding." Enlist the help of this blogger in order to plan an affordable, beautiful celebration.

94. How to Plan an Affordable Beach Wedding: This simple guide from wikiHow provides valuable tips and ideas for planning a destination wedding.

95. Splurge! Top 5 Places to Spend Money on Your Wedding: A healthy wedding budget allows room for a little indulgence. Use this guide to help you decide where to put more of your wedding savings.

96. Top Wedding Sites: This useful directory connects brides-to-be to the best websites about wedding and honeymoon planning.

97. Destination Bride: If you’re planning a destination wedding, this site can connect you to vendors and planners in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin American and other fabulous places.

98. This site has everything you need to plan your wedding ceremony and reception. Read articles to get tips and ideas for planning your celebration, research honeymoon destinations and print out worksheets to manage all of your questions about getting a marriage license, planning your budget and more.

99. Plan an Affordable, Memorable Wedding: This article holds that "you can do it without going into debt or breaking the bank."

100. The Knot: Watch runway clips of the newest bridal styles, get tips and ideas for planning the reception and get styling tips to help you outfit the entire bridal party. The Knot also has great tools for managing your guest list, budget, calendar and more.

49 Places to Find a Discount on Everything

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 at 2:23am by Site Administrator

With increasing gas prices and a weakening dollar, retailers are concerned about fighting for the attention and cash flow of consumers. It seems as though everyone is looking for a discount, whether it’s on food, electronics or travel deals. Check out this list for 49 places to find great discounts on just about everything. Electronics Read below for sweet deals on computers, DVDs and other electronics. 1. is "your online discount superstore," providing customers with discount laptops, GPS systems, DVDs, video games, cell phones and accessories, TVs and more. Featured brands include Sony, HP, SanDisk, Canon and Nokia. 2. CNET Clearance Center: After reading the experts’ reviews of your favorite electronics, check out the website’s clearance center to find printers, paper and other electronic office supplies. 3. This Texas-based company sells individual desktop parts, wireless routers, speakers, all-in-one printers, and cables at prices much lower than those found in regular stores. 4. supplies a wealth of electronics at low prices that are "simply not possible anywhere else." Find iPods, keyboards, gaming hardware, PCs, cell phones and more from brands like Logitech, Sandisk, Canon and Apple. 5. This discount consumer electronics site allows customers to pay for their finds– from karaoke machines to navigation systems — with PayPal or the Google Checkout service. 6. SourcingMap: Find top electronics at wholesale prices at SourcingMap, "the world’s first factory-direct online superstore." 7. Computer geeks will love the selection of computer parts, media accessories and other fun gadgets offered at discount prices. Check back often for seasonal specials and other deals like the "no payment for 90 days" feature. 8. Audio Discounter: Audio Discounter encourages shoppers to "find the best", and they "will make sure you can afford it." From adapters to headphones to Bluetooth accessories, Audio Discounter has all kinds of products at great prices. 9. Lapantz 4 Less: Low cost electronics are the specialty at Lapantz 4 Less, where Guitar Hero can cost as little as $64.99 and laptops are available at discount prices. 10. Electronic Liquidators: Printers, scanners, desktops, handheld devices, memory cards and other electronics are all sold at Electronic Liquidators, where you can compare their discount prices to prices at retailers like BestBuy and CompUSA. Auto Parts Find discounts on auto parts for your car, truck, SUV or jeep by visiting these websites. 11. Advance Auto Parts: Shop online or search for a store near you at the Advance Auto Parts website, where the company proves to be "a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry in parts availability, price, and customer service." 12. Discount Tire: Discount Tire is a popular company among drivers because of their free tire repair and low prices on other maintenance projects. 13. Auto Parts Warehouse: Shoppers can "save up to 50% everyday" at the Auto Parts Warehouse. Search for bumpers, door handles, fan blades, exhaust systems, mirrors and more for plenty of automotive DIY projects. 14. This site features an easy navigation system, allowing shoppers to search by their car’s year, make and model to find the appropriate parts. 15. Search for used cars and trucks all over the U.S. with this helpful website. Those looking to sell their cars can also register to place an ad. Travel Indulging in a fabulous vacation doesn’t have to empty out your bank account. Look to these sites and resources to get great discounts on everything from hotels to transportation. 16. TravelZoo: Find deals on cruises, airfare, car rentals, vacation packages and even last minute trips, all at TravelZoo. 17. Hotwire: Hotwire is known for having some of the best travel deals and packages on the Web. Check out their site for advice and discounts on local vacations or international trips. 18. SideStep: SideStep is "the traveler’s search engine." Use their search tools to compare prices with other sites to make sure you are getting the best possible deals. 19. STA Travel: This travel website connects students with cheap airfare, hostels and hotels, travel loans and other discount packages. 20. Ding!: Ding! is a popular tool from Southwest Airlines that allows travelers to select favorite Southwest destinations leaving from their city. When unbeatable airfare deals pop up, travelers are notified by a Ding! on their desktop.


Waiting in line at a game or the movies is so old-fashioned. Use these websites to find cheap tickets, movies, games and other entertainment steals from your computer. 21. Outlet Trail: Find everything you need from discount electronics and collectibles to sporting goods, holiday decorations and more at the Outlet Trail. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee. 22. Your Bargain Mart: Shoppers will find discount electronics, sporting accessories for surfing, hunting, and team sports, toys, games and many other entertainment products at Your Bargain Mart. 23. Complete Tickets: This website offers discount tickets for major sporting events, concerts, theatre events, movies and NASCAR races. 24. The Entertainment Book This annual publication contains coupons for movie tickets, sporting events, travel deals, restaurants and more. 25. Cheap Premium Tickets: Tickets to concerts, sporting events, Las Vegas shows, the Olympics and other special events are all sold here without service charges or other hidden fees. 26. Cheap Fun Wines: This blog features economically priced wines, wine accessories and wine-related vacations and entertainment ideas.

Clothing and Accessories

It’s time to shop ’til you drop! With discount prices on designer clothes, shoes and accessories, you’ll have a blast shopping on these sites.

27. The 15 Dollar Store: From pants to coats to swimsuits, everything on this website is just $15. 28. Bluefly: Men’s and women’s designer clothing and accessories are marked down to more affordable prices at Featured items include Vera Wang dresses up to 40% off and Jimmy Choos pumps up to 20% off. 29. StyleMaven Sample Sales: Check out the Sample Sales directory from StyleMaven to attend discount shopping events in cities like London, LA, New York and San Francisco. 30. Top Brands Direct: Clothing brands like Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabanna and Ralph Lauren are available at discount prices here. 31. SourcingMap: Browse through funky jewelry and handbags for just a few dollars each at SourcingMap. 32. is an online outlet store full of goodies for the whole family. Pick out jewelry, shoes, clothes, furniture and home decor and appliances here. 33. Overstock Jeweler: Deck yourself out in all the baubles and bling that your favorite celebrities are wearing on the red carpet. This site has everything from Tiffany-inspired jewels to baby charms to cufflinks and more, all at discount prices.


Find the cheapest gas in town with these helpful tools.

34. Search by city, state or province to find the cheapest gas closest to your U.S. or Canada-based home or office. 35. If there’s a gas station in your area offering gas at discount prices, you’ll find it at 36. MSN Gas Prices: The MSN Autos page allows users to type in their zip code to search for the least expensive gas in their area. 37. mobGas: Sign up with mobGas to have maps of local stations with cheap gas sent directly to your phone.

Health and Wellness

Taking care of your health doesn’t have to be overly expensive Check out these programs and deals that will help you save money on health and wellness.

38. offers families a free prescription card that saves you money "at over 48,000 participating pharmacy locations," including most major pharmacy stores. 39. Drugstore: This "truly convenient, always reliable [and] totally professional" online drugstore provides pharmaceutical drugs at discount prices. Patients can also take advantage of free shipping on all drug orders. 40. Outlet Trail: The Outlet Trail also sells discount exercise equipment. Get the Bowflex Blaze for just $749.99 or the Bobby Bully sparring partner for $169.99. 41. Fitness Discount Outlet: Fitness Discount Outlet is "a health and fitness super mall" for online shoppers. From gravity boots to treadmills to weights, this site has everything a home gym needs. 42. A1 Nutrition: Health and fitness fans can find all kinds of nutritional supplements like creatine, meal replacements, and herbal blends at discount prices at the A1 Nutrition store online. 43. Net2Fitness: Net2Fitness is another online store that specializes in discount home exercise equipment like resistance bands, bars, ankle weights, kickboxing gear, rowing machines and more. Miscellaneous 44. Discount Cookie Bouquets and Food Gifts: Sending a cookie bouquet for a birthday treat, office party or any other special occasion is now more affordable with this discount shopping option. 45. Deal News: Deal News is a website that reveals the day’s best sales and deals. Shoppers can also search for coupons at retailers like, Staples, Sears and more. 46. Sale Pirate: Visit this site "where everything’s on sale." From Christmas supplies to books to kitchenware, shoppers can take advantage of the super low prices. 47. Edible Nature: Natural and organic food lovers can find herbal teas, spices, coffee, supplements and other food, bath and body items here at discount prices. 48. Deep Discount: Movie buffs will have fun searching for discount Blu-ray DVDs, movie posters and other memorabilia, at prices as low as 99 cents. 49. is a reduced-rate online store sponsored by ebay. Shoppers can find new and used items like books, CDs and DVDs for unbelievably low prices.


Better than Monster: 50 Free Places You Can Post A Job Online and Get Top Talent

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 8:39pm by Site Administrator

Finding the right candiate for your job can be an uphill battle. With unqualified applicants, resume spam, and the housands of other jobs out there, it’s a miracle just to get a handful of winners to interview. You can usually increase your pool of potential candidates by posting your job on an online site like Monster or CareerBuilder, both of which are visited by thousands of employment seekers each day. But when posting on sites like these, you’re likely to run into high fees as well as unspecialized candidates. Instead of wasting time and money on those sites, check out these 50 sites that offer free, and often specialized, job postings for employers.


These sites have postings for nearly any job you can imagine.

  1. JobAdsUSA: Get unlimited free job postings from JobAdsUSA with great features like resume alerts to let you know when you might have found the perfect match among hundreds of thousands of resumes.
  2. JobFoxter: This free job database is one of the largest out there, so get your job listed and start finding applicants from anywhere in the world.
  3. Free Agents Jobs: Get unlimited free posting on Free Agents Jobs as well as the ability to add your company logo and even keep tabs on interest in your postings.
  4. Hire Fire: Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t a site at all about firing. Employers can post jobs and get alerts when resumes matching certain criteria are posted.
  5. Good Recruit: Make finding new employees easy with this site. You’ll get access to all resume and contact information for all potential candidates as well as the usual job posting abilities.
  6. Job.Ad.Venture: Post your job listing on Job.Ad.Venture for free and get access to resumes from specialty sites focusing on programming, database professionals, healthcare, marketing, sales and more.
  7. Job Spider: Post jobs for hundreds of types of positions on Job Spider. You can also browse a wide selection of resumes to see if there’s someone out there looking for a job like the one you’re offering.
  8. Learn4Good: Search for employees worldwide with this job posting site and post up to 20 jobs a month absolutely free.
  9. LuckyDogJobs: LuckyDogJobs is a free job posting site for everything from accounting to engineering, helping you find the people you need to keep your business up and running.
  10. CareerOneStop: Gain access to resumes from job banks all over the country and post your own jobs on this Department of Labor website.
  11. Jobvertise: Make the most of the largest free job and resume site by putting your job on Jobvertise. Employers can post jobs for free and gain access to almost half a million resumes of job seekers.
  12. StaffingLinks: This free service can help you find the staff you need. Add your company’s website to the database and get started searching for your next employee.
  13. PersonnelDesk: Set up an account on this site for free job posting and resume searching as well as links to numerous other job posting sites.
  14. Job Island: Your business can use this site to post jobs, search resumes, and even set up a job RSS feed.
  15. Jobs, Work, Your business can take advantage of not only job postings but an applicant tracking system, recruiting desktop and a corporate career site all free of charge.
  16. CentralHR: Get access to job seekers wanting everything from creative positions to medical work on CentralHR. Create a profile and start posting jobs immediately, no strings attached.
  17. Jobs 4 Get your jobs posted on this and other major sites with no startup fees. You’ll also gain access to thousands of resumes.
  18. JobsCity: JobsCity is a great network for posting jobs and finding employees. Simply submit your email and you’ll be able to set up a free account for posting jobs and browsing through resumes from all over the world.
  19. TeleportJobs: Save your business money on posting jobs with free listings from TeleportJobs. You’ll have access to resumes from employees in every type of work from consulting to Web design.
  20. Employment Inc: Use this site’s free job posting service to have thousands of potential employees reading your posting without spending a dime.
  21. JobKabob: This sleek site makes it easy to post jobs and look through resumes all without taking out your credit card or leaving the office.
  22. GadBall: Gain access to thousands of resumes and over 30,000 visitors every month with the free job posting and resume search services from GadBall.
  23. Juju: If you want to post multiple jobs at once, then JuJu is probably your best bet. This job search engine specializes in bulk postings, making it faster than ever to get them up on the Internet for searching.
  24. WorkGiant: While not entirely free, WorkGiant doesn’t require that employers pay any fee unless a qualified candidate is found, so there’s no risk if it doesn’t pan out out, and you’ll get access to a great service.
  25. Get your own URL for job postings on to direct potential employees right to your company.
  26. CareerPark: CareerPark offers employers free job postings and resume searches among some of the big names in business like BlueCross, Random House, and Sylvania.
  27. JobsGala: Sign up with JobsGala to get free 30-day job postings and resumes sent right to your account.

Tech Job Sites

If you’re in need of some tech-savvy help, give these sites a look.

  1. Telecommuting Techies: Get a remotely located developer, programmer or consultant with this free posting forum so you can get the know-how you need without the extra overhead.
  2. devBistro: Find developers galore on this job posting site. The site boasts over 280,000 visitors each month, giving you a great chance of finding the talent you need to get the job done.
  3. HWG-Jobs: If you’re looking for someone to maintain, design, develop or program a website for you, then HWG-Jobs can be a great place to start looking. Simply send an email to the site moderators and it will be posted to the site free of charge.
  4. AgaveBlue: Get all the IT help you need with free postings on this site. You’ll get access to resumes from freelancers and those looking for full time work.

Freelance and Work at Home

Expand your workforce without expanding your office by using these sites specializing in freelance and work at home jobs.

  1. Telecommute Need some extra help but don’t have room around the office for another employee? Find a telecommuter to add to your staff with free job postings on Telecommute
  2. GoFreelance: Need a freelancer for a specific project? Check out this freelance job posting site and list your job to get quotes from qualified applicants.
  3. Freelance JobsPost: Finding a freelancer has never been easier with this site. Simply post what kind of work you need done and the details of your project, and you’ll get responses and competitive bids from freelancers.
  4. Work at Home Jobs: Outsource your office work to an at-home employee with this site. It offers free postings for jobs as well as articles and links to help you learn more about telecommuting.
  5. JobVita: Join this site to get up to 10 free job postings per month as well as access to unlimited resume searches. It’s designed especially for small businesses and work at home opportunities, so if that’s what you’re looking for, it can be a great free resource to take advantage of.
  6. SimpleLance: Add your job to the postings on this freelancing forum and find the professionals you need for web development, programming, marketing and graphic design.


Take the traditional route into the 21st century with these online classified sites.

  1. Today’s Classifieds: Employers can get free job postings on Today’s Classifieds, which specializes in telecommuting and programming jobs, but will accept other types of job postings as well.
  2. Craigslist: Millions of users nation and world wide check this site daily, so get your job out there by posting it on Craigslist. Best of all, in most areas it won’t cost you a thing.
  3. Freeified: This easy-to-use classifieds site makes it simple to post job openings for your company no matter what state you live in.
  4. WebCosmo: Take advantage of the free classified ads offered by this site to post the open positions at your business.
  5. PostMeUp: Post a free job ad in almost any American city using this new classifieds service.
  6. Post jobs in a wide variety of fields with this simple classifieds site.

Specialty Sites

These sites cater to specific fields or job pools to help you find the employees you’re looking for.

  1. BestJobsUSA: Those looking for some new HR recruits will find free postings for human resources jobs on this site. It also contains information for finding recruiting associations, trade shows, HR sites and numerous other resources.
  2. The Job Box: If you’re searching for some help with entry-level positions for fresh college grads then Job Box can be a great place to put a free job listing. You’ll be among big name employers like FedEx, Home Depot and Farmers Insurance.
  3. USAJobs Inc: This non-profit organization helps match employers with the right employees. Submit your job to gain access to their database of professionals, graduate students, and ex-military looking for employment.
  4. Do you want to find student employees for internships or hourly work? Then can help you, with free posting and resume searches through college and graduate applicants.
  5. HirePatriots: Want to support your veterans? Try posting a job on this site to attract applicants with military expertise.
  6. CEOTrak: Looking for some upper management or even an executive to add to your team? Try posting your opening on this site to dig up the best execs out there.
  7. A Career in Find a new top salesperson with this site dedicated exclusively to matching up those in sales with available jobs. They have features that allow you to include graphics and even screen potential employees.

Top 100 Entrepreneur Podcasts

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at 11:35pm by Site Administrator

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, chances are you barely have time to brush your teeth, let alone brush up on all of the blogs, business news, and books out there. If you’re too busy to read, podcasts are a great alternative. Try listening to these podcasts for entrepreneurs while you’re on the go.


Hear about strategies for up and comers in these podcasts.

  1. FlyingStartups: Get monthly updates of interviews with well known startup entrepreneurs on FlyingStartups.
  2. Startup Nation Radio: The Sloan Brothers take you on their adventure of starting a dream business.
  3. Loic Le Meur: This serial startup entrepreneur creates podcasts with interviews, news and more.
  4. Andrew Allgaier: Andrew Allgaier’s on the brink of launching his business.
  5. Cubicle Divas: Leesa Barnes shares secrets on how women can start a new business on a shoestring.
  6. StartupBizCast: Steve Mullen’s Startup BizCast has loads of business advice and tips for startups.


Keep your mind on your money by checking out these podcasts that center on finance and investment.

  1. Business With Cents: This podcast is all about starting a successful business without a lot of cash.
  2. Best Accounting Practices: Listen to Best Accounting Practices for insight from CPA Jack Boyer.
  3. Venture Voice: These podcasts offer infomation on venture capital, entrepreneurship, and other topics in business.
  4. Entrepreneur Magazine Radio-Money/Jobs and Economy: This podcast covers news and interviews in money and economy.
  5. Kiplinger Personal Finance: Entrepreneurs need to keep a close eye on their personal finances. Learn how to do that with Kiplinger’s podcast.
  6. Entrepreneur and Investor Corner: This podcast is designed to help entrepreneurs get their feet wet in finance and investing.
  7. Joseph Associates: This podcast from Joseph Associates covers the merger and acquisition marketplace.
  8. QuickBooks Small Business Podcast: Get small business seminars in this podcast from QuickBooks.
  9. TaxQuips: If you’ve got a small business tax question, tune in to TaxQuips.
  10. Accounting Best Practices: Steve Bragg discusses a number of accounting topics in this podcast.


Use these podcasts to spark ideas and inspiration for your business.

  1. 60 Second Ideas: Get inspiration from these quick idea podcasts.
  2. Daily Thoughts for Business: These inspirational thoughts will brighten any entrepreneur’s day.
  3. Teen Biz: On this podcast, you’ll find business ideas for teens and young adults.
  4. Biz Op Radio: Chris Murch stays on top of business opportunities in this podcast.
  5. HBR Ideacast: This ideacast from Harvard Business Review offers loads of management ideas and commentary.
  6. Entrepreneur Cast: Learn how to take your inspiration beyond the concept with Entrepreneur Cast.
  7. Tweak!: Tweak! teaches entrepreneurs to make small changes in their business.
  8. Escape From Cubicle Nation: Pamela Slim’s podcast is all about getting out of the cubicle and into a life you can enjoy.
  9. iinnovate: Learn about innovation and entrepreneurship with this podcast.
  10. Killer Innovations: Phil McKinney shares his knowledge about creativity and innovation.


Listen to these podcasts for strategies and help for staying on top of everything.

  1. Gain Control of Your Day: Use these tools and techniques to stay on top of your productivity.
  2. A Motivated Entrepreneur: Get motivated with this podcast.
  3. Smarter By The Minute: Work smarter and live happier by checking out Smarter By The Minute.


These podcasts provide loads of ideas for getting the word out about your business.

  1. Aggressive Marketing & Entrepreneurship Podcast: Tune into Michael Cage’s podcast to learn about strategies and news for marketing your business.
  2. The Cold Calling Podcast: Listen to the Cold Calling Podcast for tips, insight, and tricks on telephone prospecting and lead generation.
  3. Guerilla Marketing: Find out what people want online and how to be an exceptional guerilla marketer with this podcast.
  4. Recognized Expert Marketing: Listen in to this podcast to learn how becoming a recognized expert can help you with marketing.
  5. Biz III: Listen to this small business podcast for loads of tech-savvy marketing tips.
  6. Personal Brand Marketing: Check out Vikarm Rajan’s podcast for marketing tips you can use.
  7. Duct Tape Marketing: John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing podcast delivers loads of marketing tips and offers lots of big-name guests.
  8. Marketing Edge: Check out Marketing Edge for insight on public relations, marketing, and more.
  9. Marketing Voices: Listen to Marketing Voices for perspectives on social media marketing.

Business Building

Build your business with these podcasts.

  1. Build a Private Practice: Learn how to build a private practice from therapists and experts who have been there before.
  2. Struggling Entrepreneur: Find out what this entrepreneur has learned along the way.
  3. Building a Home Business That Doesn’t Suck: Listen to this podcast to learn how to build a real home-based business.


Check out these podcasts for business outside of the US.

  1. Business Coach Podcast-Canadian Small Business: This business coach has lots of advice for Canadian entrepreneurs.
  2. The China Business Show: Find out how business leaders do business in China.
  3. I’m Boss TV: Get small business information from Australians here.
  4. The Engaging Brand: Anna Farmery’s The Engaging Brand is all about a consultancy in the UK.
  5. China Business Podcast: Find out about growth and opportunities in China by listening to this podcast.
  6. Entrepreneur’s Journey: Check out Yaro Starak’s podcast to hear about the Australian’s journey as an entrepreneur.
  7. Small Biz Pod: Check out this podcast for UK entrepreneurs.
  8. InsidePR Podcast: This weekly Canadian podcast is all about public relations.


In these podcasts, you’ll hear interviews with lots of successful entrepreneurs.

  1. Jenerous: Listen to the stories of entrepreneurs and marketers on Jenerous.
  2. Leader Network: On The Leader Network, you’ll listen to interviews on known and unknown leaders.
  3. Like Nobody’s Business: Lalita Amos’ podcast includes interviews and challenges to traditional business thinking.
  4. Startup Studio: With Startup Studio, you’ll enjoy interviews of entrepreneurs and learn how they did it.
  5. Biz Link Radio: On Biz Link Radio, you’ll get weekly interviews with entrepreneurs and executives.
  6. Entrepreneur Exclusive: Listen to exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs.
  7. Small Business Netcast: The panelists on this podcast discuss creating, developing, and managing small businesses.
  8. Round One: Listen to interviews of prominent entrepreneurs on Round One.
  9. Beermat Business Radio Show: Mike Southon, "Beermat Entrepreneur," interviews successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders.
  10. Meet The CEO: Listen to interviews of big-name CEOs on this podcast.
  11. DSM Buzz: This podcast interviews successful entrepreneurs and encourages consumers to buy local.
  12. Small Business Podcast: Listen to the Small Business Podcast for interviews with loads of business experts, entrepreneurs, and more.


Learn how to be a good manager and leader using these podcasts.

  1. Change Maker Minute: Get motivational messages for leaders from this podcast.
  2. The Good Manager Podcasts: Learn how to be a good manager in these podcasts.
  3. Fireside Chat with Lisa Haneberg: Learn about business management with these podcasts from Lisa Haneberg.
  4. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders: Check out these lectures from Stanford for thoughts from entrepreneurial leaders.
  5. Small Biz Survival: Becky McCray’s podcasts focus on business leadership and management advice.
  6. Manager Tools: Use Manager Tools to become a more effective manager and leader.


Get the latest in entrepreneurial tech news with these podcasts.

  1. eBiz Show: Learn about successful ebusinesses on this podcast.
  2. eCommerce RSS Radio Show: Listen in to this show for information about tracking topics online.
  3. The Podcast Brothers: Check out the Podcast Brothers for weekly infomation on the business side of audio and video new media.
  4. Managing The Gray: C.C. Chapman’s podcast discusses how entrepreneurs can use social media to their advantage.
  5. Internet Business Mastery: Listen to Sterling and Jay’s podcast for information on the art of internet marketing and online business.
  6. Calcanis: This CEO of always has lots of special guests on his podcasts.
  7. The SBS Show: Manage your IT operations better by listening to the SBS Show.
  8. JoomlaJabber: Kathy and Tom discuss the Joomla open source content management service on this podcast.
  9. Podcasting for Business: This podcast will help you develop and create a podcast for your entrepreneurial venture.
  10. Midwest Business: Hear about business technology news that affects the midwest on this podcast.
  11. The Podcast Sisters: The Podcast Sisters is focused on small business and using the Internet to your advantage.
  12. CIO Podcast: Stay on top of the IT industry and learn how you can benefit from events.


For budding businesses, it’s all about focusing on sales. These podcasts do just that.

  1. Sales Roundup: Learn how to hire the right salespeople, keep communication with clients open, and more on Sales Roundup.
  2. Product Sourcing Podcast: Find out how you can find products to sell on this podcast.
  3. Copy That Sells Podcast: Learn how to write better copy with this podcast.


Get business news and commentary from these podcasts.

  1. New York Times: Stay on top of the latest news from all over the world with podcasts from The New York Times.
  2. On The Record: Listen to reporters from mainstream media discuss the future of the industry as well as marketing and business.
  3. Daily Review: Get an up to the minute briefing on daily news stories with this podcast.


For content that’s applicable to nearly every entrepreneur, check out these podcasts.

  1. Subscribe to’s podcasts, and you’ll get access to loads of different topics for entrepreneurs.
  2. Mind Your Own Business Podcast: Listen to Mind Your Own Business for "the antidote to business advice."
  3. I’m There For You Baby: This "entrepreneur’s guide to the galaxy" covers a number of different topics for entrepreneurs.
  4. Business Week: On Business Week, you’ll hear about popular weekly features from Business Week magazine.
  5. SBA Podcast: Get access to loads of resources and help from the Small Business Administration with these podcasts.
  6. Small Business Radio: This podcast discusses recruiting, marketing, and more.
  7. Business Humor Podcast: See the humor in entrepreneurship with this podcast of Hesh Reinfeld’s columns.
  8. Microbusiness News Briefs: Dawn Rivers Baker covers everything of interest to microbusinesses and their entrepreneurs.
  9. The Trend Junkie: This junkie is addicted to both trends and entrepreneurship.
  10. Learn Small Business: Learn how to operate a solopreneur venture through this podcast.


For even more thought-provoking content, listen to these podcasts.

  1. Entrepreneur Mum: This mom runs a business and a family.
  2. GopherHaul Lawn Care Podcast: Listen to this show to learn how you can create and maintain a successful lawn care business.
  3. Ask the Guru: Check in with real estate guru Larry King on this podcast.
  4. MBA Working Girl: Learn about both business school theory and real-world business practices from MBA Working Girl.
  5. Business Intelligence Network Solution Spotlights: Get business industry insights from experts in this podcast.
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